pineapple juice

well…today i kept reading so much bad news that i became overwhelmed. this happens too often.

i think we all have to try to find a little relief from it all, if we’re lucky enough to be safe and healthy.

in april i decided to finally tackle the disorganized mess that is my pantry. here’s one side of one side of the pantry.

I’d been talking about cleaning it out for about…three years, maybe? i know i’ve cleaned it out before, but as you know i’m not a tidy person. there was such a huge, huge amount of expired stuff.

here’s what this section looked like when i finished.

The oldest date i could find on an item was a box of barley that expired in Aug. 2006. it was opened but somebody had carefully put it in a ziploc bag.

that person could very well have been kevin’s final ex wife! I find this quite hilarious. we were married in Sept. 06, so the barley had to have been bought at least a year before august. kevin just said his ex didn’t ever make things with barley so maybe in the brief period after her and before me, he made some barley soup.

there was so much other stuff, and a lot of it was grains and stuff like very old taco shells. so many noodles, so much stuff…this looks like some kind of art to me like when i was a kid and we made something with noodles.

of course every last bit was eaten in the night by many i’m sure very happy critters.

I also had this can of pineapple juice. It used to be an ingredient in something that i used to make, but i can’t for the life of me remember what that might have been.

every once in a while i’d notice the can, tucked in a corner of the pantry, and think, “i should get rid of that.” Friday April 10th was the day. I want to say that the expiration date was 2009? Both the top and the bottom of the can bulged out because it was so fermented, and kevin said he’d take it out and shoot it with his pellet gun.

I envisioned a huge, dramatic explosion of pineapple juice.

We have to make our own fun.

As does Lester.

ok then,

mrs. living in this whole new reality hughes.