all kitties all the time…

by grace on November 30, 2018

…well, riley and les paul, anyway…Winnie isn’t in the mood so much these days to get his picture taken.  he’s still purring and eating and everything at least.

riley and les being loving before the fighting starts.  that thing on the right is a rolly ball filled with catnip, perfect for cats, right?  especially riley, who has all of his claws and uses the couch as a scratching post.  but of course not, they won’t have anything to do with it.  because they’re cats.

riley on his back in imitation of lester.

he likes to take advantage of the double-wide top level of the kitty condo, stretching all the way across.

can you see les?  he’s peeking out from the middle level of the condo as riley peers down at him.  they do lie around on every section except that middle green pillow, for some reason they don’t care for that.

now that it’s the last day of November, we’re going to have a huge break from winter tomorrow, as the temp is supposed to climb to 62 at least.  there’s going to be lots of rain, but I have high hopes for getting a run in between the showers.

ok then, FRIDAY!

mrs. g. hughes


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