by grace on September 23, 2020

fall already. i feel like there are about a million things i want to accomplish today but i focused on getting a new banner up there that says fall instead of summer.

i’d like to write another post, but no time, no time right now…

yesterday as i walked up the front walk i realized that our flag that has been waving gaily all summer reads “happy spring.” maybe time to replace that, too.

the thing is…late monday afternoon i suddenly decided i needed to start cleaning the walls of the screened porch. they’re siding and they’re visibly dirty and have been that way…forever. so i started on a little section and then, just because, i swiped at a bit of the ceiling with my windex-soaked rag.

we’ve been living here for 12 years, as far as i can recollect, and once, a few years ago, i tried to clean a spot on the ceiling because it’s criss-crossed with all kinds of filth. but i couldn’t get it cleaned (for some reason) and decided it was permanently stained so i needn’t bother with it.

but on monday i realized i had been completely wrong and with a little elbow grease and quite a bit of windex i was able to get the ceiling clean.

so i worked on it for a couple of hours and made a little progress, but it’s not fun to clean a ceiling.

i worked on it again for an hour and a half yesterday, and it’s coming along ok but will take quite a few more hours because i’ve started also cleaning the walls/windowframes at the same time. and the floor.

it’s all so dirty and at least the ceiling hasn’t been cleaned in at least twelve years, but probably longer.

i’m hoping that once i accomplish this i won’t need to do it again.

meanwhile…later on monday kevin and i started to go for a ride on my pontoon boat but kevin announced that the lift couldn’t drop any lower. our new lift raises from the bottom, and the lake level has dropped a lot and if we’d waited another day we probably wouldn’t have been able to get the boat off the lift, which would be bad.

so we decided we needed to take the boat out of the water right then, which plunged me into a pretty sad sadness. why haven’t i gone out on the boat more this summer? which is what i say ever year; there’s never enough boating for me.

we realized that this is the reason almost all of the other boats have lifts with little roofs over them; these lifts are overhead lifts, meaning that they can drop way down into the water. i feel annoyed that the guy who installed our lift didn’t point that out, and we’ll have to invest in an overheard lift.

but then this morning kevin said he thought that we could secure the boat to the end of the dock. wow! that’s fantastic news! except he said we should power-wash and wax the pontoons since the boat will be sitting in the murky water for a few weeks, til we finally pull it out for the winter.

meanwhile i feel i need to finish up cleaning the screened porch because i’m afraid that if i walk away i won’t get back to it.

but time is of the essence in getting the boat back into the water. we took it out on October 28th last year, so we have a few precious more weeks.

and the filthy screened porch will always be there waiting for me…

so now i have to jump up to go for a walk with amy and mom, and then so much activity for the rest of the day…

ok then,

mrs. busy hughes in the midst of so much turmoil and pandemic in the world.