Mom's birthday

Mom’s Special Day

by grace on March 6, 2021

Here are a few photos of Mom’s birthday celebration. Amy and Jim did quite a bit of festive decorating, and their house looked fantastic.

We bought her a new pair of shoes because of the huge amount of walking we’ve been doing…

…and she loved them!

Amy made shrimp scampi, Mom’s favorite, plus she made some sensational lemon cupcakes.

A fine time was had by all!

We also gave her some short-sleeve shirts for walking. She’s gone amost three miles at a time already! A very fit person, my mom.

Meanwhile…I spent over an hour the other day cutting down the tall grasses by the lake and picking up many many leaves. It was in the 60s that day but hasn’t been so warm lately, so that was it for the yard work for now.

I decided that I’m going to get Mom to help me a lot this year because there’s so much to be done and she has boundless energy.

I still have more photos of that dang snow, and I fervently hope that’s all of it for this year.

ok then,

mrs. H.