final photos of NYC

by grace on March 25, 2017

whew, that took a while to get to the end of my photos from NYC…i tried not to take so many pictures when i took my next trip four days later, but you know how that goes…

i love this building at the south end of central park.  i guess i’m like a crow, always attracted to sparkly things.

I didn’t know what the building was, but i just spent five minutes researching it, and boy, it’s interesting.  it’s called the crown building, because it’s lit up like a crown at night.  i found this photo of it online.

the building was designed by the people who also designed the iconic Grand Central Terminal.  in 1981, Phillipine president Ferdinand Marcos secretly bought it.  crazy.  after his regime fell, of course many parties fought about who it belonged to, and it was finally sold to Bernard Spitzer, dad of the notorious Eliot Spitzer, who inherited it when bernie died.  Now it’s owned by a russian fellow.

and here’s another shiny object, this statue of William Tecumseh Sherman at the south edge of the park.  unfortunately so many people were gathered around the statue that the only good angle i got mostly features this woman, who is Victory.

Sherman moved to NYC after the civil war and rode his horse and carriage through the park every day.

that’s enough history for today…we walked back to Rockefeller Center, hoping to get into  “Late Night with Seth Meyers.” we’d gotten standby tickets in the morning and had high hopes of getting in.

after such a long day of  walking a million steps, bev and i were both tired and i was happy to sit for a while in this comfy chair, despite the fact that i have no interest in nor have ever watched “the voice.”

we waited in line for a while, and then they made a lot of people farther back in line leave, and we were hopeful…but then a bunch more people showed up and got to go to the front of the line because they had been there earlier in the morning than us and had received actual, not standy, tickets.  so after waiting a very long time, it was all over for us.

i didn’t care so much, but bev was very disappointed.  this week she’s going back to NYC to really help her daughter move this time, so maybe she’ll have the chance to get tickets again.  But i bet she’ll spend most of her time packing and then moving many many containers three flights down from one apartment to three flights up to another one.

on our way back to brooklyn i saw this pay phone in the subway.  i haven’t seen a pay phone in quite a while, and won’t children eventually not even know what they are?  or maybe they already don’t; i don’t know any children right now to ask them.

and that’s it for our exciting new york adventure.  a lot of walking around and seeing stuff – i resolved that my next trip, four days later, would be much more relaxing.

but what were the actual odds of that happening?

ok then,

mrs. warm saturday morning i’m about to go running hughes.


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kev March 27, 2017 at 7:53 am

A real pay phone! I cannot remember the last time I saw one in person, let alone used one! And as a historical aside, the 114th was assigned to Gen. Sherman for a period of time….


kev March 27, 2017 at 7:54 am

ooops… make that “…AN historical aside…”


grace March 29, 2017 at 9:17 am

small world! i wonder if anybody ever uses that phone? in addition to exploring central park, we could hang out in that subway station, waiting to see if anybody ever picks it up. but actually, i can’t remember which station it was, so never mind about that fun outing…


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