as august is about to slip away…

by grace on August 26, 2018

i’m sitting in my living room trying to avoid the blistering heat-n-humidity that has been plaguing us for the past couple of days, and will continue this week.

just now I finally decided to quit playing mindless games on my ipad and started to download one of boy George’s songs from when we saw him at the IL state fair.  and then I looked at my own website, because I had a sneaking suspicion that maybe i’d already written about that?  and yes, I did, plus I already downloaded songs.

at this rate my mind is going to be completely gone in a couple years.  a couple months?  weeks?  days?

i’m not sure why I didn’t post any photos of our short visit to the fair, so here they are now.

it was also hot that night, august 10th, and one of the first things I wanted to do was find a wine slushy.  my mood lifted considerably once I found one.

as randy and I wandered closer to the grandstand, there was Deadpool!  so of course I needed a photo.  there were a couple of other characters standing around; one was a very sketchy-looking wonder woman, and another woman was a…big yellow and green…thing.  I should have taken a picture.  lots of strangeness at the fair.

it was so hot there in the grandstand that I bought a mango-rita, which I already wrote about.  refreshing.

the major event of august was the removing of our towering silver maple that stood just outside the fenced yard and kept the entire back of the house cool.  but a couple of weeks ago as I was walking up from the lake, I heard a strange noise coming from near the tree; it sounded like rain drops suddenly spilling down.  a few days later as kevin and I walked together up from the lake, I heard the same noise.  kevin said “that’s the the splitting.”

oh. boy.

a few giant branches have fallen from the tree in the last few years, and I’ve worried and talked about it, but we haven’t done anything.  but then a friend, wanda, had a giant part of her tree fall on her house and punch holes in the roof.  this happened to her on a sunday night, and she called the guys who’d been trimming the tree, Munds Enterprises, to cut it off the roof.  they showed up that very night, in the pouring rain, and stayed til they got it all down from the roof.  in the pouring rain.  til midnight.

who ever has such a work ethic?

so I called pete mund of mund enterprises and he came right over and looked at our tree.  I told him of my concern about that giant cracking branch suddenly splitting off and killing us while we slept, since the branch looms right over our bedroom.

he thought it was a good idea to take the tree down, as did we.

here’s the beautiful giant tree, with riley sitting there in the fenced yard.  it makes me so sad right now looking at this photo…everybody says that silver maples are crappy trees, not that strong and junky.  but I thought it was beautiful and am still kind of in shock about the glaringly sunny expanse we have now, not to mention the huge swaths of lawn that are gone now – it took a lot of guys and some mighty big trucks to fell the tree, and our yard looks a little like a battlefield.

they did an excellent job, but still…i’m glad that there’s no danger of dying because of this tree, but I still feel bad about the whole thing.

I took lots of videos of the process, because we found it fascinating, and soon i’ll post those.

in the meantime, a few happy kitty photos to cheer myself up.

Winnie continues to hang in there.  here he’s sleeping on two layers of cushions for maximum comfort.  he mostly sleeps out in the very hard driveway, though.

riley is always lying around in such funny positions, and it’s often hard to get a picture before he moves.  but here are a few good one.

I have this foam roller to stretch on, and riley frequently attacks it and rolls around with it.  sometime i’ll capture his shenanigans on video.

I hope your sunday is going well.

ok then,

mrs. h.


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kev August 27, 2018 at 3:57 am

I like the new banner! 🙂


grace August 29, 2018 at 3:57 pm

thanks! it was nice to be out there on the sailboat with you…


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