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sand castle in florida

by grace on March 13, 2019

here are a couple more photos of the elaborate castle complex that somebody had created down on the beach in front of our condo.

can you see the feather at the very top of the tower?

such attention to detail!

i tried not to go completely crazy taking photos of birds, but i do like this one.

here we are, about to climb the steps to Seaside. the funny thing is, because it’s such an exclusive community, there was a locked gate up at the top of the stairs. so we climbed back down and headed for another gate…but this one also had a gate. it’s not a very welcoming place, really…if you aren’t staying there, they only allow you to access the beach or the town from a limited amount of entrances.

i said that i’d climb over the gate because i didn’t want to keep climbing up and down the steps, but luckily the gate was open and we could get into the town.

i’ve already posted that annoyingly vertical video of the town center, and maybe i’ll post more of them.

meanwhile…it’s unseasonably warm here today, supposed to get up into the 60s, so we’re going to take a nice walk. as nice as it can be, with the bron grass and no ocean waves crashing next to us as we go…

ok then,



more about florida

by grace on March 12, 2019

today, people keep saying stuff like “it’s so warm!” but it’s not, not when you’ve spent a lovely week in 60s to 70s degree weather and bright sunshine and even when it rained in florida, who cared, because it was so, so much better than the weather around here.

at least spring is grudgingly, haltingly starting to try to make an effort. yesterday i sprayed deer spray on the delicate tiny shoots coming out of the ground in front, because i know that otherwise the deer will just chomp them to the ground.

anyway, back to florida (and yes, i could get my bags packed in about 15 minutes if we were going back right now)….i took this picture from our balcony the same time that i posted the video where i said “comma” and “exclamation point” out loud. this was right when we got there, at around four in the afternoon on saturday, feb. 23rd. we didn’t see the sun set that night because it was cloudy.

the place is identical to the one we stayed in last year, and only the furnishings are different.

you know i love pelicans, so i was happy to see this guy on the kitchen counter.

here’s kevin, trying to relax on sunday morning.

we frequently saw people walking their cute dogs on the beach despite the many NO DOGS ON BEACH signs that were posted everywhere.

little birds visited me on our balcony all the time we were there and of course i gave them little crumbs so of course they kept coming back.

another example of how tired i was when we arrived on saturday – i kept opening all the cabinets looking for a wine glass because i was, of course, desperate for a glass of wine. i opened every single cabinet, even the really high ones over the fridge, but all i could find were a bunch of different plastic glasses. i don’t want to drink wine out of a plastic glass!

i texted this to amy on saturday night, and told her that i’d broken a wine glass when we’d stayed at the other condo last year, and she said that maybe that was the reason they only had plastic ones.

and then, sunday morning, how had i completely missed the cabinet that was right next to the other cabinets? fully stocked with a variety of glasses.

overly tired.

We finally set out for a nice walk down the beach at the crack of 10:52 a.m. sunday morning.

somebody had constructed this elaborate sand world, and it remained on the beach almost til the time we left; i think the rain finally washed most of it away.

we walked to the little town of Seaside, where we’d been last year – it’s where they shot “the truman show,” and it’s a nice place. i started taking lots of videos because i decided they would make you feel like you were there a lot more than just taking pictures.

but i guess i always do that, don’t I? mostly.

anyway, i don’t know why i shot this in a vertical format; it annoys me a lot now watching it. maybe some of my crazy from the night before was lingering…

i have more videos of walking around in seaside, but maybe i won’t put them up here because i’m so annoyed with the format. we did a whole lot of walking that day; we walked through the town of seaside back to the road and then way up the road back to the Publix, because i hadn’t brought a hair dryer because i thought they’d supply one. and then we walked back to our place, and i think we walked almost six miles that day. i remember that we got pretty warm, because it’s florida and i love it.

ok then,

mrs. h.


biking in florida

by grace on April 2, 2018


we took our bikes with us on the trip and it was great to have them.  on our second full day there, we biked down the nice bike/walking path alongside county hwy. 30A.  30A is a big deal down there in florida, at least to the people who live/visit there.  we saw 30A books and t-shirts and car decals and all kinds of stuff.

it was fun to ride our bikes for a change, and only about four miles to Grayton Beach State Park.

there was a short trail which we hiked, and it was kind of warm there.

it was only a little over a mile walk, and then we rode our bikes over to the town of Grayton Beach, although it was a teeny tiny little place.  we saw a restaurant on our way into town, and once we were in town and realized there weren’t a lot of options, we headed back to the place we’d seen.  it was called AJs, and I loved the roosters in the yard.

it might have been a little early for lunch, but when we got there we were had the outside all to ourselves.  nice.

and I got some oysters, and they were fine.


inside there were buoys hanging from the ceiling, as well as oars and lots of other stuff.  a cool place, but we enjoyed being outside.

here’s the sign, in case you’re ever in the area and are looking for it.

kevin, with our bikes in the background.

we headed back after lunch…

…and rode through seaside a bit.  I don’t think this photo adequately captures the uniqueness of the place, you’ll have to go there yourself to see it.

kevin in front of the tiny post office.  off to the left you can just barely see one of the many airstream trailers that lined the street, selling all kinds of food and beverages.  we’d been there earlier in the day the day before and there weren’t so many people around, but this day it was pretty crowded.

we enjoyed another sunset on the beach…


here in springfield today, the 2nd of april, it’s unseasonably cold and it snowed yesterday.  ridiculous.  it’s supposed to be really cold later in the week, and we might get more snow.

and then it’ll probably be 80 degrees.

ok then,

mrs. h.








day two in seagrove beach, FL

by grace on March 20, 2018

I don’t think I mentioned the name of the town where we stayed – I was initially looking at a state park called grayton beach, and I was only looking at that park because my friend nan was going to camp there one night, and she’d heard it was nice.  but gee, that’s not much to go on, is it?  but people have told me how nice some of those panhandle towns are, so I figured grayton beach was a good starting point.

also, somebody had told me about Seaside, Fl, where they filmed “the Truman show.” Seaside, an idyllic little place, right next to grayton beach.  seagrove beach is about a mile and a half from seaside, and that’s how I found it.

on our first day we walked on the beach to seaside.  it’s a unique place; it’s only been around for about 30 years, a planned community and they must have lots of zoning restrictions.  all the houses are similar but not identical.  the town has grown up a lot since “the Truman show” was filmed there.  the trees are a lot taller, anyway.

not a lot of people around that morning as we walked around town.

we walked out to a point on western lake, which is at the north end of seaside.



we stopped at a little café on the way back to our condo, and spent a little time looking out at the waves.

and then it was back to the beach…

and I recorded the sunset, because, you know, that’s what I like to do.




an awesome first day in florida…

ok then,





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