the gluttony that is lambert’s throwed rolls…

by grace on March 29, 2017

we started driving south on monday, march 6th, headed for orange beach, AL.  we’ve always seen billboards announcing “lambert’s throwed rolls,” and kevin said he’d gone there with his mom one time, and maybe we should stop for lunch?

i don’t think we’ve ever stopped for lunch in all the driving trips we’ve taken.  when mollie was still alive, i do remember having some lunch at a rest area, maybe once, but we generally just do a lot of snacking in the car.

so this would be a nice break.  the reason it’s called that is because, well, that’s what they do…they throw rolls at you.

this sounded a little dangerous to me, and i can’t catch anything to save my life, so i didn’t know what to expect.

by the time we got there it was almost two o’clock, but the line was pretty darn long.  it moved pretty quickly, though, and i dashed into the gaming area to take a picture of this kiss pinball machine.  everything is very old school in the place.

standing in line, i told kevin that it looked like a cracker barrel, only much more authentic.  a chubby preteen boy was in line in front of us and he turned and said “oh yeah, it’s much more authentic.”  he was very enthusiastic about being there, and his mom said they dined there “only” once a month.

the place was cavernous, and there was at least one more section that wasn’t opened at the moment.  pretty much everything about the place was gigantic, like this huge cup of coffee.   kevin says it was pretty good, too.  i just ordered water, and it came in a giant cup the size of a smallish bucket.

throws weren’t “throwed” constantly, but every so often, servers would come out with piping hot rolls and lots of the throng would wave their hands in the air in order to catch one.  i took many pictures of the throwing but didn’t manage to actually capture a roll mid-air.  the guys in suspenders are doing the chucking.

kevin held up his hand, but the guys were pretty far away from us.  here’s the first roll he caught, which was in pieces.

next to the roll is fried…okra?  in addition to the rolls, the servers brought around big containers of various free sides.  yes, free.  healthy stuff like the fried okra, fried potatoes, many healthy side dishes.

here’s our lunch – i got four sides instead of a main slab of meat of some kind, and kevin got brautwurst and sauerkraut.  and mind you, this is our plates without the added sides.  the black eyed peas were actually quite delicious. that big roll of paper towels is what they provide instead of napkins, and before you get your plate of food they ladle the free sides right onto the paper towels.  kind of like hogs at the trough.  many of the clientele looked like they’d been there quite a bit.

keivn did catch a whole roll, and as you can see it’s also mighty giant.  and tasty.

as we drove away i had to take a picture of the front.

it was quite an experience, and we’re both glad we went, but have no desire to go back.

we only drove partway to gulf shores and spent an uneventful night (with no dinner) in Tupelo, Mississippi.  here’s my nightly beverages – a diet root beer and a glass of wine.  i’d brought this very heavy glass that we got in scotland in order to have a nightly wine in glass instead of plastic, and figured that this glass was so very heavy that i wouldn’t break it.

but it was wrong.  the second night of our trip i managed to smash it right into the sink while cleaning it.  hopefully we have a second one, but if not, it’s a good excuse to go back to scotland.

our vacation was off to an exciting start, and i was looking forward to getting down to the beach the next day.

ok then,

mrs. not travelling now for a while hughes.

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