thursday door on march 16th

by grace on March 16, 2017

here are a few more photos taken at the metropolitan museum of art in NYC in february.  i had high hopes of posting more photos from the museum this past week, but after being home for only three days i went on yet another trip, this one with kevin, and the places we stayed didn’t have strong enough wifi to enable posting any photos.  so instead i was forced to walk on the beach and stuff like that.  we just got back this evening and i can’t believe i’m even able to sit here and type, i’m so tired.

but more on that later – here’s the temple of dendur, in one of my most favorite spots at the met.  i love the huge floor-to-ceiling window, and i asked bev if she remembered it from the scene in “when harry met sally,” but she couldn’t recall.  i saw that movie many, many times, so it stuck with me.

it was tricky trying to get a good shot with so many people.  here’s what i mean by that.

i took this quickly, before the throngs got in my way again.  i bet if i’d asked her, bev would have been nice enough to shoo them all off to the side, but it worked out.

i really love these doors within doors.  it’s such an incredibly old thing, here in the modern glass room.  i love it.  i want to go back.  but not today.  i just read about the temple – it was built in Nubia in 10 B.C, where it sat until 1963!  and then they magically took it all apart and put it back together here at the met.  incredible.



one other door from the met, leading into the frank lloyd wright room they have on display.  i always enjoy looking at this room, but am also always pleased that we have our own complete Frank Lloyd Wright House here in springfield, and i can go see that whenever i want.

i can’t ever seem to resist taking too many photos of stuff in a museum, but i’m only going to post a few more of my favorites.  after getting a good night’s sleep.


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