a big shindig

by grace on February 20, 2020

On saturday February 8th, we went to the Ballet Gala fundraiser. I think the funnest part was getting ready, as usually seems to be the case.

I looked for a 20’s headdress and found that I had this tiara…

…and also this one.
I wonder why I have 2 tiaras, and I wonder when I thought I’d ever get to wear them?

Clearly I need to find fancier occasions.

or I just need to wear them when going to the grocery store…my friend Christine always said that you could wear anything from a ballgown to a bathing suit to the grocery store when we lived in LA, because well, it was LA.

and then there are these rhinestones that I’ve acquired…

…where did I get them? I know where some of them came from but why do I have such a treasure trove?

need to wear them to the grocery store.

and then there’s this, a beautiful watch that was grandmother’s. Maybe I can get it fixed. Meanwhile, I was happy to wear it to the fundraiser and it was 6:20 all night long!

Here’s how I looked on Saturday before going to Amy’s to get my fancy hairdo.

Ta da! Kevin in a tux! Amy took a bunch to pictures of us. I don’t think you can quite see just how fancy my hairdo was. It involved lots of curling and teasing and spraying with hairspray and more teasing and more hairspray and then more hairspray.

And here’s all of us who went together… Kevin, me, Randy, mom and Amy v.

Julie and Glenn also sat with us us at the event, which was much more crowded than it looks here. And lots of women were in 20’s outfits which surprised me.

I heard a woman say, “this is the third 20s thing I’ve been to this year. And then I realized, or more likely somebody told me, that’s because it is now 2020!
They had special cocktails, sidecars. I can’t remember what was in it but it was delicious.

Dinner was also delicious.

Dessert…well, no chocolate. I had a good pineapple upside down cake.

There was also angel food cake. *sigh.* perfectly fine desserts, but like I said, no chocolate.

A good time was had by all.

And finally…home again in my jammies! It was nice to brush all of that hairspray and everything out of my hair.

I’m writing this while I am in Saint Petersburg Florida, it is in the 70s and I’m about to go for a run. Everybody needs to go someplace warm in the winter time!

ok then,

Mrs. traveling Hughes.

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