a dark and stormy night

by grace on July 25, 2019

last wednesday, the 17th, the sky got dark and i ran down to the dock to take pictures.

actually, first i ran to the dock to look up at the sky, hoping for rain. because it had been so hot i was desperate for rain so i wouldn’t have to water. but when i got down to the dock the clouds were so grand that i had to run back up to get my phone.

finally, it started, and it was quite a bit of rain and i was so happy…and then there was a little bit of a rainbow again.

the shore on the other side was lit up in that spectacular way.

when the clouds look like this i want to learn to paint big oil paintings of them. when’s that going to happen, grace?

ok then,

mrs. winding down the month of july grace.


Friday, March 1st in Florida

by grace on April 11, 2019

Friday started out really rainy, and i watched little birds eating popcorn on our balcony.

But the skies cleared and it was yet another beautiful day. We drove west a bit, past Seaside to the town of Santa Rosa Beach. Santa Rosa was the most like Seagrove Beach, and we found a bunch of artist shops in back of a strip mall.

A man and wife were selling tie-dye stuff but i didn’t found anything that to buy, which is good because i don’t need any more stuff. The man did his tye-dye and was also a minister, and lived in Panama City, which was past Panama City Beach, the touristy area where we’d been on thursday. I think they were from Minnesota or some other even colder than Illinois place.

A sweet kitty was rolling around on the deck and i had to stop and play with her.

we walked to the beach (no barricades here for beach-walking) and it was pretty much like our beach, except we decided ours is better. A lifeguard station was set up because i guess there are more people around although it doesn’t really look like that, does it?

I’d found an Irish pub before we’d headed out that morning, and we stopped there for a lovely lunch. It’s called Johnny McTighe’s Irish pub, and it was divey and cool and I had a shot of Jagermeister. whoo hoo, living it up in Florida! The super-friendly waitress took our picture.

When we got back to Seagrove Beach i went for a great run and it started to rain on me a little, which was perfectly fine.

As I ran i noticed some girls on the beach who were pointing toward the east behind me. i turned around and saw a rainbow!

Nice. I got back and sat on the beach again. I could spend an entire winter there in florida doing that. I’m just saying.

ok then,

mrs. almost through with the florida photos grace.


november rainbow

by grace on December 5, 2018

down at the dock on sunday, November 4th – I was looking at the pelicans, and suddenly  there was a rainbow.

the sun lit up a spot across the lake.

I turned around to see the sun setting.  don’t see a sunset very often from the house.

the pelicans were so very close to the dock and they didn’t seem disturbed by me being there, but clearly they were, so this the closest photo I got.

well no, I guess this must have been the closest.

such a beautiful sky…

I forgot that I got this nice panorama…I think i’ll make it into a banner right now.

I hope your week is a good one –

ok then,

mrs. h.