Vachel Lindsay Bridge

Excitement in November…

by grace on January 16, 2021

…relatively speaking, of course. On November 17th I saw more than one boat out on the water and then I realized a lot of noise was coming from across the lake. I got out the binoculars and could sort of make out the activity on East Lake Drive.

Mom came over and took a turn with the binoculars.

We decided they must have been dumping rip rap over at the fishing area, so the next afternoon we drove over to investigate.

I pulled into the parking area and we watched as they scooped up the rock.

Over and over, with the scooping and the dumping…

We’d planned on taking a walk at Center Park so we headed there. When we walked over to Vachel Lindsay Bridge the wind almost blew us over.

Here’s the guy trying to steer his barge in and rock being dumped onto it.

It seemed that they moved so quickly, with at least three but maybe even four barges.

The next guy lined up his barge while the other one was being loaded up.

Another video where you can see the guys chatting. The guy in the cabin is lucky to be sheltered from the wind.

Mom counted five scoops that they dumped into the barge, and you can see as it motors away that the rock isn’t even visible because the barge must be so deep.

I think maybe it took them a few days to complete the job. It’s just funny that they waited til it was so cold to get it done.

And finally, one darling kitty picture, Riley so cozy back in November.

And that’s it for this cold and gray January morning.

ok then,

mrs. 2021 Hughes.


all the rest of november

by grace on December 16, 2019

whew. Xmas is now ridiculously close and i still have a whole bunch of stuff to do. I think i’m still a little tired from all the traveling. I just transferred my 2.3 millions photos from phone to computer and i can’t think about them right now, even though i should because there are at least a few christmasy photos of NYC that really need to be up here before the date. it’s possible, i know it is…

It snowed a lot yesterday, maybe four inches? Amy, mom and i were out in the midst of the snowstorm and luckily amy was driving because i’d have been a big mess.

meanwhile…back in November it was still green outside and we had a lovely time hanging out in glenn and julie’s magical back yard. that’s their darling devilish kitty Ravena on Glenn’s lap.

When i went running to the Vachel Lindsay bridge I saw a huge flock of white pelicans.

Sweetie has been downstairs with us sometimes, but today i decided that les is jealous when we give her attention. Today i was up in the bedroom where Sweetie spends most of her time, and les followed me up and lurked around. and sometimes when sweetie ventures down to the living room, les chases her. it’s always something with kitties.

before we left for NYC, amy and i took mom walking as much as we could so she’d be used to walking when we went on our trip. This is her after their first excursion on Nov. 22nd. She might be slightly exaggerating her fatigue level here, and when we got to NY she totally rocked, walking as much as 19,000 steps in a day! Mom, just like the Energizer Bunny.

On this day in late november i ran farther along the bridge and got a closer shot of the pelicans. hmm, i don’t know when i’ll be running again.

The tuesday before Thanksgiving, Nov 26, i was up til midnight. but hmm, what was i doing? cleaning? arranging the antique dishes on the table, clearly.

I’m sure i’ve written about this antique dish set before, but here is a place setting all stacked up. Dad gave me this service a very long time ago; i know i had it when i moved to LA, because i remember using it there in my dinky apartment. I carried those dishes around a lot.

I think that’s five different sized plates, plus a saucer for a coffee cup. or a demitasse cup, and i do have a lot of those, too. i don’t know if we’ll ever use the cups. you can see in the picture above that dad also gave me a bunch of serving dishes and a sugar/creamer set, etc.

I went to bed that night not finding these turkey salt and pepper shakers that dad had given me. I texted amy to see if she had them, but she didn’t, and i decided i wasn’t going to go crazy looking for them.

but the next morning i did exactly that and found them by 8:39 a.m., according to the time stamp on the photo. but now i can’t for the life of me remember where, exactly, they were. probably in my scarily stuffed pantry.

I put some of the plates on top of other and generally tidied things up on wednesday.

We had some friends over for the meal and it was a joyful occasion, but a lot of work. we went to the Festival of Trees for a bit the Saturday after, and i loved this VW bug. Kevin used to have one.

On this same day mom and i walked in Washington Park and i don’t think i’ve seen the water flowing to the little stream this much before.

mom spotted this tree stump, and i realized…it was taken down by a beaver! so they’re not just here at the lake, but all over the place.

And that’s it for november…

ok then,