by grace on February 3, 2019

at least we’re having a little break from the bitterly cold weather; last week was record-breaking cold temperatures and even though it’s 58 degrees right now, the lake is still mostly frozen.

but hey, it’s february, it’s possible to squint into the distance and see spring. i sat out on the swing this afternoon and tried to imagine what kind of planting i’d like to do for spring, but i couldn’t manage it. i’d like to have some big swaths of beautiful flowers, but i’ll have to again consult my “deer resistant perennials” printout. i planted so very many Crocosmia flowers because i’d seen them in Wales and Ireland, but only a couple of them even came up, and they didn’t last. it’s just too cold here.

but surely i’ll figure out something else.

we picked up Winnie’s ashes from the emergency vet yesterday which of course was a sad thing. we stopped by after taking a short walk in washington park, where we saw many very happy dogs.

A few more photos of winnie, these from 2010.

March 23, 2010

in this picture he reminds me of the cheshire cat.

shortly therafter that day
Ausust 9th, 2010

Kevin, Mollie and Winnie enjoyed some time on our old pontoon boat. this is a pretty terrible picture i took, though – was there a nuclear bomb exploding in the background, or what? maybe i had a not-so-great camera phone back then.

September 7th, 2010

i love this one. for some reason the time stamp on this photo is 6:03 a.m., but i can’t imagine that’s right. what would i have been doing up at 6:03 a.m.?

September 25, 2010

sweet kitty, taking a drink from the lake.

Sept. 25th, 2010
October 25, 2010

winnie looks supremely content here with kevin, who looks a little bit shaggy.

December 17th, 2010

at the beginning of the weekend i said i was going to spend my time standing down at the dock watching the ice melt off the lake, but it doesn’t seem to have started yet.

maybe i’ll go down there now and check it out.

ok then,

mrs. late sunday afternoon hughes.


more winnie…

by grace on January 30, 2019

i feel like i haven’t written anything about him for so long even though it’s only been a few days i guess. i just found a few photos from 2006, when we still lived in westchester.

here’s Winnie eyeing a squirrel way up high.

August 15, 2006

That comfy chair…

Aug. 28, 2006

so many animals spent so many happy times in those two white chairs. one of the chairs is in the bedroom right now, and riley is trying to take all the stuffing out of the other one out on the screened porch.

shortly thereafter

This seems to be the only photo of Winnie that i can find from 2008; i know that’s the year we moved here. I’m fairly confident he’s lying in Mollie’s bed here at this house? pretty sure.

October 23, 2008

so many cats have enjoyed the kitty round a round, but since winnie and honey’s front claws were removed they never actually scratched on it. but they did love to chase the ball around. Winnie did it a couple times in the last few months; i’d hear a sound next to the couch and there he was, happily playing.

April 2009

i’ve been feeling a little panicky tonight because i couldn’t find so many photos of him, but i guess i really do have quite a few. i don’t remember where in the yard he was in this picture, but he’s having a very nice time.

July 9, 2009

it’s funny, winnie didn’t lie in this pose so much when he got older; it’s something les does all the time.

August 21st, 2009

Down at the dock again. not only are we super lucky to live here, but all the animals who’ve lived here are lucky, too. I never had to worry about Winnie going too far.

August 31st, 2009

As opposed to wild lester, who found a way over the fence again a few days ago, and our neighbor three doors down called to say that les had made his way through their kitty door, and when the guy opened the back door, les struggled to squeeze back out the kitty door.

I’m also realizing that winnie was our most lap-friendly kitty. he was happy to lie on somebody much of the time, and now, Riley and Les mostly like to do their own thing . Les snuggles next to me when i’m sleeping, but he spends large amounts of his day snoozing on our bed.

occasionally Lester will hang out in the living room with us, sprawled on the rug, but sometimes he enjoys the comfort of sleeping on top of kevin’s laptop.

just one more photo tonight,Winnie stretched out in front of the kitchen cabinet. such a good kitty.

Feburary 27th, 2010

whew. it has been record-setting cold today, with a high of only -4 or something and a low of minus something very low, and i’d planned to spend my day sitting here writing and stuff, but somehow that didn’t happen.

oh well,



more photos from that big snow…

by grace on January 27, 2019

whew. these were all taken right after it snowed, the week before winnie died.

Saturday morning, Jan. 12th, Riley was determined to play in the snow even though it was piled mighty high.

intrepid riley

Shortly thereafter i shoveled the back deck off the bedroom and a path to the kitty house. les immediately had to march right into the house.

i tried to get a video of him as he leapt through the big snow, but he was too fast for me.

i woke up on sunday morning to more snow. i looked out the front window and there was a deer.

kevin had been gone since friday night and was supposed to come back saturday, but because the roads were horrible he stayed away another night. jim had done lots of plowing and snow-blowing on saturday but he hadn’t been able to get to mom’s driveway – the tractor had started leaking something and he was worried it’d completely break down, and then the snow blower started smoking.

so on sunday morning he shoveled this channel in mom’s drive.

Mom hadn’t been able to get out for a whole day and of course was anxious to leave the prison of her house. Jim thought we should shovel a wide trench so that when kevin came home he’d be able to easily plow the rest of the driveway.

before i started i took this last picture.

we worked for maybe an hour, and jim pointed out that it was peaceful in the snow. when i walked back home i was dismayed to see the state of kevin’s shelter.


he normally parks his truck under the shelter, and i remember going out to check on it saturday night…but i know i didn’t look thoroughly enough, because if i had, i’d have poked at all the snow on the roof with a broom. damn.

when kevin got home he managed to shovel enough snow off the roof to get the tractor out, added some kind of fluid or other, and made quick work of mom’s driveway.

monday morning, the 14th, riley was happy to go out into the snowy yard.

it was cloudy that morning with the sun just peeking through.

les and riley on monday night.

Tuesday night, the 15th, les was on top of the fridge. i don’t think he’s been lying there like that before.

Izzy looking so cute, snuggled up against the cold.

i took this photo of a deer in amy’s yard, right before i went to mom’s house on friday the 18th. because they have bird feeders in the front the deer are always gathered for a snack.

after that i went to mom’s to watch a movie, and later kevin and i got home, and then all the bad stuff happened with winnie. *sigh*

he was a very, very good kitty.

ok then,

mrs. late sunday afternoon hughes.


winnie winnie winnie

by grace on January 26, 2019

Winnie looks so regal here on the only new couch i’ve ever bought. This is before we got married and moved into Kevin’s house in Westchester.

April 3, 2005

Winnie and Honey on the swing on the old front porch. where is this swing now? did it rust away? why don’t i remember what happened to it? No wait, it’s down by the water!


I had to take a break from being sad about winnie to be sad about my sweet dad…here he is out on the deck, when he used to live here, with GK lying by his side and Fourlane sleeping below him. the geraniums were so red, the deck gleamed, and everybody looked so content here.

July 2, 2005
November 20th, 2005

There have always been piles of chairs down by the water.

Nov. 2o, 2005

I thought it was funny that Winnie and Honey are sitting on the same chair here as they were in 2004…the same chair that has now made its way to our screened porch. in 2004 it was here in our house when it was mom and dad’s house, and then it travelled over to westchester with kevin and me, and then back here. Winnie and Honey loved the chair no matter where it was.

December 26, 2006

Hmm, Mollie sniffs at Winnie, who is ignoring her. I wonder if Winnie was in Mollie’s bed? possibly. At this point we’d all been living in Westchester for several months.

March 13, 2007

I adore this picture because Winnie is sleeping so peacefully. But i wonder, did we always let the kitties sleep on the kitchen table when we lived in Westchester??? hmm, apparently so.

April 15, 2007

And that’s all for right now.

Ok then,



one more banner…

January 24, 2019

i felt the need to change the banner again, adding a different photo. i realized that since we got Winnie on Sept. 29, 2002, he surely couldn’t have been more than a month old, so he must have been born in august sometime. to some totally rotten people who dumped a little of kitties on […]

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First photo of Winnie

January 24, 2019

on tuesday i was scrounging around in a cabinet, looking for frames to put some of winnie’s photos in, and i found yet another big stack of pictures. here’s the very first picture i took of winnie! i was ridiculously happy that i found it. he’s perched up on a portable bed, so tiny… Here […]

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September 29th, 2002

January 22, 2019

That’s the day mom and i found winnie on the lake road. we were riding our bikes and suddenly heard a loud MEW from the side of the road, and stopped to see a tiny little grey kitten. somebody must have dumped him! people can be rotten. We decided that mom would bike home and […]

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Darling Winnie

January 20, 2019

is gone. He was such a sweet, loving, gentle, accommodating soul. We are so sad. I’m going to be posting many photos of him, because i keep going through my old pictures and finding so many. Friday night, kevin went to garrick’s house to watch a movie. almost all the time he does this, i […]

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wrapping up November…

December 9, 2018

oh boy.  head about to explode, late on a sunday night.  first – new wordpress update and i can’t really figure it out.  i know that when i did the update there was some kind of choice about doing it the old way, instead, but now of course i can’t find that.  it’s suddenly so […]

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all kinds of stuff in november

December 6, 2018

first, happy belated birthday, bev!  here she is with a group of friends vigorously celebrating her special day.  one of her friends bought bev the Barbie seen there in front of the pig, and they carried the Barbie around with them all day, photographing it in all kinds of settings. rilcy always loves a new […]

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