november rainbow

by grace on December 5, 2018

down at the dock on sunday, November 4th – I was looking at the pelicans, and suddenly  there was a rainbow.

the sun lit up a spot across the lake.

I turned around to see the sun setting.  don’t see a sunset very often from the house.

the pelicans were so very close to the dock and they didn’t seem disturbed by me being there, but clearly they were, so this the closest photo I got.

well no, I guess this must have been the closest.

such a beautiful sky…

I forgot that I got this nice panorama…I think i’ll make it into a banner right now.

I hope your week is a good one –

ok then,

mrs. h.


5.26 miles!  that’s how far i ran on sunday morning in naples, and i still can’t quite believe it.  here’s the  screen shot of my fitbit statistics.  now, these stats are obviously not entirely correct – there is no earthly way i could ever, ever run a mile in 6:41, like it claimed, and really, i couldn’t run it in 8:21, either.  even the 10 minute miles are quite dubious!  but i know i ran for that many minutes, and it feels like i ran that long.  so yaaay for running in florida!  except no way that it was really that fast.


after that excitement, i spent some time in the front yard of our lovely air b&b rental home, doing a lot of stretching.  as i squatted down into child’s pose and breathed in the sweet grass scent, i wondered if anybody would see me and think me odd.

but nobody was around!  nobody drove by, nobody walked or biked by, and i was out there stretching for about 20 minutes.  nice.

in the afternoon we took a great boat ride on the Naples Princess, a “luxury yacht” as described on their site.  here’s the view from the top deck as we started out.








this pool was at the back of the building that houses the boat company, so i’m not sure who, exactly, gets to swim in it.  i hope somebody takes advantage of it!


we passed so very many huge and luxurious homes and boats as we cruised down the bay.


what a ridiculously huge place!  can you see the girl there, right in the middle, sunning herself?  i hope she was wearing sunscreen!  i kept thinking about how odd it would be to own one of these huge mansions, but there would be tour boats going by all the time, with people like me taking pictures.  the guy narrating the cruise said that no celebrities lived in these places because they weren’t gated communities and anybody could just drive right up.


we saw lots of these infinity pools.




that looked like an extra-speedy boat.


i believe this is a chris craft boat, in front of this modest home.


another beautiful day!  it was a little bit warm up there on the top deck, and i kept running down to the open covered deck below, and finally mom and wanda went down there to sit in the shade.  plenty of other people relaxed in the air-conditioned enclosed part of the ship.  it was all good.


i guess this is somebody’s house, even though it looks more like an office building or a hotel.


as we went past these boats, i thought a cop had pulled this boat over.


but a couple standing next to me was talking about it – they sounded like they spent a lot of time on the water, and the woman said that she thought the other boat was actually towing the sheriff.  that sure would be embarrassing.


another chris craft.  lots of boats and wave runners zoomed all around us as we traveled.


heading out to sea!  not really; it was only an hour and a half tour, so we only went a little way out and then headed back in.


but what a view of land!


hmm, i can’t figure out if the buildings in the distance are part of naples, or farther up in ft. myers beach.


and here’s the luckiest dog in the world!  do you think he knows how lucky he is, zooming by in that fancy yacht?



this pontoon boat doesn’t look much bigger than ours, and i can’t imagine taking one out onto the ocean.


soooo happy!


beautiful sailboat.


it looked like these two fancy yachts were identical.  his and hers?  two brothers?  father and son?  hard to say.


we got some friendly people to take our picture as we headed back in.


i love these boat lifts.


the time went by too quickly.  nearby was this little shopping area called tin city that we’d gone to on friday; we explored a little more of it today, and i’d seen a big platter that i kept thinking about, so i went back and bought it after our trip.

as we were sailing back into the bay, i looked up restaurants on the water – the narrator mentioned some restaurant that we passed, but it didn’t get such good reviews on yelp.  i found another one, called the dock, which sounded good, and mom and wanda were up for trying it out.

we stopped at a cute little shop nearby called Random Acts of Art.  it was filled with all kinds of beautiful, interesting, cool stuff.

i ordered raw oysters and we shared a pitcher of margaritas.  the oysters weren’t the best i’ve ever had, and i guess it’s a good thing that the margaritas weren’t very strong, since i had to drive us back home.  but wanda had the best scallop salad she’d had in her life, so that made me happy.  and all the seating was outside, which was good.

afterwards we walked out on the dock, and i hope this pelican was ok; he let us get very, very close to him.


there were lots of pelicans all around.


many of them had their wings all stretched out, drying themselves, maybe?


here’s the restaurant from the dock.  very busy place.


i don’t know if this is a big goose or what, but we had a few of them in back of our rental house, too. ok, i spent two seconds looking it up, and i believe it’s a muscovy duck.  seriously, how did we find anything out before the internet???


we couldn’t go to any of the other nearby shops because it was sunday night and they were closed, so we went back and mom and wanda watched one of the debates.  mom enjoyed wine out of the glass i found for her in one of the tin city shops.

a good time was had by all.


ok then,

mrs. hughes, back in gray gray illinois.


monday, happy veterans’ day…

by grace on November 12, 2012

kevin was going to march in the veterans’ day parade yesterday, but he was too sore from his hunting expedition on saturday. he and mollie headed out to site M very eary, because he’s won the lottery to shoot pheasant, quail and bunnies.

they didn’t even see any of the above, but before they left the house mollie jingled merrily into the bedroom to say good-bye to me. she sounded like a zumba dog; amy now wears zumba bracelets with bells all down her arm, and mollie would fit right in with the zumba. bev commented that this might not make mollie the best hunting dog, because of alerting potential prey with all her jingling, which i thought was a good point. but maybe it was all just about keeping mollie from getting hit by another hunter. she also wore a bright orange vest.

here she is, a really happy hunting dog on her way there.

and here she is, busily sniffing like crazy.  kevin said she pretty much vigorously sniffed the entire time.  what a happy dog!

this is one of the field where they walked; it looks just like some of the places where we’ve hiked.  kevin said that they also climbed really steep hills, so steep that he had to push mollie up the last little bit…that must have been really steep, because i’ve never known her to need any help, hill-climbing wise.  since kevin was so sore from the hills, i wonder if mollie was, too?

by the time they got back to the parking lot mollie continued her furious sniffing.

meanwhile, i went for a short run all by myself, and when i got back home i spent some quality time down on the dock with winnie.  i keep feeling so bad for the little guy because he’s constantly harassed by chester when he’s inside.  i wish there was a magical cure to make the kitties all get along.

the other day, a bunch of white pelicans were out on the water.  this is much earlier than i’ve usually seen them, plus they were very close to our shore and seemed to be coming right up to the dock.

and that’s my pictorial essay for the day.

ok then,

mrs. monday morning hughes.

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a stormy friday morning…

by grace on April 22, 2011

i can’t see very far out on the lake now because it’s raining so hard.  we’re supposed to have VERY SEVERE WEATHER all day and tonight, but i hope we don’t have any tornadoes because we CAN’T CANCEL REHEARSALS!  there aren’t very many more nights left before the show opens.

i found some photos on my phone that i took so long ago.  there are from April 8th, when there were many white pelicans out on the water.

and then they flew away…

for a while this lone pelican was swimming all around by us.  amy kept a careful eye on it and she really wanted to adopt it, but i think it has gone away now.

the other day we had a LOT OF EXCITEMENT…mom and dad came over and said there were COPS EVERYWHERE – six of them with guns drawn on the road between our house and theirs, cops all over the place…there was one at the entrance to our lane, and after a while, a police helicopter started circling around.

some guy from ohio had skipped his parole, stolen a car, and for some reason decided to…go to the walmart near us.  i guess somebody spotted him in the walmart parking lot, and then apparently the cops chased him, and he crashed his car on the road by the university, and then he was running through the wood…THE WOODS WHERE WE WALK WITH MOLLIE ALL THE TIME!

it went on for a couple hours, and then we heard they’d let loose the dogs and kevin said he didn’t have much time now.  he said that the dog would track him and when he caught him, he wouldn’t let go.

and kevin was right, of course…they caught the guy in the field right next to mom and dad’s subdivision.  mom, meanwhile, had been STANDING OUT IN HER FRONT YARD, trying to see what was going on.  when i realized this i said GO INSIDE RIGHT NOW.  she would have been a prime hostage candidate, a petite and stylish older lady out there by herself.

luckily they caught the guy, and we’ve heard that his crime was stealing 10 guns, so that doesn’t sound so good, does it?  i felt a little sorry for him when they showed him being loaded into the back of the ambulance on a stretcher with a big brace around his neck.  kevin, who has no sympathy for bad people, said they always did that so the prisoner couldn’t claim whiplash on the ride to the hospital.

anyway, it was a whole lot of excitement around our usually very quite little area.  yesterday we went walking with mollie through the field where the helicopter had touched down, and we found a couple of places where it musta burned big holes in the grass.  we also found a white boat bumper, which we brought home.  i guessed that for some reason they had the boat bumper in the helicopter, or maybe the guy had stolen the bumper and threw it at the dogs when they were chasing him, but somebody suggested that maybe it had fallen off of somebody’s boat when they were driving down the road, and the strong winds blew it in the middle of the field.

jim had been listening to the whole thing on somebody’s iphone at work; the person had a police scanner on it.  i bet it was an app, because APPS ARE EVERYWHERE.  anyway, he said that on the scanner the police were concerned that the guy was going to make it to the water and then could swim away.  WOULDN’T HE HAVE GOTTEN HYPOTHERMIA???  two guys just died because they’d fallen out of their fishing boat into the water.

when all the drama was unfolding, we were babysitting numie and noodle.   numie was ready for anything, but mostly he was really excited cause there were TWO ORANGE BALLS in the bed with him.

he forgot all about the lurking menace of the escaped guy because THERE WERE CHEERIOS IN THOSE BALLS!

the whole thing just wore noodle out.

ok then,

mrs. friday waiting around for more tornadoes and huge hail hughes.

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April 8, 2011

but they sure are the most deliciously wonderful bit of deliciousness that i’ve ever had! the woman who posted her irish car bomb cupcake recipe on her site got all kinds of flak from readers about the inappropriateness of their name, writing that car bombs are NO LAUGHING MATTER, so she caved under the weight […]

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