a happy rescue!

by grace on February 2, 2017

i forgot to write about kevin’s wonderful act the other day – he went running in the soccer field, and when he ran near the soccer nets he saw two people standing next to one.  it looked like a dog was caught up in the net.

kevin ran over, and it wasn’t a dog but a deer.  not a baby, but a male about two years old.  it was just lying there, couldn’t get out, and the people, a mother and college-aged son didn’t know what to do.  the kid had a pocket knife on him, and kevin told him to cut the net so the deer could escape.

the kid did it, but the deer couldn’t stand up.  kevin could tell that his legs weren’t broken, but abraded from thrashing around in the netting.  he decided the poor thing had been there all night.  kevin had brought water with him, and cupped his hands and offered the deer a drink.  the poor thing didn’t resist, and did manage to get some water down him.

the deer started to struggle, but his back legs collapsed, and kevin surmised that his legs had fallen asleep because he’d been trapped so long.  finally, the deer was able to stagger, and then slowly walk away.

i ask you, who would ever get to give a deer a drink in their lifetime?


he noticed that one of his antlers was broken off, so he’ll be able to identify the deer when and if he sees him again, and i think he’s already seen him, with another pair of deer.

a heartwarming story on this bleak february afternoon.

ok then.

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Kev February 2, 2017 at 2:32 pm

I would have given the little guy some Bushmill’s Irish Honey (The Deer Favorite!), but i forgot my Whisky Rescue Barrel…. 😀


grace February 2, 2017 at 4:15 pm

haha! next time!


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