sunset on the beach

biking in florida

by grace on April 2, 2018


we took our bikes with us on the trip and it was great to have them.  on our second full day there, we biked down the nice bike/walking path alongside county hwy. 30A.  30A is a big deal down there in florida, at least to the people who live/visit there.  we saw 30A books and t-shirts and car decals and all kinds of stuff.

it was fun to ride our bikes for a change, and only about four miles to Grayton Beach State Park.

there was a short trail which we hiked, and it was kind of warm there.

it was only a little over a mile walk, and then we rode our bikes over to the town of Grayton Beach, although it was a teeny tiny little place.  we saw a restaurant on our way into town, and once we were in town and realized there weren’t a lot of options, we headed back to the place we’d seen.  it was called AJs, and I loved the roosters in the yard.

it might have been a little early for lunch, but when we got there we were had the outside all to ourselves.  nice.

and I got some oysters, and they were fine.


inside there were buoys hanging from the ceiling, as well as oars and lots of other stuff.  a cool place, but we enjoyed being outside.

here’s the sign, in case you’re ever in the area and are looking for it.

kevin, with our bikes in the background.

we headed back after lunch…

…and rode through seaside a bit.  I don’t think this photo adequately captures the uniqueness of the place, you’ll have to go there yourself to see it.

kevin in front of the tiny post office.  off to the left you can just barely see one of the many airstream trailers that lined the street, selling all kinds of food and beverages.  we’d been there earlier in the day the day before and there weren’t so many people around, but this day it was pretty crowded.

we enjoyed another sunset on the beach…


here in springfield today, the 2nd of april, it’s unseasonably cold and it snowed yesterday.  ridiculous.  it’s supposed to be really cold later in the week, and we might get more snow.

and then it’ll probably be 80 degrees.

ok then,

mrs. h.









by grace on March 1, 2018

how did that happen?

first, valentine’s day – we had a lovely lunch at a new place called Finley’s tap room, but kevin wasn’t feeling so good – as we ate, i could see him getting sicker.  oh boy.

thursday morning he went to the doctor and the good news was that he didn’t have the flu, but he did have some kind of bronchial infection.  antibiotics.  bed rest.  lots of fluids.  we were about to take a trip to florida; we were driving with mom all the way down to Lakeland, near Orlando, a 20-hour drive.  then kevin and i were going to drive back up to a condo i’d found on the beach on the panhandle.

the plans changed.

i managed to get mom a flight to florida, and that was actually better for her because it would have been a very long drive.

and then every day it was “are you feeling better?” our reservation at the condo didn’t start til the next tuesday the 20th, so we’d have to leave on monday the 19th in order to get down there.

and somehow he did get better in time, YAY for that!  he wasn’t 100% yet when we started out, but by the time we reached florida he was feeling good.

i have photos, of course, but right now i just have time to show you this  time-lapse photo i took of the sunset on the 22nd.  i’d never tried doing this for such a length of time; i held my phone up for a good eight minutes, which produced this 18-second snippet of the sun setting.

ok then,

mrs. thursday morning already hughes.