white pelicans

wrapping up November…

by grace on December 9, 2018

oh boy.  head about to explode, late on a sunday night.  first – new wordpress update and i can’t really figure it out.  i know that when i did the update there was some kind of choice about doing it the old way, instead, but now of course i can’t find that.  it’s suddenly so complicated, and i just want to post a few photos and go to bed…

also, something happened to my internet.  where did it go?  i don’t know.  i just don’t know.  the internet is missing, does anybody see it anywhere?

did i have edge?  did i have explorer?  neither works anymore, so i got mad and decided to go back to firefox, and somehow managed to get that up and running.  yaaay the internet is back…

too many computer-related things right now.

so many birds at the feeder!

ok maybe i can figure this out, but i really really wish i wasn’t starting at 9:30 on sunday night.  it’s all about “blocks” now and maybe it will make things easy once i’ve wrapped my head around it but right now i don’t want to do this.  so why am i?  because i’m crazy.

anyway, that photo up there, i wasn’t there, i love it, kevin took a photo of crazy lester who looked like he was clinging onto the crossbeam of the boat lift.  kevin said no, he was just sauntering across it like he does.

and then he quickly walked right onto the dock…

and here les was sitting for a portrait, the cutest kitty anywhere…

a couple of days later kevin was demonstrating how les was walking across the boatlift.  DON’T DO THAT i said, but he didn’t listen.

he had to pretend like he was teetering but of course he wasn’t…

a couple of days later, so many penguins out on the water.  they were so close but of course they smoothly glide away when i walk down to the water.  i think they’re all gone for now, finally. 

november 22nd, a rare photo of riley near winnie.  as you can see winnie doesn’t like it one bit, and he only stays there for the briefest of moments before getting up and indignantly walking away.  poor fella, he’s not in such a good mood these days.

and one final photo – kevin will be sitting somewhere and les jumps up on his lap and then nuzzles him and then starts to work his paw around kevin’s back and suddenly les is in the back and kevin is forced to sit way up, and then admits defeat and gives up the chair to lester.  because every chair is lester’s!

speaking of, les is lying on back of the couch behind me, patiently waiting for me to go to bed so he can sleep on top of me.  whew i’m tired – kevin and i took an hour-long walk today and maybe that’s why i’m so weary.

no, i’m sure it’s all the computer stuff. 

maybe this new version of wordpress won’t be bad, but surely there’s a way to insert a bunch of photos at once?  stop thinking now, please, mrs. hughes.

ok then,

good night,



october boat rides

by grace on November 13, 2018

this is one of my favorite pelican photos (and I took approximately one million of them during the summer/fall).  we went out on the boat on October 20th, and I went out again on the 22nd.  kevin didn’t want to go with me, so I went by myself and had a surprisingly good time.  I realized that when I go boating alone I can go wherever I want.

I first zipped over to the pelican point and was sad that they weren’t there.  I decided to head under the Lindsay bridge to see if I could find any, but when I cruised by todd green’s house, right across the water from us, I realized they were there!  it was cool to get this photo of flying pelicans as well as ones on the grass.


on pelican point, the pelicans mostly hung out on the rocks, with a few in the grass.  since they weren’t there that day, I could see the extent of the pelican poop.  but in the photo above, because todd doesn’t have riprap, but instead a sea wall, the pelicans all congregated on his expensive, lush grass.

such a beautiful day!  it’s a little hard to get my head around the fact that today it’s only 25 degrees, feels like 15, with a layer of snow on the ground.  what happened to fall?

this is one of the islands on the other side of the bridge, near the yacht club.  tons of birds were nesting in the trees.

I only came in finally because I had to work.

a few days later, October 25th, we took the boats out of the water.  here’s the view of our dock as I drove the pontoon boat away.

this was the easiest boat out of the water we’ve ever had – I think because I had practiced docking the boat on our new boat lift, I felt more confident about guiding it onto the trailer.  good times!  the whole process was speedy, thanks mostly due to kevin’s expertise.

we got home and I spent an hour cleaning the boat, while kevin started to get the sailboat ready to come out.  his friend glenn came over at about 2 in the afternoon to help remove the sail.

glenn then motored mom and I over to the boat launch; I’ve never used the motor on the sailboat, but maybe next year i’ll be able to do it.  it didn’t look very tricky, anyway.

it took a couple of tries to get the boat onto the trailer, but no big deal, really (especially for me because all I really did was take pictures).

kevin secured the  boat on the trailer and the job was done!

this is one of my favorite photos of mom because her hair went completely crazy in the wind.

more boat adventures soon, but here’s les and riley, enjoying the middle level of their kitty condo.

ok then, stay warm,

mrs. Tuesday bitterly cold November hughes.


more from october

by grace on November 10, 2018

and the thing is it seems like deep winter all of a sudden.  fall passed in the blink of an eye – it got deeply cold yesterday and snowed. ugh.  to early.  let’s go back to mid-October when we had that little flash of autumn.

Winnie enjoyed lying in a new box.  he’s hanging in there, although he eats a huge amount every day and continues to get skinnier.  we tried to get him some new medicine for the pain in his front paw, but he’s already taking so much stuff that the vet said our options were very limited.  we got him one giant needle full of medicine, to see it he could tolerate it, but we haven’t even given it to him at all because the last time I gave him something with such a giant needle he yelped in pain.  this needle, for his arthritis, hadn’t fazed him before, but now that he’s so thin it really hurts.  poor fella.

he hobbles around, but not horribly.  he still purrs and likes to sit in our laps.

lester and riley, before we added the second top shelf to the tower.  they made it work all snuggled up on one cushion, but not for long.

a beautiful morning on the lake.

white pelicans!  I think this is the closest I got to them.  mid-October, they were still hanging out at the point down the way.

and that wraps it up for this chilly November Saturday evening.

ok then,

mrs. Saturday hughes.



boat ride!

by grace on October 18, 2018

this is the latest we’ve ever had the boat out…actually, every year since we had our old boat, it broke down sometime mid-summer.

this year the water has been really high, plus new boat…

it was a beautiful day for it, and I wanted to see if the white pelicans were in the same spot where i’d seen them the last two times we were out on the boat.

yep.  plus more.

the first time I saw this gathering, I figured there were about 50.  today kevin said the number had increased to roughly 150!  maybe this is the main meeting place for pelicans coming from far and wide, and maybe they’ll all continue their migration together.

I was driving the boat but mostly standing around taking photos.

we were going slow enough so as not to disturb them much, but another boat did bother them – we were surprised at the number of boats out today, plus a couple of crazy wave-runners.

as I finally steered away from the pelicans we headed towards a spot where a swan is usually hanging out.  I was surprised that he made a beeline for us.

i’m sorry to say it’s obvious that people are feeding the swan!

bit it was cool to see him up close.

I headed over to long bay because I love to go down long bay.  as we headed out I saw a pontoon boat…

it’s out old boat!  I felt kind of sad to see it but also glad that it has found a good home.  it’s docked next to a huge and fancy speed boat, and on the other side is a wave-runner, so these folks aren’t short on water craft.

it also struck me that it looks kind of…junky.  and old.  but inside it’s nice!  and hopefully they have more luck with it than we ever did…

ok then,

mrs. mid-October already hughes.



good news for winnie!

May 18, 2018

this morning we took him to the vet and he rode on my lap – he was much less stressed there rather than in a crate.  I told kevin to be extra sure that we didn’t have an accident since Winnie wasn’t buckled in. they had to take blood from his jugular vein which seems […]

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just another post about lester…

November 29, 2017

on november 13th as les and i were walking i spotted this white pelican.  there are lots of them this year. he appeared to be swimming over to join this gaggle of pelicans farther away. you can just barely see him, as he managed to get closer. meanwhile, les was scurrying down the rocks towards […]

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April 23, 2014

whew.  i guess that sums up my general attitude about most things in life at the moment. just whew. last night there was yet another ad on the tv about some new cell phone.  they’re always so much BETTER and MORE ADVANCED and FABULOUS and SPECTACULAR. do you remember when a phone was just a […]

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yesterday, which was sunday february 13th…

February 14, 2011

i just can’t stop taking pictures. yesterday was so awesome because the snow was melting like crazy. this goose looked like it was posing, or about to break into an interpretive dance. the lake looked so cool, with the ice melting like crazy. kevin shoveled some of the huge quantities of snow off the deck.  […]

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