The past three months..

by grace on July 24, 2022

Well, so much happened after we got back from Seattle in April, but this is all I have for the rest of April – first, Spot so happy to follow me over to Mom’s house, and he would have gone right into her house if I’d let him.

I was just not thinking about how that cat is an eternal optimist, because Kevin and I went down to the vegetable garden to see how nicely the plants are progressing and Spot followed us and plopped himself down in the dirt, but then sprung back up when I called him. He had the choice to either follow Kevin to the front yard where Kevin was hard at work installing windows on his sailboat, or he could follow me up onto the deck. He knew that I wouldn’t let him inside but of course he continues to be hopeful that this would be the day.

We put my boat in the water so early this year, April 28th, but then because of different things we didn’t even up going out til June. Oh well, we’ve been out a few times anyway and I intend to go out a lot in the coming week because the temps will be in the reasonable 80s.

The last day of April, deer were enjoying nibbling from a bird feeder.

I’ve just spent an incredibly frustrating week, dealing with the prednisone I got from going to urgent care on Sunday. I can’t recall taking it before, and it messed me up so much. I was kind of wired on Monday and then couldn’t sleep much and as the week progressed I felt worse, queasy and light-headed and exhausted and unable to sleep. Thank goodness I took the last two of them on Friday morning and last night I slept over nine hours. I’m still not feeling 100% normal, but at least much better.

Meanwhile the cardiologist’s nurse called to tell me that I have Atrial Tachycardia, which they determined after I only wore that wretched heart monitor for four days. This is better than Atrial Fibrillation, but do I really have it anyway? I know that when I was wearing the monitor those four days, I was out in the sweltering heat pulling weeds and mulching like crazy and the monitor kept coming un-stuck because it was so hot.

Maybe the spikes in heart rate were due to that? They prescribed me a beta blocker which will slow my heart down and I haven’t started taking it yet because I was worried about taking that plus the awful prednisone. I guess I’ll start tonight, but I don’t have a good feeling about it. I have an appointment with the cardiologist in a few weeks and maybe I won’t have to keep taking the drug?

It’s been a bizarre summer so far of weird and incredibly annoying medical things. I want to get past all of that already.

ok then,

Mrs. past the middle of summer Hughes.


Second Day in Seattle

by grace on June 20, 2022

Finally, here are a few snippets from the trip to Seattle that Mom and I took waaaaay back in April, back when I still had a gallbladder…

On April 15th we were out on our patio talking to our lovely air b&b host, Leah, and there were so many paddle-boarders out there in the bay. So cool! I managed to get this very quick video of them.

And then, at the crack of 11:15 or thereabouts, I ran down the hill to the water. Over there is the Magnolia section of Seattle, where Stan lived. It’s so weird to think that he’s not there anymore…

I ran past this cute Caribbean restaurant where we’d gotten take-out, “Un Bien.”

Gee, the weather looks ideal, doesn’t it? Except you can’t see the mountain range. But the sky is so blue. I took this photo of this very very old sailboat to show Kevin, so hopefully that’ll make him feel that his sailboat is very new. As a matter of fact, at this very minute Kevin is hard at work replacing his cabin windows. I hope he get the sailboat in the water in the not-too-distant future.

This little hot dog/ice cream place was so cute, and I wish we’d gotten some ice cream there, except I think it was actually not so much ice cream weather.

So many sailboats…I wonder if Kevin and I will ever visit Seattle; I’m sure he’d love see all the boats. Maybe, maybe…

When I got back to our place a train was passing by, loaded up with coal. I’ve never seen train cars from above filled with coal so I thought that was pretty cool.

We drove down to see the sea lions, which we’d heard from our place.

I took approximately three bazillion videos of them but I think this is the best because you can see one of them swimming around in front and another in the back.

But then they started doing a lot of sea lion talking, which was highly entertaining.

It was obviously a little chilly, but such a nice day.

After that we drove over to the Chittendon Locks, which were just around the bend and down the street. I probably took at least four kazillion photos and videos there and I’m too tired to go through them right now.

Soon, soon, I’ll post them.

Meanwhile…I’ve gotten quite a bit of yard work done in between the blistering hot days. Weeds pulled, mulch spread, the yard is mostly looking pretty good around the perimeter of the house. Down at the dock is a different story, but I know I’ve been overdoing it with the yard work and it’s going to be super hot again this week. The weeds can wait. Except they keep growing…but it’s too hot and my heart rate has been getting too high when I’ve been working…

This morning I went to see my gynecologist and my gallbladder surgeon who are in the same building, very convenient. As I suspected, they couldn’t tell me why I’d had all that pain, but my final testing option is a colonoscopy, so I’ll be getting one of those, plus an endoscopy so that every bit of my body can be checked out. Why do I feel they won’t find anything? But that’d be good , but then again why the weird unbearable intermittent pain that just went away?

But at least it went away.

Ok then,

Mrs. yes I’m truly a healthy person Hughes.


R.I.P, Stanley…

by grace on June 1, 2022

As I’ve mentioned, Mom and I went to Seattle in April to visit her Mom’s high school sweetheart, Stan Orr. Stan was from Springfield and they’d gone to Springfield High together. He’d been in very bad shape for quite some time and had almost died a few times before we went to visit him.

I’m so glad we got to spend quality time with him because he just passed away two days ago, on Monday, May 30th. Although I had only met him once before our visit, it was a joy to be with him. He had such a great sense of humor and was so cheerful and full of fun, despite the fact that his days were numbered. He had a dry sense of humor, he enjoyed playing different funny clips from youtube on his TV for us, and he frequently burst into song! He was just so full of life…

Here’s Mom and Stan on Easter Sunday, April 17th.

Monday April 18th, our last visit to Stan before we headed back home.

The problem with living for eighty six years is that many people you know don’t make it that long. That’s why it’s so important that we try to love as much as possible before it’s all over.

Stan was a darling fellow with a twinkle in his eye.

Ok then,



I started out at the crack of 11:00 in the morning on Thursday April 14th, and it was a beautiful morning. Here’s the lovely additional deck at our air B&B.

I took too many videos, surprise surprise, but this one shows the view of our neighborhood.

It was a little bit steep down the hill but a quick trip to the water. Here’s a very short video while jogging. My very first jogging video, maybe it’ll be the last because of the increased likelihood of falling down while filming.

Leah, the air B&B host, told me about a “pocket beach” right down below our place and I’d hoped to run along it. I realized that it is, indeed, a pocket beach and very tiny. But I’m glad I got to see it.

Instead I went running along the marina and was happy to see so very many sailboats.

Another short video of the lovely scenery.

As I ran back I saw this big ship – I think it’s bigger than the ferries that go to other points, so I’m not sure of its destination.

One more video, when I arrived back at our place.

Mom and I then visited Mom’s dear, dear college friend Sharon and her gentle and kind husband Michio. This is the front of their house in the beautiful Queen Anne area of Seattle.

We had a great visit then headed to the nearby Kerry Park which has a breathtaking view of the city. The view of Mount Rainier would also be breathtaking if you could see it. It was obscured by clouds, though, and I struck up a conversation with a guy who was standing around with a very expensive-looking camera on a tripod.

He was waiting to capture a photo, but the clouds didn’t part. His Name is Tim Durkan, and he’s a photographer and a very interesting fellow. You can check out his photos on his website but of course he’s also on all the social media.

Way down there is a green round thing, and I immediately wanted to go see it up-close. It’s atop the former Seattle Post-Intelligencer building, and I believe it’s a neon light at night. We didn’t make it down there at that point, however, because I’d had my fill of driving around this very very hilly city for one day.

Back at our place, we got carryout from a little place called Un Bien, serving outstanding Cuban food.

A freighter passing by as I watched the sun set.

And that’s finally our second day in Seattle.

I wish I’d been posting here more rapidly, but this time part of my excuse is that I’ve been having tests because of stomach pain, and they determined that my gallbladder is very bad and will probably be removed. This will be the first time they’ve removed an organ, and hopefully the last. It seems that a gallbladder is something you can live without? Hmm, but its function is to hold onto the fat you eat and then release it at appropriate times, so who will do that? I meet with a surgeon on Wednesday and will ask him many many questions.

Last June was my first-ever operation, with the repair of my torn meniscus. I’m also hopeful that I won’t be having one operation a year now.

Another reason I was concerned enough to get tests is because I’ve lost about 10 pounds in the last few months. Of course any weight loss is always cause for great celebration, but I’ve always only lost one or maybe three pounds. I’ve never been this thin in my entire adult life. Or my teenage life, for that matter, except when I weight 118 for two glorious weeks when I was in “No, No Nanette” and tap-danced for three hours every night. Hopefully when they fix me, my weight won’t find its way back, but it always seems to be lurking just around the corner, ready to head back to me.

Right at this very moment it’s a lovely cool morning and I’m going to pull weeds and mulch in the front of the house. Living the dream!

ok then,

mrs. h.


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