random august stuff

by grace on August 24, 2019

today, saturday august 24th, is an amazingly beautiful day. it’s crazy windy, so windy that our friend glenn can’t take his big sailboat out. winds were 15 MPH, now they’re down to 13.

Anyway, august…first, just another beautiful evening boat ride…

mom drove the boat so i was able to sit back and relax.

meanwhile, at the bird feeders…i haven’t seen the raccoons for a few days, but this squirrel has been very busy.

it looks like he’s looking at me, right? maybe he’s just resting up to hang upside down again.

this is one of my favorite photos, as he clung to the very top of the feeder by his back toes.

must be a resting pose.

speaking of…i realized that kevin has been the main person around here to take les for a walk. les hasn’t been a maniac like he used to be, when he’d climb around on the rocks and sprint for the neighbors’ houses. he and kevin just hung out next to the dock.

i took him for a walk a couple of days ago, and the whole time he was mostly just lying down in different spots in the yard. it’s nice that he’s getting a little less wild, but also there’s that niggling feeling in the back of my mind that he’s getting older…

but hopefully he’ll be with us for many, many more years.

ok then,

mrs. contemplative saturday afternoon hughes.


at the start of november…

by grace on November 26, 2018

it was relatively warm, the grass was green, the red maples were dazzling…

I took this for bev because she loves squirrels.    this one was  clearly posing for me.

wow, the field was so green.  I went running yesterday, the first time in two months cause i’d had something funny going on with my leg, and it was chilly and the grass definitely doesn’t look like that anymore.


amy took this photo of jim and dogs during one of their long walks, but it looks like a professional photo!

they’re so cute and colorful this time of year.  yesterday when I came back from running, they had just finished their walk and each one had at least three coats on, so they all looked like fat little sausages.

this morning I woke up to yet another snowfall.  yesterday I put up outside xmas lights and décor and today i’m sure glad I did that.  I hope that I won’t have to go out today, but i’m sure i’ll have to venture out once.  but later in the day, so I get a chance to brace myself for it.  it wasn’t that much snow but it’s cold and windy today, and will be even more so tomorrow.  winter, *sigh*

ok then,

mrs. end of November hughes.



Wales Day 3 – all day in NYC

by grace on September 29, 2015

As I’ve been looking through my photos from this day, i keep thinking LET’S GET TO WALES ALREADY!

patience has never been one of my virtues.  we did have a pretty interesting day in new york, even though we weren’t yet HIKING IN WALES.

we were busy there in NYC.  Because it was monday, we didn’t have to worry about trying to get into any broadway shows since they were all dark, but we did want to go to a couple of museums.

first, kevin opened his birthday card from our neighbor bernice, because i knew she’d included money for dinner in NYC with it.  bernice is always so sweet and generous!

we didn’t want to waste time going to breakfast, so instead we had some fruit and a couple of kevin’s handy and convenient squeezy oatmeal packs.

he brought them to take hiking, and the idea of them didn’t sound appealing to me, but they were pretty darn good.  filling, quick, and full of nutrition.  i give them a two thumbs up.


we took a pretty short walk to grand central station, and i had to stop and take kevin’s picture, and most people there seemed to be stopping to take pictures.  because that’s what you do there.  oh, and ride the subway or the train. we took the subway, because it was already starting to get a little hot outside and we didn’t want to walk.


the last time we were in new york we went to the guggenheim, but it was closed for renovation so this time we wanted to go inside.  i hadn’t been there in years; i remember that they had many iconic art from the early 20th century, some impressionists, some good stuff. we took the elevator up to the top so we could walk down and look at the art.


kevin is taking a picture of this, pinocchio suicide.

pinocchio suicide

and i’m sorry to say that’s about the most interesting piece of art we saw in the entire main section of the museum.  the rest of it was very, very modern.  modern, as in a table with some grass growing out of it, or a mannequin with a knife through it or something.  yeah yeah yeah you say it’s art, but i just wasn’t interested.

it’s funny; i think kevin posted this link to this funny video, also – it’s a “tribute” to modern art that my aunt sandy wrote and we made for my parents’ 50th wedding anniversary.  mom and dad met in the painting program at the art school at the university of illinois.  we had so much fun making this video, and i think it captures the whole modern art thing perfectly.

there was a small room off to the side that housed just a few of the less-modern modern art, and there was a really small exhibit down in the basement about when frank lloyd wright designed the museum.

we were glad to get outta there, and headed across the street to central park.


we wanted to stop at a museum call the Neue Galerie; my dad had mentioned it the last time we went to new york, and we hadn’t gotten there then.

luckily it made up for the disappointment of the Guggenheim.  here’s an interesting excerpt about the building it’s housed in, on the museum website:

The building housing Neue Galerie New York is located at 1048 Fifth Avenue, at 86th Street, in an area known as Museum Mile. The building was completed in 1914 by Carrère & Hastings, also architects of the New York Public Library. It has been designated a landmark by the New York Landmarks Commission and is generally considered to be one of the most distinguished buildings ever erected on Fifth Avenue. Commissioned by industrialist William Starr Miller, it was later occupied by society doyenne Mrs. Cornelius Vanderbilt III and subsequently by the YIVO Institute for Jewish Research. It was purchased by Ronald S. Lauder and Serge Sabarsky in 1994.

There are early 20th century German and Austrian works of art there; here’s a little bit about the two men who founded it:

Neue Galerie New York was conceived by two men who enjoyed a close friendship over a period of nearly thirty years: art dealer and museum exhibition organizer Serge Sabarsky and businessman, philanthropist, and art collector Ronald S. Lauder. Sabarsky and Lauder shared a passionate commitment to Modern German and Austrian art, and dreamed of opening a museum to showcase the finest examples of this work. After Sabarsky died in 1996, Lauder carried on the vision of creating Neue Galerie New York as a tribute to his friend.

not only were there some interesting pieces of art, but i also loved all the fixtures and everything.  here’s a wonderful chandelier.


kevin, much happier here than in the crowded and non-interesting guggenheim.


i furtively took this picture of this fabulous light in the gift shop; i don’t know why i was afraid that the snooty clerks wouldn’t allow photos!  i want one.  or a pair of them.


one of the paintings on display was Gustave Klimt’s “Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer,” and it was very popular especially because the movie just came out called “the Woman in Gold,” about that painting.  we must watch that movie soon.

as we left the museum, some tourists were indignant that the security guard wouldn’t let them in carrying their water bottles, and they decided to turn around and leave because they were so mad.  hmm, people always seem more uptight in new york than other places.

we went to central park for a good long time; first, we sat on a bench and watched a dog as it played in a sprinkler – i took this picture, but i don’t even think you can see the dog.  he was so funny; he kept getting a drink out of the high-powered jet.  lots of cute dogs in central park.


We walked over to the Shakespeare Garden, a part of the park we’d never seen, and it was really lovely and peaceful.


a dragonfly on top of a thistle!




afterwards we stopped by the theater in the park cafe for some delicious hot dogs, then split a magnificent chocolate ice cream bar.


the bethesda fountain.


kevin’s friend charles hawes has posted some pictures of public bathrooms, and when i saw this in a stall i decided i had to take a picture.


we love sitting here on the mall watching the people go by.  there were asian guys on either side, trying to get people to get their caricatures drawn.  i don’t know how a person could possibly make any money doing that.


across from us, a girl and guy were very very excited to see a squirrel.  i can’t imagine where they could be from, that they were so overjoyed about a squirrel-spotting.  aren’t squirrels everywhere?

Plus this woman looks just like my friend kelly.  she got the squirrel to come right over to her, but i don’t think she had any food for him, which of course is all he cared about.


the guy then started taking pictures of the squirrel…


…and soon a crowd gathered, and other people started taking pictures too!  a squirrel photo frenzy!  so much excitement in the big apple.


we strolled back towards our hotel, taking our time because it was pretty hot by this point.  time square wasn’t quite so crazy.


we had a good meal at an italian place only a block from our hotel, then ventured back to times square briefly to check out the hustle and the bustle.


and that’s it, our only full day in new york, the day before kevin’s birthday, the day before we SET SAIL.  we were excited at the prospect of that!

ok then,

mrs. cosmopolitan hughes.


yesterday afternoon i was busily bustling around doing all manner of things.  i was happy because i’d heard kevin take les paul out for a walk in the backyard.  the responsibility of walking this very busy kitty needs to be evenly distributed.

mollie was out there with them, and all of a sudden i heard kevin burst into the house and yell something like GRACE I NEED YOUR HELP GETTING THE KITTY…and then something about a squirrel.  i was afraid there might be a rabid squirrel, i don’t know why, maybe because in the past we’ve had sick raccoons staggering around the yard.

i ran out just as kevin was scooping up lester.  after he and mollie were safely inside, kevin showed me…there were two of the most adorable baby squirrels ever, scampering all around, up the tree and around.  kevin said that les had seen them and made a beeline for them, and when he got to the end of his leash he squirmed out of it and raced over, jumping on one of the squirrels.  kevin quickly got him away, and managed somehow to hold mollie back, and the squirrels resumed scampering.

i ran inside to get them some bird food and when i came back kevin said i missed it – they ran halfway up his jeans, looking for food!  or maybe they thought kevin was their mother.

they must have had a home up in a hollow in the tree, or kevin also saw a squirrel nest way up in the top.  he kept flinging the bird seed up in a crook of the tree, and the squirrels eventually found it.

mollie was inside the fence and at one point one of the babies scurried right over to her, as if maybe mollie was its mom.  kevin yelled at mollie a lot to get her to back off, because she was, of course, hysterical with excitement.  kevin kept her closed in the house after that.

here’s the place where les got ahold of one of the babies.  it didn’t look bad, though.

we finally went back inside, but kevin kept going out to check on them.  one of them was in the fenced yard and when kevin came out, the baby ran up to kevin and looked up at him, so kevin picked him up.  he said it was shivering and really cold, and he wanted to bring it in the garage overnight so it wouldn’t freeze.

OH MY GOD it was so cute…

we fixed up a tub with a flannel sheet, bird food and water, and the baby nestled down.  kevin said it was really tired when i wondered why it wasn’t moving around more.

the tale doesn’t have a happy ending, i’m afraid…this morning the little guy wasn’t moving much, and kevin thought he was dead, but when he picked him up, he was still breathing.  he tried to feed him some milk, but he didn’t seem interested.  i don’t think he’s going to last much longer.

did les really puncture him?  maybe he was sick already?  he was just such an adorable, happy little baby yesterday afternoon.  at least his brother must have found his way back home.

this morning as i was sitting in the hot tub room petting new kitty, a squirrel was sitting in the crook of the tree chattering.  i’m sure she was looking for her missing baby.

ok then,

mrs. sad sunday morning hughes.

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