the day after returning from a trip. or two.

by grace on March 17, 2017

as previously mentioned, i was in NYC with my friend bev for a week, ostensibly to help her daughter move, but then that didn’t happen so instead we did a bunch of stuff.  i came home and three days later kevin and i headed out for gulf shores, AL, and then new orleans.

we got back last night, and during our trip i’d mentioned that i was glad i hadn’t scheduled anything at all for today, so i could rest and do laundry and rest some more.

but then a couple people were pretty desperate for massages, so instead of sitting here on the couch for a good part of the morning, i have to get up and get ready and be busy for a while.

but it’s all good, it’s so nice to be home now.  no trips are planned, at least none leaving tomorrow.

here are more photos of a tiny fraction of the fabulous paintings hanging at the Metropolitan Museum.

this is by frenchman august renoir. i love the colors and the softness and i guess part of the reason i always love to take these pictures is because i’d like to try creating one of my own.

this is by camille pissarro, and is called “the boulevard montmartre on a winter morning.”

one more pissarro.

and oh, those van goghs…




Paul Signac. “Lighthouse at Groix.”




here’s a painting done by the only woman artist i found who was an impressionist – berthe morisot, and her mentor and brother-in-law was eduard manet.  why hasn’t anybody made a movie about this woman?  wouldn’t it have been something to have been one of the only successful woman artists during that time?

and a couple by henri fantin latour.

and that’s all the art for today.

ok then,

mrs. much too busy on a friday morning hughes.




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