a beautiful sunrise

by grace on December 28, 2011

i woke up at 7:15 and looked out; the sky was filled with pink clouds.

i hurried out to get some pictures.  i never move that fast that early, especially when it’s cold outside.

here’s one of the many photos i took. it’s actually not as spectacular as the sky looked the couple of minutes before, when i was lying there looking at it.  it was more pink, or at least i think it was cause i didn’t have my glasses on yet.

i took many, many more photos but now i have to rush off already.

when i downloaded the pictures i realized that i’ve only uploaded phone photos all month.  so now i have many, many pictures, including many very cute as usual pictures of les paul, plus xmas pictures, plus dazzling photos of me in my new BIRTHDAY JAMMIES AND BIG FLUFFY RED BOOT SLIPPERS.

i am wearing that whole lovely ensemble right now and would be wearing it hours later if i didn’t have to go to class and a bunch of places and blah blah blah.

ok then,

mrs. early morning so close to the end of the year hughes.

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