Shipp’s Harbour Grill, Orange Beach, AL. plus lookalike kitties.

by grace on April 1, 2017

when we went to gulf shores a few years ago, our friends wayne and aggie were staying there and her hairdresser had told her about Shipp’s Harbour Grill. gulf shores is right next to orange beach, where we stayed on this latest trip.

the beach communities are clogged with so many restaurants all up and down the main road, and we’d been to a few but hadn’t found anything that great.  but on the last night when we’d been there with wayne and aggie, we went to shipp’s.  it was hard to find for some reason, and we had to stop at a bar and ask how to get there.  when we finally made it we had to wait a while, but it was so worth it.  the place was kind of shabby chic, nautical style, and the food was outstanding.  i’d been thinking of that place ever since, and was happy to get a chance to go back.

i made a reservation online for lunch.  when we got there on thursday there weren’t a lot of other patrons, so the reservation wasn’t necessary, but better safe than sorry.  we sat out on the deck overlooking the harbour chock full of boats.

here are our delicious meals.  mmm, i could eat some right now even though it’s only nine in the morning.

that’s my big fancy drink with an umbrella; it was something orangey and it was a little odd, but sometimes i feel compelled to order something like that if i’d never seen it on a menu before.  i think it was an orange creamsicle-type drink.

after our lovely lunch was strolled around the docks.


as we were leaving, we suddenly saw a kitty who looked a lot like chester hanging out next to the restaurant.

and then there was one who looked like a rough version of lester.  he looked like his life isn’t quite as cushy as les’s.

and then there were two more pretty kitties!  smart cats, living next to the fish restaurant.

we got back to the hotel and took another walk on the beach and i spied this big pink swam float.  that would be fun.

waaaay off in the distance we spied a sailboat, the only one we saw on the ocean while we were there.

another lovely day on the beach.

ok then,

mrs. hughes.


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Robert Edwards April 3, 2017 at 3:33 pm

Grace, thank you for the story. It’s always great to hear from our customers. That’s such a great shot of lunch on the porch we’re posting links to your story on Facebook and Instagram. We hope you will come back soon.


grace April 5, 2017 at 1:50 pm

gosh, i wonder how you found me! i assume we’ll make it back to orange beach, and shipp’s will be my #1 priority! i don’t know why more restaurants aren’t fantastic, like yours – it seems people are willing to be satisfied with “just ok.” thanks for your comment!


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