summertime, summertime…

by grace on August 6, 2018

when we were out on the boat on july 23rd, we saw this tree that had crashed onto this boathouse.  ouch.  at least it didn’t crash through and destroy the fancy boat moored there.

amy and jim’s dogs love to sunbathe.  I believe they’re on a pad and then a fluffy comforter on top of it, to protect their delicate delicateness.  I love it that Zuri is lying his head on Sadie.  although it could be mincy…

here’s all five of them.  amy said that usually Izzy, the blind one, wanders around in the yard when the others are laying out because she makes them nervous.  but there’s izzy in front, and the others mostly seems relaxed.

mom and I took a great boat ride on july 27th; the weather was so cool that we put on our jackets, and the moon was glorious.  of course I tried to capture its beauty by taking a million photos, and a couple look OK.

I like this one because it’s the moon, the beach house, a boat, the bridge, and mom, all at once.

mom did an excellent job of steering us home.

ok then,

mrs. summer still whooshing by and the fair is about to start hughes.





august already…

by grace on August 6, 2017

i can’t believe it’s August 8th, as the summer sprints along.

here are a few outside photos from july.

oh, that moon.

can you spot the heron in there on the right?

another evening of beautiful clouds.

we had a big storm, and just as i was opening the screen door, this big branch fell in front of me.  i guess it wouldn’t have done too much damage, but i’m still glad it didn’t fall on me.

as i was running through a field at UIS, i saw these new things.  i wonder what they could be?

this new pole seemed to go with them.  are they some kind of solar things?  that doesn’t quite make sense to me.

ok then,

mrs. quiet sunday afternoon hughes.



more of june…

by grace on July 12, 2017

boat ride!  so far the pontoon boat has been running great; i think this is the first year since we’ve had it that it has managed to keep running this long into the summer.  hmm, better not jinx it.  the water was really high in june, and the yuccas were in bloom.

these flower shoots are called crocosmia.  i guess they have them here in the US, but i had never noticed them until we went to ireland. i planted lots of bulbs, and some of them are slowing coming up.

i planted them all in places where i’d dug up my lilies which got eaten by deer every year.


i liked them so much when i first saw them at the Powerscourt Gardens in Ireland that i took a picture of the sign, so i’d remember them.

this is what they look like in bloom.

anne wareham also had lots of them in her spectacular Veddw House Garden in Wales.

wow, i hope we get to go back there sometime soon.

so it’s only taken me two years to finally plant some.  not bad, for me.  plus they’re supposedly deer-resistant, so theoretically i won’t have to dig them all up in a year or two.

here are a few shots of the moon, which has been looking spectacular again.

it was unusual to see a white pelican; i only remember seeing them on the lake in winter.  maybe this one realized that our lake is so packed full of fish that he decided to make it his permanent residence.

randy bought these wonderful solar lights which clip on the edges of his umbrella.  i’m tempted to buy some, except they’re kind of pricey at pier one, plus i’m pretty sure they’d somehow get broken on our deck.  as things do.

right now as i sit here on my couch it’s 92 outside but feels like 107.  yeah, kinda ridiculously hot & humid.  welcome to july.

ok then,

mrs. summertime hughes.







by grace on May 17, 2017

erica got us all tickets for the Mission Outreach fundraiser so we all got dressed up.  this is one of my favorite photos of bev, showing off her cute leggings.  we all looks so color-coordinated!

a nice meal, and erica is there in the background, hobnobbing as she does.

i tried to take a picture of bev and she said, as usual, DON’T TAKE MY PICTURE, and she proceeded to put her program up in front of her face.  but eventually she started talking to somebody and lost focus of where the program was.

meanwhile…chester continues to try to relax.  have i mentioned that both he and winnie now have diabetes?  it seems odd to me that two out of our three cats have diabetes, plus chester is awfully young to have it.  at first he FREAKED OUT because we have to give him two insulin shots a day, but he’s already a lot better about it.

continuing to attempt a good shot of the moon…i realize i’d need to get a fancy camera to get a really good shot, but i don’t want to go to the trouble.

now this is one of my favorite photos – kevin is enjoying a frozen yogurt bar while les gnaws on his little pink sock infused with catnip.

as you can see, things were very exciting around here in april.


wednesday morning!

February 22, 2017

and my time is very limited today – i’m leaving for NYC tomorrow morning!  i’m going to brooklyn with bev, to help her daughter erin move from one third floor walk-up to another, so i’ll for sure get lots and lots of exercise.  we’ll hopefully have time to do a couple of fun things besides […]

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september 26th!

September 26, 2016

and before you know it, it’ll be october.  it continues to feel like summer, though, so it continues to be challenging to get into the fall mindset. last week kevin and i took a little trip to starved rock state park, and then up to mackinac island in michigan. but before that… lester didn’t want […]

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happy day before valentine’s day!

February 13, 2016

and WHEW, the month roars by as usual, and spring is right around the corner! except right now it’s only 18 outside.  luckily i don’t have to step one foot outside the door today. so…NYC, a great time, we did so much, saw a couple of shows, had some delicious food, walked a whole lot…and […]

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monday morning,

October 5, 2015

and things are ok.  trying to wake up this morning.  it’s harder to get out of bed when it’s chillier outside; how will i ever manage when it gets truly cold? let’s not worry about that right now.  one moment at a time. here’s mincy and numie; amy tok this on a walk near scheel’s.  […]

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more april, as may is over half over, including the sail and gavin degraw…

May 17, 2014

yesterday i went to the grocery store with randy and a bottle of wine leapt out of our cart and dramatically CRASHED to the floor, shattering all over the place, and it was red wine, so a huge red pool oozed all over the place. but it was in no way my fault! so, accident-free […]

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tuesday, i’m pretty sure…

July 30, 2013

yes, it’s definitely tuesday.  yoga this morning. so, the super duper class at the fit club isn’t going so great.  it’s called “dynamic training,” and so far i’ve been two times.  the first time was friday, and there were four of us, and it didn’t seem so bad, really.  intense, lots of weigh-bearing exercises with […]

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