another walk on the beach

by grace on March 29, 2019

on monday, our second full day in Florida, kevin and i headed east on the beach after i’d gone on a nice run. i kept taking so many videos, but i’m not going to put many of them up here. This in Monday, February 25th, another beautiful day in paradise.

We walked farther than we thought we would, and ended up at Eastern Lake, a place we’d seen the year before when we were on our bikes.

here’s a photo of that cool signpost.

we walked back to the condo along the road, and took a few minutes’ rest on this cute bench. looking at it now i suddenly realize those are supposed to be bites out of the watermelon!

after our walk i had to hang out on the beach again, and i saw something waaaay out in the water, and then finally realized it was a guy paddleboarding.

we’d passed a pizza place on our way back and decided to get a pizza for dinner. we decided carry-out would be best because we could eat with an ocean view.

the pizza wasn’t bad, but the salad was just a whole bunch of iceberg lettuce with maybe some cheese.

seriously, we have to stay longer next year.

ok then,

mrs. h., struggling to find the time to keep up with all the photos/videos of our trip…

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