way back in august…

by grace on September 25, 2020

i thought i’d just slap a couple photos from august up here and get right on to september but then i thought, why not post as many as you want?

I love this photo from the beginning of the month, with my wonderful giant rooster and the hydrangea that were so lovely and of course les paul, so photogenic.

I planted the forget-me-knots that my late friend christine’s sister gave out at christine’s funeral last year. they’ve been doing great, and i wonder if they’ll come back next summer?

The only thing i’ve posted for kevin’s birthday was back back on his actual day, when the night before i was talking on the phone about wanting to give kevin a homemade card but then realized he was standing in the hall hearing every word. so instead i hung some decorations around for a festive surprise when he woke up on his special day.

and here’s the actual celebration as kevin enjoys an incredibly delicious car bomb cupcake that amy made. she actually baked a huge amount of them for my birthday and i’d frozen a lot of them and there were still moist and scrumptious for kevin’s birthday.

he’s wearing a sporty and practical head covering that amy and jim bought for him, made of some kind of anti-sweat and lightweight material. Very thoughtful of them especially for his continuing roof work.

I’d bought some porterhouse steaks for the meal and we had that along with some french bread i’d made with some fancy cheeses. man that steak was delicious plus the weather was perfect for a lovely dinner lakeside.

I also like the fact that the deck looked so good. we haven’t sat out on the deck for many meals this summer and dad would have been pleased to see that i’ve been keeping it clean and full of flowers.

instead of presenting kevin with a homemade card on the morning of his day, i created a little card book later in the afternoon while he was out doing something and i had time to make one. it was called “kevin’s busy summer” and illustrated with pretty awful photos of all the handyman stuff he accomplished. this is the final page, to give you an idea of the artwork quality.

we also inspected the fine job he did on re-doing the smaller dock.

here’s riley who is alway in a state of agitation about getting out for a supervised walk. obviously he’s deep in thought here as he enjoys his freedom.

August 8th, Kevin was almost done with the front part of the roof.

and here he is after he finished the next day.

Looking at the picture makes me think yet again that i want to paint the door frame and the little point above it and the door. maybe next week, when the temps will be in the 60s.

here are the two cute t-shirts that amy and jim gave kevin; he has bought me so many mutts t-shirts that i could wear nothing but them all the time, and i don’t know why it never occurred to buy any for him.

We bought him an apple watch which at first he didn’t seem too keen on, but he’s definitely starting to realize that it’s a great thing to have.

darling lester and riley. i always have to make a fort of the two extra bed pillows so i can dangle a light chain with a wooden ball on the end in front of it and lester shoots through the chute to grab and play with it. he continuously wants to do this, but on this afternoon after he’d gone through the chute, riley followed him! this was a first.

Les was delighted to play with a couple of pairs of socks while Riley sprawled inside the tunnel. such busy kitties.

Riley, so regal, on the backyard swing.

and there you have it, a good part of august documented.

soon i go back to cleaning the screened porch, just part of my exciting and productive late september fun.

ok then,

mrs. h.


final photos from june…

by grace on July 22, 2020

June 19th, and this happened…Amy was rollerblading at Southwind Park and she purposefully swerved into the grass so she wouldn’t encounter a person coming towards her. But it wasn’t grass, as much as bumpy hard ground and rocks and so she fell.

She had to go to the ER, and her elbow was dislocated. She sent me a horrible picture where it looked like the bottom part of her arm was just hanging there.

The good news is that she continues t get better and she doesn’t wear this bionic-looking brace anymore. We’re hopeful that it will heal enough that there’s not a torn ligament or something which would require surgery.

These two photos were taken on June 22nd, the night i took the banner photo. A storm was really rumbling in.

Funny, we just had another big storm last night, July 21st, with over two inches of rain and a tornado warning. kevin hurried around trying to close doors and prepare for somehow getting all four cats into the basement.

luckily the storm passed without having to try to accomplish that feat.

Here are a couple of the pretty geraniums i bought to liven up the front yard and the beautiful yellow canna lilly that amy gave me. The deer ate the flowers off the cannas on either side of the walk and also ate quite a few of the geranium flowers even though it says everywhere that deer do not like geraniums. at all.

Here’s tiny Lester, as I was getting ready o do some yoga on the screened porch. This was one of the two or three days a year when the weather was perfect for doing that. He was very helpful with the yoga, and it was Down Cat instead of Down Dog.

So you don’t get the idea that kevin is doing absolutely everything outside this year, here are most of the ferns that i transplanted from beneath our bay window over to this less-sunny place under another window. They’re doing pretty well so far and i just notice a couple other little shoots that sprang up in the spot where i’d dug them all up, so i need to transplant those, too.

These aren’t the little ones, these are a couple more of the big ones that i transplanted the next day.

It rained so much yesterday that it would be easy to dig the little ones up now…except it’s 82 outside and feels like 90 because of the 83% humidity. Maybe i’ll get to it tomorrow.

And here’s Kevin on the last day of June, with the pile of shingles that were delivered.

He was very busy up on the roof in July and it’s halfway done but he’s on hiatus til the heat cools down a little.

and that’s all for now,

ok then,