numie & noodle

darling noodle…

by grace on October 26, 2015

amy and jim’s darling beagle noodle passed away last week.  he was a sweet and good boy, and we’ll all miss him terribly, but nobody will miss him as much as amy.  and jim.


well, that’s not entirely true…poor little numie also misses him terribly.

here are a few photos of them so happy together…


i love this picture, because of the funny expression on numie’s face – “where did this guy come from???”


Even though this isn’t the sharpest image, this is one of my favorites…numie and noodle would start barking, and then launch into a fabulous chorus of howling.  so funny.  i’ll look for a video to show you.


here, numie looks like a vicious and crazed…italian greyhound.  he’s serious about his playing.


darling, darling doggies.



animals and boats…

by grace on October 15, 2015

winnie seems to be handling his diabetes diagnosis pretty well.  i can give him a shot now without freaking him out, and of course kevin has been an expert at it for a very long time.  i took this picture as winnie dozed with his head on kevin’s comfy keyboard, but he looked up at me because he wasn’t in the mood for a photo.  or maybe he was hoping for some more food.

he had lost four pounds in five weeks, a huge amount, but he’s managed to gain a pound back.  but now we have to make sure he doesn’t gain it all back!  because i guess winnie will always be dying for all the food he can get his paws on, no mater what.

Winnie, not so upset

Winnie, not so upset

randy finally named his cute new kitties.  he named the other one “miss kitty.”

Pee Wee!

Pee Wee!

amy took her dogs for a walk, but noodle got tired so luckily she carries a huge stroller in the back of her car.  he looks like the happiest dog ever, doesn’t he?

super happy noodle

super happy noodle

poor les was sleeping next to kevin and sunk way down in the cushions.  but he didn’t care.


erica sent me this picture – she sits on a bench to study and had piled her books on the bench behind her so her desk wouldn’t be cluttered, but heidi realized it would be the perfect place for both of them to be.  it looks like heidi has adjusted to the move with no problem.

heidi, so content

heidi, so content

over the weekend, we went up to northern illinois to visit with kevin’s family.  we took a two-hour cruise on a paddle boat up the Rock River on sunday, which was fun.  it was a perfect day, and there were a few houses along the shore.  i loved this house perched up so high, but first of all, they don’t seem to have any kind of balcony, and secondly, some trees obscure their view.  i wish i knew the story of the people who live there.  maybe they don’t care so much about the view of the river?


here’s another house, nestled farther into the woods.  but it looks like they have a better view plus a balcony.  both of which are critical if you’re living in such a scenic place!


as we cruised, i kept thinking about how wild and beautiful this place was…but then i thought about the fact that the weather isn’t so great up there, and how kevin talks about how we get way less snow and bitter cold here in central illinois.

here’s poor jack, jill’s darling doggie, who had cancer on his paw.  they managed to cut it out, but now he has to wear this big bandage and i’m sure it’s not so easy for him to get around.  poor pupy.

poor jack!

poor jack!

and speaking of sad animals…while we were gone, none of the kitties were allowed outside, and les was quite upset by this.  very, very upset.

les, so upset

les, so upset

it was a bit chilly when amy took her dogs for a walk, so she fashioned this erzatz coat for mincy out of a t-shirt and a scarf.  he’s so stylish!












we’ve seen this cute little boat quite a bit over the summer, and i want to know who owns it and what it’s called, and i want a ride!  they never come close enough to the shore to get a good photo, but it’s like a little tugboat in the front and a pontoon in the back.  so cute!  i want one!  well, i guess i don’t know why, exactly, you’d need that front part, but i want a ride on it!


ok, one million plus things to do today, and i’m already late…

mrs. october hughes.


monday morning,

by grace on October 5, 2015

and things are ok.  trying to wake up this morning.  it’s harder to get out of bed when it’s chillier outside; how will i ever manage when it gets truly cold?

let’s not worry about that right now.  one moment at a time.

here’s mincy and numie; amy tok this on a walk near scheel’s.  that’s funny because we walked around there more than enough when getting ready for our big walk in wales.

their newest and smallest dog, mincy, was orignally named sweetpea.  and i’m not sure about the spelling of mincy, but they might change his name again anyway, you never know.  he’s super cute, that’s all that matters.

mincy and numie

mincy and numie

last weekend when the route 66 car fest was going on, i saw this car going down the road and had to keep taking pictures while driving to show kevin, because it reminded him of his VW Thing.  he says it was a land rover.  i think maybe i was actually stopped when taking this pictures.  i bet you’re not supposed to take photos while driving, because it might be even more dangerous than texting.



winnie came to visit as i sat down by the water the other day. he was very interested in my diet mango juice drink, which was almost empty.


he was clearly parched. and very persistent.


we were going to have a weenie roast on the night of the lunar eclipse/blood moon/harvest moon/moon with many names that night.  but it rained so no weenies and sadly, no s’mores.

we did keep venturing out into the back yard to try to see something, and when we went out about 8:30, the huge mass of clouds parted and there was the moon!  very cool, but of course not so easy to try to get a good shot of the moon.  so this really doesn’t do it justice.


chester, lying in his box next to his suitcase.  maybe the house would be a little less cluttered if he didn’t have both a box and a suitcase to lie in, but he loves them so much.  plus the additional new smaller box with a little blanket in it.


les, in case you were forgetting what he looks like.  this morning about 4, he was lying on top of me, purring away, and when he does that it feels like he’s going to be pushy about getting constantly petted forever…but then i suddenly wake up and he’s nestled down next to me, or has gone outside to hunt something.  good kitty.


ok then.  monday, we can do it.

mrs. h.




by grace on July 21, 2015

hmm, i can’t say.  i am taking a little bit of time off this morning; we’ve been taking very long walks, but my ankle feels a little bit funny, so i’m just sitting here on the couch, instead.  i should be outside, because for once it’s lovely out there, but then i’d probably just start pulling weeds again…

here’s kevin, hard at work staining the dock.  he power-washed it, which made it look brand new, and then stained it, so it’ll stay that way for a while anyway.  he just stained the deck off our bedroom, too, after i spent four hours power washing it.  we’ve been very busy making improvements around here this summer.

i’ve been looking at this picture for such a long time and i have NO IDEA WHERE IT WAS TAKEN.  who is this turtle???  maybe kevin took it someplace else.   although i have a vague recollection that it was me who took the picture, but that vegetation doesn’t look familiar to me.  it’s a mystery.  MYSTERY TURTLE.

this looks like it was taken right after the turtle picture, but WHERE ON EARTH IS IT???  no idea.  our lake?  but that’s nowhere near us, and the turtle picture was taken from the shore.  MYSTERIOUS.

i do know where this was – a walk we took on the trail by scheel’s; i took pictures of these thistles before, but inadvertently managed to somehow delete them.  but luckiy they were still there when we walked this way again.

here’s mom, who helped amy with some gardening project.

and aunt sandy, who said this was her “hillbilly” picture, but to me she just looks a little bit deranged.

since it rains all the time, we had a spectacular rainbow over the water.

and there were cool patterns in the clouds.

we went to the movies…i think this was the latest jurassic park.

here’s proof that we at least had a few lilies that weren’t consumed by the perpetually hungry deer.

ta da!  kevin made a whole new front walk; the old one was so old that he could just pull the boards right up; the nails had completely rusted away.

numie and noodle love to bask in the sun.

i put this miniature palm tree that i bought on impulse last january in florida out on the porch, and because it was hot and humid, it finally threw out six new leaves!  they unfurled pretty quickly, and it was neat to watch.

here’s how it looks this morning; uh oh, now that it has started sprouting, i forsee it getting bigger and bigger, and we’ll never have room for it in the winter…

…but GOOD GRIEF, no need to worry about winter right now!

i must go outside and enjoy the day for a little bit and NOT PULL ANY WEEDS.

ok then,

mrs. late july hughes.


snowy sunday.

March 1, 2015

oh, the snow. oh, the snow. the snow. the snow. the snow. it started about four in the afternoon yesterday, and it just kept a goin. we had plans to have a cast party at the hilton last night, but as the show went on, we kept seeing the snow falling…and falling.  so we all […]

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merry christmas, again!

December 25, 2014

i’m over christmas now. i’m sitting here on the couch and they’re re-playing the christmas in rockefeller center special.  LeAnn Rimes was singing “i want a hippopotamus for christmas.”  didn’t she used to be a country singer?  she was trying to be kinda funky about it, and she came out in a black trench coat […]

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tuesday, and some serious cold is settling in…

November 11, 2014

i read that last post of mine from last week; that day we did get soooo many things done, but we only got the pontoon boat ready for winter.  but the cadillac is back in the garage.  yesterday it was also warm, so we did many more outside things, including getting the sailboat covered – […]

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spiralling out of control! where did the summer go?

September 5, 2014

i just can’t say.  i was about to edit some photos from august, which is GONE NOW, and i realized that i still have photos from july. just can’t seem to catch up. today is going to be the last hot day of summer, i think.  i hope i have time to go jump in […]

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monday monday monday

April 14, 2014

yes, it’s almost the very middle of april and we’re SUPPOSED TO GET SNOW LATER TODAY. a very, very unfortunate state of affairs. as i’ve already written here, we bought 22 bags of mulch last thursday, plus a new front door.  on friday we went back to menard’s to get more mulch, and to exchange […]

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April 11, 2014

here’s the kitty condo, which les immediately had to check out. this isn’t such a great photo, but it’s a rare one, since both chester and les were in it.  i think winnie has gotten in once. erica sent me this photo of her sweet kittie heidi, who was hiding in the clothes basket.  erica […]

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