all geese all the time

by grace on January 31, 2020

On Sunday Jan. 26th the sun appeared! this was fantastic; i’m not sure how long it had been cloudy but i know that we haven’t seen it again since sunday.

so i went a little bit bonkers taking geese photos on the lake that day.

i mean, pretty crazy. i think i took over 100 pictures. a lot.

somehow i managed to sort through them all and winnowed them down to only 13.

first, these geese were taking off over to the side of the yard. i wish you could see better the goose over to the left up in the air.

then four of them were in flight…

it’s easier to see them here.

down at the water i realized that a lone gull was standing around amidst the gaggle of geese. he’s third from the right in the left group of geese on the lake.

here he’s a little closer, third from the right on the right side.

this is my favorite one, as he marches across the ice right in the middle of the picture.

but then i guess i got too close, or who knows what spooked him, but he started to fly away…

…and then everybody had to start flapping their wings…

and that’s all for right now.

i’m sure it’ll be sunny again. sometime. it’s already friday and there is a big flock of white pelicans down at the water right now, but still it’s cloudy.

ok then,

mrs. end of january hughes.

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