wedding anniversary

Yeah, so

by grace on September 16, 2021

happy anniversary to us. We were married 15 years ago today and at this exact time on that day it was official and we were probably making toasts or something at the Motor Boat Club.

I got sad looking at some of our wedding photos because so many people are dead, or we’re no longer in touch. Some of them I’m in touch with but just barely. Maybe I’ll get out of this no-talking-to-most-people-but-Bev rut. Maybe.

But here we were on that day, looking very happy. Because we were.

Yeah, so, I just want to contrast that photo of us here in what is now our backyard with the selfie I took this afternoon in selfsame yard.

Yeah, so…oh my. This is the 16th day I’ve been battling the dreaded chameleon weed, wearing Kevin’s Australian hat which on the inside says it’s a “Swaggies hat with fly control”. I wear it so mosquitoes and gnats don’t bite, but that big red thing high up on my cheek is where a mosquito took a big chomp.

The corks are on strings which bounce all around and are supposed to deter the bugs. I’ve worn this hat a lot and some of the corks have fallen off and right after this I’m going to see if I can buy a new one on Amazon.

But then there’s…whew. The other red splotch on my face is just that, it’s sun damage but actually it might have been there 15 years ago but carefully concealed. Not quite as glamorous as my wedding day there in the yard.

But oh, the fun I’ve been having. This is how many rhizomes were under a stone in the yard. This is actually just one layer; they go down pretty far.

This is about the entire section I finished in one day, and this was the second time I dug up the ground, because the first time I was using that garden claw instead of this very helpful rake.

I finished this strip in back of the fence today. We had paving bricks and three mums which I had to cover with netting so the deer wouldn’t eat them. I’d already dug up part of this bit, but yesterday and today I tried to get lots more of the rhizomes. The thing is that if you keep digging around you just keep finding them. At some point I had to stop digging because I didn’t want to spend the rest of my life doing it.

Today I also had the brilliant idea that we’re going to forget about putting the bricks back. That’s what I did with other parts along the outer edge of the fence – I put down landscaping cloth and put the bricks and some mulch over them. I know this won’t prevent the weeds from coming back but at least it’d slow them down.

But we decided it would be OK to leave out the bricks and just plant grass along the fence, the way Dad left it. And when the evil chameleon plants poke their heads out, probably in the next few days, I’m just going to chop them off at the base, no more digging.

Well, no more digging after I’m done digging. After I finished this section this morning I went back into the fenced yard to work on a section I’d already worked on a week or so ago and found gobs and gobs and gobs more. Many were nestled down into the roots of this beautiful vine that Amy gave me a few years ago.

I finally had to stop for the day because I was getting a little delirious plus it’s our anniversary and we should be celebrating. Celebrating!

While I was doing all the digging Kevin was hard at work on our new patio.

And Riley was just trying to relax.

I’m not pulling weeds constantly, though. On Saturday I sat down at the dock and read this awesome book that Jim and Amy bought for me. Spot was at my side because he just wants to be with us all the time.

Yes, reading a picture book about Lake Springfield while sitting on the shore looking at the lake. Doesn’t get much better than that.

ok then,

Mrs. it’s going to be fall in a few days Hughes.


Anniversary dinner in Apgar Village

by grace on October 22, 2019

After our great hike up Apgar Lookout Trail on Mon. Sept. 16th we headed back to Apgar Village. It’s the largest village in Glacier, but all it consists of is a couple of gift shops a couple of hotels, and a restaurant.

The first place we stopped in Apgar is the best shop by far. It’s called Montana House, and it’s full of beautiful and amazing stuff made in Montana.

This stunning canoe was hanging from the ceiling.

It was built in 1995, and was paddled on Lake McDonald for 25 years. It’s a steal at $5,300. We couldn’t buy it because it wouldn’t have fit in our tiny cabin on the train.

There was a staggering amount of beautiful jewelry, and Kevin bought me these lovely earrings for our anniversary.

He’d forgotten to get me an anniversary card and when he woke up that morning i think he was pretty worried that he’d forgotten because i’d left a card out for him. So when i got up, he’d emptied one of the many boxes containing sugar-free hawaiian punch packets, and written a sweet note inside.

So the earrings were a bonus.

Unfortunately, i lost one of the them when we just went up to northern illinois to visit Kevin’s family in the middle of October. Luckily i have that photo of the earrings and am going to call the shop and get a replacement. I’d already been in contact with them because we’d seen some outstanding photos by a japanese artist who has relocated to Montana and takes so many photos of animals at the park. I’d seen a great photo that i wanted, but by the time I decided i should buy it on the last day of our trip, somebody had bought it. So the shop had the artist make another print and they shipped it to me.

we were hungry that evening because of our big hike and found the perfect spot for dinner at Edie’s Diner. A couple had just vacated this table so we had a fantastic view of the lake and mountains in the distance.

Plus the food was fantastic – i had a “charlie russell buffalo burger,” which was a bison burger with huckleberry aioli and blue cheese. Kevin had fish & chips which weren’t bad, but not as stellar as my burger.

I just looked up charlie russell…he was a western artist who had a summer home in Apgar. FYI.

One bonus about hiking is that it enables us to eat a hearty meal fairly guilt-free. a warm huckleberry cobble for dessert. Mmmmm good.

The view of the diner and the lone Apgar street. Behind me is Lake McDonald.

After eating we wandered over to the edge of Lake McDonald, and found a couple who we’d seen when we were eating and snacking before our descent down the Grinnell Glacier trail two days before. I’d been too tired up on that mountain to try to strike up a conversation, but now we talked. They were married (they looked too young to be married!), they had at least a couple of small children who they’d left back in San Diego for this vacation. Between Saturday and Monday they’d managed to go to the sister park, Waterton National Park in Canada. This seemed like a lot of driving to me, but I just looked it up, and to get to Waterton from the Many Glacier Hotel, where we’d started our boat ride to the hike to Grinnell, was only an hour and a half. but then they had to look around there in Canada and then drive all the way back to the other side of Glacier. Lots of driving I bet.

Dang, we should have gone to Waterton…next time!

Before we went to Glacier I tried to look at most of the stuff on their website, which is quite extensive. One thing i found fascinating was that they had webcams in different spots in the park, and i checked them every once in a while to see if there were big crowds anywhere. They’re all in real time, and it was fun to see what it was like at any given moment.

In Apgar, I showed Kevin the spot where one of the cameras were, and i had the brilliant idea of texting amy to see if she could see us on the webcam. I asked a few other people, but amy was the only one who was able to spot us and capture the photo.

Here’s the screenshot that she saved:

She said she knew it was us, because had figured i’d be waving like mad at the camera!

When we walked back to the lake, we had her try it again. it’s kind of hard to tell it’s us, but it is.

If you want to check out the current conditions at different places around the park, here’s the link to the webcams. you just click on whichever one you want to see; some of them have the current temperature and the elevation on them.

it was a super-fun anniversary, one that’ll be hard to beat…but i bet we’ll be up to the challenge by next year!

ok then,

mrs. still nice weather here in late october hughes.


our 11th anniversary, to be exact!  September 16th, which fell on a saturday this year.  so hard to believe that it’s been 11 years…

after  i’d seen herman’s hermits at the IL state fair in august, kevin revealed that he was a huge fan!  so i’m still learning new things about him…

i looked up all the places where the group was going to be playing, and the closest spot was somewhere outside of Indianapolis, a place called the Indiana Grand Racing & Casino.  it was yet another free concert, but hmm, a casino?  what would that be like?

kevin was all for it, so i booked a hotel – it was neat that the show what the night of our anniversary.

but a casino, hmm?

it was an enormous place and we weren’t knocked over by cigarette smoke when we arrived in the late afternoon to check it out.  and there was the band, rehearsing!   well, everybody but Peter Noone, anyway.  i wish i’d taken a couple more photos; i thought it was funny that they all looked so cool, every one of them all in black.  i guess that’s what they wear when they’re just hanging out?

but here’s the bad thing about this location – this giant column filled with TV screens!  are you kidding me?  there were some tables on either side of the stage, but if Peter Noone was standing center stage, he’d be looking at all the TVs.  we toyed with the idea of staying there til the show started, but it wasn’t even five o’clock and the show wasn’t til nine.

we checked into our hotel down the road and when we got back to the casino a little after 7:00 it was more crowded with many gamblers, many of whom were smoking.  as we got to the stage area we realized that one entire side of the seating was blocked off for “VIPs.”  oh brother.  i talked to a guy who told me that if i came back at 8:00, we might be able to get one of these tables.

I kept buzzing back and forth, and meanwhile i stopped at the sandwich place there in the casino to get us some dinner.  i ordered, and when i walked down to the end of the counter to wait for the food, i looked back…and there was Peter Noone!  ordering food, along with one of the band members; i figure this guy must be in charge.

it was cool to see him but also kind of disheartening; shouldn’t peter be in some special room somewhere having a nice meal and a glass of wine?  or his beverage of choice?  as i waited, they eventually made their way over to where i was standing but peter didn’t make eye contact and sort of ambled far enough away so that i wouldn’t accost him.  i did tell the other guy that i was looking forward to the concert, and said i’d just seen them at the IL state fair.  he smiled and then looked a little startled, saying, “oh, you mean just recently?”  i said yes.

and that’s my very exciting Peter Noone encounter.

I hurried back to a table we’d picked out – all the good tables near the stage were gone, and we were sitting on a lower level, but we could still see OK.  but i went to the VIP section and stood around and a guy was going to let me sit down but it was right in the very front.  hmm, would kevin want to be right in front?  i rushed back to him, and no, he didn’t, so we stayed where we were.

it was a good show, but just too bad that the venue wasn’t better.

i did, however, get  some good video of the song “leaning on the lamp post.”  it’d videotaped this at the previous show but the glare on the album cover was too great.

that’s an old album of his; at the fair, somebody handed it up to him, but at the casino he leaned down and picked it up saying “somebody must have left this here.”  always prepared.

in this song he walked all around and people loved that.

that’s the guy who was helping Peter order a sandwich, the keyboard guy.  peter got more into his groove as the night wore on, despite the bank of televisions…

…but i felt compelled to videotape this tv as this song was playing.

the crowd really went crazy during the finale, “I’m Henry the eighth, I am.”  but for much of the evening the biggest thing i could see was this guy’s shiny balding head.

i won’t include that song here again, especially because i have only recently gotten it out of my brain and hope that it stays away, at least for a while.

it was definitely a memorable anniversary evening, one that we won’t forget.  but actually, we really had fun the next day, sunday, when we stopped at Turkey Run State Park on our way home.

more later…

ok then,

mrs. recuperating more slowly than i’d like hughes.




by grace on October 13, 2017

on monday afternoon, after I ‘d posted the stuff about falling in the road on saturday, the urgent care place called me to say that my nose was, indeed, fractured.  this is the first time i’ve ever broken anything.  i’m not scheduled to see an ear nose and throat person til next friday, so clearly it’s not something dire.  it’s still kind of swollen, but doesn’t really hurt.

but after they said it was broken i decided to call my doctor and they got me right in to see a nurse practitioner.  she did a blood test and x-rayed my wrist and did an EKG and said i had “post-consussive trauma,” i think.  she said i certainly had a concussion since i fell so hard that i broke my nose.  she consulted with my doctor, and then told me that i also need an echo cardiogram and a CT scan.

they were worried because i just fell, didn’t trip over anything, just went down, boom.

when i called mom that night, monday, and told her about my nose being broken and all the tests i needed, she said, “but grace, you’ve always fallen down!”

and of course she’s right.  ever since i was little, i’m very prone to tripping myself up.  that’s why i’m grace!

my wrist wasn’t broken, just badly sprained and today i finally bought a brace for it.  i wish i’d gotten it sooner, but at least i have it now.  i had the CT scan and it was quick, and they called today to say that i just have soft tissue swelling in my head because of the fall, so i’m OK.  and i’m sure the ech cardiogram will be fine, and my scrapes are healing nicely.

i’ve been so tired all week, and today kevin went to the grocery store with me to lift stuff into the cart.  i’m feeling a little more energetic which is great because i’m tired of just sitting around all the time.

and finally, more photos of september – i went over to water my neighbor’s flowers and started deer who were resting in the wooded area between houses.  first there were two deer…

…and then i realized there were three of them…

…and all of a sudden an entire herd came racing out of the underbrush!  i think there were at least seven.

bev came over for a boat ride and for some reason she brought her purse down to the boat. i pointed out that there wouldn’t be any shopping opportunities out on the lake, and i was sure that it’d be safe up at the house, so kevin took it.  it looks like a man purse here!

amy and jim’s darling italian greyhound Izzy.  kevin and i got to babysit all five dogs for a little bit yesterday, which was fun.

i haven’t taken les outside for a walk all week because i haven’t been felt like walking around, and i couldn’t pick up a cat.  but luckily kevin has taken him sometimes.

one morning les and i were sitting in the fenced yard and suddenly les decided he was terribly lonely so he carried this big sock around!

we went to the Farm in early september and there with this unusual plant.

this is what it’s called, but since i didn’t write it down and i’m not writing it down right now, i guess i’ll never remember it.  oh well, the deer probably like to eat them, anyway.

i love the chickens at the farm.

our 11th anniversary on september 16th!  i continue to be amazed at how quickly time has been rushing forward.  kevin ordered this beautiful multicolored bouquet for me, sweet man.

for our anniversary we decided to go to a small town outside of indianapolis, because herman’s hermits was playing there.

more to follow.

ok then,

mrs. i haven’t hurt myself any more this week hughes.