numie & noodle

friday, yay!

April 4, 2014

it’s been quite a week.  the grass is getting pretty green, at least, even though it’s cold and windy outside.  luckily i only have to leave the house a couple of times. in february, we had a wide array of weather.  amy and jim escaped to austin with noodle and numie, and i went over […]

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November 1, 2012

we are going to the madonna concert in st. louis tonight!  no, of course, kevin isn’t going; i wouldn’t subject him to the very very late night filled with very very loud music!  i’ve read a few reviews online of her concerts around the country, and they mentioned that the show is supposed to start […]

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September 6, 2012

last week we decided to watch an episode of Dr. Who; we’d watched one maybe a year ago because kevin used to watch the old Dr. who. so let me just say that NOW WE ARE TOTAL ADDICTS. last week mollie had a vet appointment, a regular checkup.  it was for 2:15. We had started […]

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waking up on friday morning…

June 1, 2012

noodle and numie are always on the lookout for anything suspicious that might come up their walk. but sometimes numie likes to relax out on the back deck, taking a little break from his very vigilant work. here’s jim, next to his WINNING FRISBEE GOLF HOLE IN ONE!  it was a very difficult hole, and […]

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painting painting painting

May 19, 2012

i spent 6 1/2 hour yesterday painting the duplex.  all i got done was the kitchen.  it feels like i did a lot, but then i think, only the kitchen???!!!  the kitchen isn’t even that big, but the walls do climb on either side to a really really high height.  THANK GOD FOR RANDY’S FABULOUS […]

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les les les les les

May 15, 2012

i was sitting here on the screened porch contemplating the myriad of stuff i have to get done today, when in trotted les with a big pair of white socks in his mouth. that kitty makes me smile no matter what. sometimes when i got into the bedroom, this is how he’s lying down. numie […]

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March 13, 2012

things are more calm around here today.  i’m trying to convince chester that he can and should go out the doggie door in the bedroom, because otherwise our house will soon be filled with many, many bugs because of keeping the hot tub room door open to accommodate him. friday night, we went with mom […]

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to graft or not to graft,

March 9, 2012

that is the question… i went to the dentist yesterday and he was concerned about one tooth with a really really receding gum and made an appointment for me with a periodontist.  i had vague memories of some kind of procedure, who knows how long ago, involving cutting skin off the roof of my mouth […]

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more final february photos

February 29, 2012

amy sent me these photos of her adorable puppies. noodle is very gentle with his little stuffed animals.  he carries a tiny little one around sometimes.  numie, on the other hand, is delighted to shred anything and everything he can get his little paws on. here’s numie, the longest-leg dog ever. this is one of […]

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February 23, 2012

on sunday, i had the pleasure of babysitting numie and noodle for a while.  i haven’t seen so much of them lately, so it was a lot of fun for all. here they are, about to be SET FREE BY ME! they quickly settled into one of the giant chairs to survey the scene outside. […]

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