a giant new window.

by grace on July 25, 2017

instead of taking a long trip this year, we installed new windows in the living room.

this is what the big window used to look like…there’s a beautiful view of the lake, except for the big panel in the middle where there was a mirror.  plus the seal on the far left window was broken a few years ago, and every once in a while i’d say, “hey, can we replace the window?”

this is the side window overlooking the hosta garden.  when kevin finally said YES! let’s get a new window, he thought it’d be nice to have a bay window here.

fred squires came to the house in may to give us a price quote, which was a little bit eye-popping.  but he said we could replace the windows facing the lake with one huge window.  great!

it took a while for them to finally put in the windows because the big window was so very very big.  but finally, here they are hard at work on july 5th.

i had to go to work in the morning and it was funny to come home and see a big hole in the back of the house.  it was a very hot day, and kevin had a fan pointed towards the guys.

this is what it looked like from the deck…

they brought the huge window into the living room.  i didn’t get to see that, but kevin says they managed to put it on wheels.

they removed the vertical boards which had supported the bit of wall in the middle, and the house didn’t collapse, a very good thing!

even though i had to leave the house most of the day, kevin stuck around to be of assistance when needed.  yeah, that’s a big mess.

it was a big mess everywhere, especially on the deck.  see that big black spot under the window on the right?  that’s where there was an electrical fire many years ago, and kevin says that”s what eventually caused the window’s seal to break.  luckily the house didn’t burn down way back then.

they finally hoisted up the window  – there was a giant suction cup on the outside to help with the hoisting.

ta da! the window was in place by four in the afternoon.  they did an amazingly fast and good job.

the living room was in quite a bit of disarray that night, but les paul managed to fall asleep on kevin’s leg.

the next day they installed the bay window.

they didn’t get everything finished on the second day, and we had an interesting seating arrangement that night.

the next morning les stretched out on a board they’d set up out back.

when fred first came to the house to give us a bid i explained to him how i’d planted the hostas, then had to dig them  up because we had sewer pipes replace, then had to plant them again, and this spring i transplanted several of them, and i hoped that his workers wouldn’t trample them all.

he totally understood my concern, and they crushed nary a hosta.  unfortunately that pile of siding is covering some bleeding hearts, but they hadn’t bloomed much and were dried by then, and i’ll have to transplant them next year.

les thought all the activity was quite nice.

here’s the new little roof they put over the bay window.

and by afternoon on the 7th, they were done.  giant window!  it’s beautiful and opens up the room so much.  money well spent.

i was sure that at least one of the cats would want to sit in the bay window, but maybe they will eventually.

i’m pretty sure i’ve managed to clean most of the drywall dust from the floor, and we’ve taken out some furniture and re-arranged things nicely.

plus i’m sure  i’m going to have some free time  really soon to just sit and gaze out the window.

ok then,

mrs. no time for that right at the moment hughes.


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Tom.Audrey.Emma July 25, 2017 at 2:13 pm

Great renovations. Thanks for letting us follow along.


Johanna Bradley July 26, 2017 at 11:20 am

Well, it looks great now! Worth the wait 🙂 🙂


grace July 27, 2017 at 1:13 pm

thanks, johanna! it looks even better in real life!


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