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Countdown to Christmas…

by grace on December 1, 2021

…Really??? How did that happen? Now it’s the first of December, and I’ve been MIA on here for much too long. I haven’t been lolling around eating bon bons, much as I’d have liked to, but instead I feel like I’ve been doing so many things, either boat or cat-related.

Also outdoor stuff – here’s a picture of the troll at Lincoln Memorial Gardens, which Mom and I first spotted on a hike on Oct 16th. Pretty cool.

I’ve also spent much time down at water with Spot and kept taking pictures. Here’s Oct. 17 at 6:10 p.m., back when it was still light at that hour.

By 6:18 the sky was more rosy as a pelican swam by.

On Oct. 18th Mom and I were out on the lake in search of pelicans and here was a huge gaggle of them.

This is a short video of more of them that we saw right across the lake from us.

As I was putting the cover over the boat after our ride, Spot jumped up to help. Because the boat was enclosed he was ecstatic, sure that this was a nice sheltered spot where we could live. I put a towel down on the captain’s chair so he didn’t puncture it with his claws as he happily purred and rolled around.

The next day, October 19th, we were out again, this time with Toun and Elaine.

A grand time was had by all.

I captured the moon rise after we made it back home for grilled hotdogs on the deck.

Kevin, hard at work on the patio on October 20th. Hmm, I wonder if I have a photo of the completed project? It now looks fantastic.

Later that day, another weenie roast, when it must have still been warm and lovely.

On October 21st I walked over to Mom’s house and naturally Spot accompanied me and he suddenly ran right up the tree. Even though we’ve gone back over there quite a few times since then he hasn’t repeated this funny act.

That evening, Kevin and I had our first date night since the pandemic began. Whew, that’s a mighty long time. We started at the delicious La Piazza restaurant downtown, which was fairly empty and it felt weird to be there. Afterwards we went to hear some blues at the Lincoln Presidential Museum but for some reason I’d thought it was bluegrass not blues that was on offer. The blues were OK, but I got a little big edgy sitting there in the theater with quite a few people, some of whom took off their masks.

Also, it was quite warm sitting there in masks and I feel for the many people who go to work with them on.

On October 22nd Spot happily joined us for the last weenie roast of October.

I believe that was actually the last weenie roast of the year, unless we decide to have a final one this week because it’s going to be warm today and warmer still for the next couple days. That’d be fun although very dark. But nice to have a fire when it’s a little chilly but not unbearably so.

November involved lots of putting away of boats, pictures of which will be posted here shortly.

Or at least before the year ends…

ok then,

Mrs. Getting Gobs of Stuff Done Hughes. Well, at least some stuff.


No high heels!

by grace on June 24, 2021

Jeez, where has the month gone? Well, oing yard work. Lots of yard work.

It’s 6:18 a.m. right now and we have to leave at 7:30 for my torn meniscus surgery. It’s so lovely and quiet at this time of day, but I doubt that will make me get up this early on a regular basis.

It’s been a month of worry about my knee, about getting the surgery, and of frantically trying to pull so many weeds and put down so much mulch so that things will mostly be done post-surgery. I worked at the side of the house for three hours on Sunday and ended that session with dumping a bag of weeds into the ravine, but it was a bag from a while ago and a wasp shot out and stung my shoulder.

I didn’t think it was so bad, not too red, here’s a picture from Sunday evening.

But in the night of course it got really red and sore and it’s finally getting better, just in time for the surgery this morning. Here it is the morning after:

Ow. Like I said, it’s mostly better now, whew.

Last night while we had a delicious salad nicoise for dinner on the deck, Kevin told me that after his meniscus surgery he was pretty much incapacitated for a month, or a couple of months, or maybe three months.

He assured me that he thought things won’t be that bad for me. But really, who knows?

Deep breaths.

I got a packet of information from the Orthopedic Center about my surgery, including a list of things to do before the surgery and what to bring to the surgery and afterwards.

The thing that made me laugh was when it said to wear loose, comfortable clothes and slip-on shoes, and no high heels.

Obviously they wrote this because somebody coming in with a serious issue that needed surgery was wearing high heels.

In the instructions it said that I couldn’t have anything to eat or drink, not even water, after eight p.m. last night. But when a woman from the surgery center called me for my final pre-op instructions she said I could have 24 oz of gatorade last night before midnight and then 12 oz this morning before six. I felt like I’d won the lottery!

I set my alarm for 5:45 and had a refreshing glass of gatorade and last night Kevin susggested that I could go back to sleep, so I was happy to do that.

But back in bed, I figured that for the rest of the day I’m going to be lying around and sometimes unconscious, I might as well get up and enjoy the morning, one more little bit of time with my fully-intact meniscus.

So now I still have about a half hour before I have to take a shower with Dial soap. Because of the Covid, I was going to gave to get a Covid test on Monday and then quarantine til today plus I was supposed to take a shower last night and this morning with something called “hinibiclens,” a super-duper antiseptic soap. This sounded a little bit alarming because the instructions said DON’T USE ON YOUR HEAD OR FACE BECAUSE IT CAN CAUSE PERMANENT BLINDNESS.

I was also supposed to leave it on my body for two minutes.

Because of the easing Covid restrictions, however, I found out on Monday that I didn’t have to take the test or quarantine because I’ve been fully vaccinated, and instead of the hibiclens I could use dial soap. Score! Last night I took my first dial shower and when we leave for the Orthopedic Surgery Center I’ll be mighty squeaky clean.

Here’s a Friday night weenie roast on June 4th. I’ve been able to still make it down the hill to the dock and hopefully I’ll be able to continue to do that, but maybe Kevin will have to drive me down there. Probably not tomorrow night, but it’s supposed to rain tomorrow anyway.

The next day I babysat Amy and Jim’s dogs and spotted a chipmunk on their front porch.

That evening we took a boat ride and saw a goose ws comfortably nesting in somebody’s flower pot at the end of dock on Long Bay.

When we got home, there was the gaggle of around 23 goslings with their parents.

On Sunday a tiny baby fawn was curled up in the yard. I was going to rush out and take a picture but Amy said DON’T SCARE IT BECAUSE THEN ITS MOTHER WON’T BE ABLE TO FIND IT, so I crept out very quietly to get a picture. I was actually up on the deck taking this, so yay for my new camera phone that takes a great close-up.

The next day a giant limb fell out of our very old and beautiful Bradford pear tree in the front yard. This is a little worrisome because it’s such a lovely tree and hopefully the whole thing won’t come down. Since we have so many very old trees around here, it’s always a possibility.

Here’s Riley, admiring the blooming flowers in the fenced yard.

That’s all the photos for now. I’m starting to feel a little hungry. I have to be at the place at eight and they said the whole thing will probably take four-five hours, so I imagine I’ll be mighty hungry by then. Hmm, it seems like a good opportunity to get some decadent fast food or something, but maybe I’ll be too sleepy to care about that.

Hopefully everything will go quickly and smoothly. Never having had any kind of surgery before, I’m a little skittish.

Deep breaths.

ok then,

Pre-Op Grace.


April Excitement

by grace on April 29, 2021

Ok, “excitement” might be stretching it a bit. Or maybe a lot. But I happened to see a great italian greyhound door mat on facebook and had to buy it for Amy and Jim. Maybe it’s a regular greyhound but I didn’t care because it’s so cute.

They draped the mat over this sofa piece against their front door and Izzy posed in front of it.

These tulips have been blooming for at least a couple of weeks in the fenced yard. They’re so pretty. I have a vague memory of transplanting so many of them from the front yard, where they were eaten by the deer, but for some reason only the red ones survived. I took this photo on April 15th and by now the hostas have grown to about a million times the size they are here. Approximately.

My beautiful bleeding heart gets bigger every year.

The smaller bleeding heart is doing well, too, along a single red tulip.

Friday april 16, another weenie roast.

Here are a couple of green strawberries emerging from the two plants that Kevin planted.

Jim spotted this morel mushroom in mom’s yard! we didn’t pick and eat it though.

Unfortunately, the many lettuces and tomatoes that Kevin planted in the garden were munched up. He thought it was rabbits getting in under the fence so he thoroughly fortified it but the next day the top of the fence was bent over and there were deer tracks amongst the skimpy remains of lettuce leaves and chewed-on tomatoes.

Since then he’s fortified it even more, and hopefully he’ll prevail because it would sure be nice to have lots of fresh tomatoes this summer.

We ate the one strawberry that had ripened and it made me remember how delicious a homegrown strawberry is.

I’ve been taking some photos with my iphone and will post those shortly. theoretically.

ok then,

mrs. almost the end of april hughes.


The day after Easter I drove past this grand house in Laketown. It’s always fully decked out for any and every holiday, but I thought this Easter decor was above and beyond, maybe because not so many people decorate do much for this holiday.

The daffodils were beautiful this year as usual, except a part of them over there on the leftdidn’t bloom at all. Maybe because they’re under a tree? But it’s not a very robust tree, hard to say. It’s always something. Yesterday I did find a nice little clump of daffodils mixed in with the bushes at the top of the driveway.

An April 6th Mom and I took our second bot ride of the year and as we slowly glided down a nearby cove we spotted a swan. As we headed back out of the cove the swan started following us.

This happened to us last year but then the swan was much more aggressive. I wasn’t worries about this one, but I did document it in case it suddenly went crazy and tried to attack.

I sure with I had a before picture of this spot. It’d been piled with a huge messy clump of old boards and Kevin, Mom and I cleaned it all up. I guess we need to plant some grass there soon.

Friday April 9th we had our first Friday night weenie roast. Kevin started the fire, using some of the wood we’d collected a couple of days before.

Since he’s a fire expert we soon had a nice blaze going.

I thought about taking another picture as the night wore on but it was just so relaxing to sit there and start at the flames. Hopefully we’ll have another one this Friday although it’s going to be more chilly, but of course the fire would keep us warm. I mentioned to Bev about the Friday night weenie roast and she said she’d “come to one this summer,” which surprised me a little because I figured she didn’t want to venture out for who knows how long. I’ll have to keep reminding her, and hopefully she’ll join us soon.

Ok then,



wrapping up september…

October 18, 2020

Mom, Kevin and I had a lovely weenie roast on Friday Sept. 25th. We’ve been having them every friday night since then, and it’s a fine tradition. Kevin goes down to the dock about an hour early and starts a fabulous fire – fires are one of kevin’s many talents. each week we don’t deviate […]

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