by grace on May 17, 2017

erica got us all tickets for the Mission Outreach fundraiser so we all got dressed up.  this is one of my favorite photos of bev, showing off her cute leggings.  we all looks so color-coordinated!

a nice meal, and erica is there in the background, hobnobbing as she does.

i tried to take a picture of bev and she said, as usual, DON’T TAKE MY PICTURE, and she proceeded to put her program up in front of her face.  but eventually she started talking to somebody and lost focus of where the program was.

meanwhile…chester continues to try to relax.  have i mentioned that both he and winnie now have diabetes?  it seems odd to me that two out of our three cats have diabetes, plus chester is awfully young to have it.  at first he FREAKED OUT because we have to give him two insulin shots a day, but he’s already a lot better about it.

continuing to attempt a good shot of the moon…i realize i’d need to get a fancy camera to get a really good shot, but i don’t want to go to the trouble.

now this is one of my favorite photos – kevin is enjoying a frozen yogurt bar while les gnaws on his little pink sock infused with catnip.

as you can see, things were very exciting around here in april.

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