final images of july…

by grace on August 12, 2019

On Saturday, July 27th, we went over to the Yacht Club for a fundraiser. It was a beautiful night and awesome to sit out and watch the boats going by on the lake. i know i’m lucky enough to sit outside and watch boats go by all the time, but this was great because i didn’t have to prepare anything or cook anything or anything, except have fun. and drink cocktails.

Me, Toun, mom, Amy V, Amy, Julie

Meanwhile, back here at home…the raccoons continue to be very determined and focused.

This was July 29th, as the raccoon tried her best to get at the food. kevin had just modified the pole in hopes that she wouldn’t be able to reach it.

Here she is the next day…

Even though she didn’t get it that day, she was able to later make it up the pole.

the final day of July i was finally tackling the weeds at the shore line. i looked up and realized a mink was walking towards me! it was just as surprised as i was. this isn’t a great picture, but it was a miracle that i was able to capture it at all because once it realized that i was a HORRIBLE INTRUDER, it took off.

i shot a video, and you can really see it better there as it boinks across the grass.

and later that day…jeez, no wonder i haven’t had much time to sit around typing; on july 31st i spent the morning weeding, and the afternoon helping glenn launch his sailboat.

ok, really, i didn’t do much of anything. mostly i just enjoyed hanging out a the Lindsay Boat Launch in the shade while Glenn and Kevin toiled away.

my job, as “winch wench,” which kevin loves to say, was to pull on a rope wrapped around the winch as they pulled up the big mast. then they had to do more stuff while i loitered again..

ok, the only thing is, i’ve been kevin’s winch wench on several occasions; all i had to do was pull on the rope and crank the crank and the mast went right up. i didn’t wrap the rope all around the winch.

but for some reason, that day, i forgot. yeah, i forget lots of things with more and more regularity, but you’d think i’d have remembered how to do this one job.

but no, instead i wrapped the rope around and around the winch, which made the whole thing way more difficult. i thought it was harder to turn the crank because the mast on glenn’s boat is so big, but no, it was because i was doing it wrong.

but at least we got it done. and i’ll never forget how to do that again.


Glenn and i were on board the boat as kevin prepared to set the boat free…

I started to take a video…

When the filming stopped, we were suddenly going around in circles because somehow a rope had gotten tangled up in the motor.

But he finally got it untangled, and off we went!

And that’s it for July…i don’t usually have a video, and i can’t remember the last time i had three, but there you go…

ok then,

mrs. august, really, are you kidding me? hughes.



by grace on July 17, 2019

i forgot to jump in the lake in june. maybe it’s because i haven’t been running as much, haven’t felt the need to jump into the refreshing waters?

but i’ve been working outside so much, i could have jumped in.

i finally took the plunge one day last week and it was delightful and i promised myself i’d keep doing that all summer long.

the next day i jumped in again…and the water was like warm bath water.

oh well.

meanwhile…riley spends so much time trying to relax…

a racoon mother and her four children have been appearing on our deck every night, sometimes really early.

yeah, they’re destructive and everything, but so cute.

and that’s it for right now, on this sweltering july afternoon( 93 degrees and feels like 104).

ok then,

mrs. hot hughes


deep in the heart of winter

by grace on January 25, 2017

but it hasn’t been a bad winter, not really.


a couple weekends ago, when all the news and weather people were going completely out of their minds with frenzy and total panic about the upcoming ice storm…it didn’t happen.

there was a bit of ice, but nothing much to speak about.  the hubbub did, however, cause many people to just stay home.

well, i’ll have you know, i left the house!  a few times that weekend, actually, one of them being saturday night, when i called mom and told her i was picking her up in five minutes to go meet randy at a little divey bar to hear mary jo and her band.

mary jo is an amazing, amazing singer, and i wish she was playing in big clubs in big places, instead of a dive bar here in springfield.  her songs have been on the blues charts, she’s crazy popular over in europe…but the blues isn’t so big here, at least not here in springfield.

so we were lucky to get to sit up front and hear her.  plus we got a photo, but it doesn’t do her sexy dress any justice.

a good time was had by all. and hey, here she is:  Mary Jo!

that same weekend i also saw “a chorus line” at the hoogland, and it was pretty good, and i was very very happy to be a spectator and not a participant.  it’s hard to picture that i was in it about 31 years ago, especially due to the fact that i’ve never been much of a dancer, and it’s pretty much all dancing.

the other thing i did that weekend was see “singin’ in the rain” at the theater, which was a treat.  i’ve been melancholy about carrie fisher and debbie reynold’s deaths, but it was cheering to see that wonderful movie up there on the great big screen, because i’ve only ever seen it on TV.

and there’s always excitement here at home, of course..the other night kevin coaxed me into getting up off the couch to see the giant raccoons scavenging for bird seed.  these guys are very hefty, probably weighing about twice as much as our kitties.

every once in a while one of them would look up at us, but then they’d go back to munching.  they didn’t care.

lester was fascinated with them for a while, and i was quite happy that all the cats were inside.

and speaking of inside…the weather hasn’t been so bad, but it’s been getting colder and right now there are 20-mph winds whipping around out there on the lake, and unfortunately i have to go out to work in about…oh dear, in about five minutes.

ok then,

mrs. middle of the week hughes.