all kinds of stuff in november

by grace on December 6, 2018

first, happy belated birthday, bev!  here she is with a group of friends vigorously celebrating her special day.  one of her friends bought bev the Barbie seen there in front of the pig, and they carried the Barbie around with them all day, photographing it in all kinds of settings.

rilcy always loves a new box.  that box is still sitting in the exact spot, but now it has the added benefit of a big wad of brown paper, which riley sometimes like to jump in, sometimes likes to hid in, and Winnie even occasionally ventures in for plenty of kitty fun.

speaking of Winnie – here he is on the new foam steps we bought him so he can climb up on the couch.  I put them down and he immediately climbed right up.  he continues to be OK, but it seems like he’s slowing down more and more every day.  at least he spent some quality time lying on my lap purring this morning.

riley and les playing in the wad of brown paper, before it ends up in the box.   I plan to start getting out xmas décor today so I feel maybe the box will have to go, at least for the rest of December.  this’ll be Riley’s first xmas, I wonder what he’ll think of the tree?  he’ll probably love it, because he loves most things.

i’m pretty sure kevin took this lovely shot of contemplative les lakeside at the beginning of November.

the boys love their twin towers.

I took  a picture of this gigantic vehicle driving down east lake drive – I’ve never seen something with triangle-shaped tires before.  but I feel that they’re not technically tires, because the treads go around on the base of whatever it is.  maybe they are tires, I don’t know.

yeah, I guess I should limit taking pictures while driving.  but i’m confident I was at a light?  beautiful sunset as I drove into chatham.

finally, amy’s well-dressed puppies as they’re about to embark on another exciting adventure.

whew, there sure were a lot of pictures in November, and this is only halfway through the month.

ok then,

mrs. g. hughes.


moving right along through june…

by grace on July 9, 2018

moving right along through june…yet another darling les photo.

it’s always impossible to take just one…

a couple of weekend ago, amy, mom and I got invited by our friend missy to a fundraiser.  it was for an organization called Gen H Kids, and its mission is

To create a generation of healthy kids through education, empowerment, improved nourishment and increased physical activity.”

an awesome thing to do, don’t you think? a good time was had by all.

I took a million pictures on the evening of june 26th, when the sky was beautiful.  I’ve tried to whittle them down to just a few here.

for some reason I had more luck than usual with creating panoramas.

it’s always mesmerizing the way the sky quickly changes color as the sun sets.  it’ll be nice to get some photos of that from the middle of the lake.

this is one of my favorites because the smoke is all blowing in a line like that.

amy took this picture of one of the few lilies still outside the fence.  the deer didn’t touch them this year…yet.  maybe they’ll be scared off by fierce little riley.

things are already ripening in kevin and amy’s vegetable garden.  kevin took this photo of either a zucchini or a cucumber.  we have a garden cucumber in the fridge right now, so maybe that’s what this is.

and that’s all for now,




day two in seagrove beach, FL

by grace on March 20, 2018

I don’t think I mentioned the name of the town where we stayed – I was initially looking at a state park called grayton beach, and I was only looking at that park because my friend nan was going to camp there one night, and she’d heard it was nice.  but gee, that’s not much to go on, is it?  but people have told me how nice some of those panhandle towns are, so I figured grayton beach was a good starting point.

also, somebody had told me about Seaside, Fl, where they filmed “the Truman show.” Seaside, an idyllic little place, right next to grayton beach.  seagrove beach is about a mile and a half from seaside, and that’s how I found it.

on our first day we walked on the beach to seaside.  it’s a unique place; it’s only been around for about 30 years, a planned community and they must have lots of zoning restrictions.  all the houses are similar but not identical.  the town has grown up a lot since “the Truman show” was filmed there.  the trees are a lot taller, anyway.

not a lot of people around that morning as we walked around town.

we walked out to a point on western lake, which is at the north end of seaside.



we stopped at a little café on the way back to our condo, and spent a little time looking out at the waves.

and then it was back to the beach…

and I recorded the sunset, because, you know, that’s what I like to do.




an awesome first day in florida…

ok then,





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how is that possible, anyway?  why does time speed by so much more quickly as i get older?  how is it that the fair is starting on thursday?

it’s a strange day today; it’s usually hot and humid at the start of august but instead it’s cloudy and cool and i should be out running right now.

maybe later?


our cats beg for food, which is very very bad.  human food will make them have health problems, i’ve read that a lot.

and then this is what happens – chester so desperate for a bite of turkey.  so bad, but SO CUTE.

and the thing is, i buy ridiculously expensive treats for the diabetic cats that are 100% freeze-dried chicken, so why is actual turkey any worse?

this is another photo from that night with the amazing clouds.

and this is the full photo of the banner.

one morning this bug was hanging out in the yard.  i’ve never seen a bug like this and thought it pretty cool.

so did lester.

but he wasn’t that interested, and preferred lying in the grass.

winnie was happy for a comfy place to relax, if only for a while.

later that day i picked up a chair that had been turned upside-down by the wind and this tiny white caterpillar was sitting on the arm.  i thought it was dead but when i touched it, it moved.

les, inside the garden fence checking out the crop progress.

some cool japanese eggplant.

les loves to hang out on his tower overlooking our new giant window.  sometimes he’s facing the lake, but mostly he’s just sleeping.

we haven’t had  a lot of travel or excitement this summer, but it has been mostly peaceful and nice.

ok then,

mrs. maybe i won’t run today after all hughes.


the beach! my favorite place to be

March 13, 2016

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Wales Aug. 6th & 7th, at sea

October 21, 2015

Thursday the 6th and friday the 7th of August, we were pretty busy at sea.  looking at my pictures, though, it’s so much all about the food.  well, one reason, like i’ve mentioned, is because amy wanted to see photos of food!  also, there were many beautifully-presented things.  stuff we normally don’t eat, or get […]

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