march, briefly

by grace on April 26, 2019

nothing much to report about march, except we had a late birthday celebration for mom. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY, MOM!

but first…we got home on March 4th. here’s kevin, plowing mom’s driveway on March 7th. I never want to come home to snow.

the next day we had a celebration with both pie plus some kind of delicious chocolate thing that bev made. but i wonder where the pie came from? the store.

Mom had a wonderful time…

…and she’s doing great at 83!

we’d had this feral cat lurking around the front yard. it”s fluffy, and a tuxedo cat like chester, only smaller. kevin had been putting food out, and we’d see her eating.

but here, les spotted her and was very intent.

unfortunately, a few weeks ago kevin was walking with les paul around the front yard and suddenly les spotted the cat and zoomed after her. luckily les came back prettty quickly, but we haven’t seen the little cat since.

meanwhile, riley is getting more and more tame – he even sat on kevin’s lap for a while the other day, quite historic.

and with lester it’s always more of the same, constant cuteness.

and that’s it for march; we didn’t even have any daffodils blooming in march but now things are finally getting more and more green. spring is good.

ok then,

mrs. h.



by grace on January 15, 2019

i don’t have lots of photos from the holiday and i’m so over it now anyway, but i think this photo is very funny because why is kevin’s arm bent like that? he looks just about as uncomfortable as a person could be! funny.

Mom, of course, always enjoys herself…and the dogs just want people to pet them.

randy stopped by on christmas night dressed in this festive ensemble. lester was impressed.

randy gave kevin this star wars stocking hat. it has yoda ears, which i don’t think you can see so well here.

and here’s the final photo of 2018 – jim, winning in disc golf! what did he win? a hole in one, i’m surmising…

yaaaay jim!

and BOOM, we’re moving on to the new year…

ok then,

mrs. getting stuff done as we start 2019 hughes.


october boat rides

by grace on November 13, 2018

this is one of my favorite pelican photos (and I took approximately one million of them during the summer/fall).  we went out on the boat on October 20th, and I went out again on the 22nd.  kevin didn’t want to go with me, so I went by myself and had a surprisingly good time.  I realized that when I go boating alone I can go wherever I want.

I first zipped over to the pelican point and was sad that they weren’t there.  I decided to head under the Lindsay bridge to see if I could find any, but when I cruised by todd green’s house, right across the water from us, I realized they were there!  it was cool to get this photo of flying pelicans as well as ones on the grass.


on pelican point, the pelicans mostly hung out on the rocks, with a few in the grass.  since they weren’t there that day, I could see the extent of the pelican poop.  but in the photo above, because todd doesn’t have riprap, but instead a sea wall, the pelicans all congregated on his expensive, lush grass.

such a beautiful day!  it’s a little hard to get my head around the fact that today it’s only 25 degrees, feels like 15, with a layer of snow on the ground.  what happened to fall?

this is one of the islands on the other side of the bridge, near the yacht club.  tons of birds were nesting in the trees.

I only came in finally because I had to work.

a few days later, October 25th, we took the boats out of the water.  here’s the view of our dock as I drove the pontoon boat away.

this was the easiest boat out of the water we’ve ever had – I think because I had practiced docking the boat on our new boat lift, I felt more confident about guiding it onto the trailer.  good times!  the whole process was speedy, thanks mostly due to kevin’s expertise.

we got home and I spent an hour cleaning the boat, while kevin started to get the sailboat ready to come out.  his friend glenn came over at about 2 in the afternoon to help remove the sail.

glenn then motored mom and I over to the boat launch; I’ve never used the motor on the sailboat, but maybe next year i’ll be able to do it.  it didn’t look very tricky, anyway.

it took a couple of tries to get the boat onto the trailer, but no big deal, really (especially for me because all I really did was take pictures).

kevin secured the  boat on the trailer and the job was done!

this is one of my favorite photos of mom because her hair went completely crazy in the wind.

more boat adventures soon, but here’s les and riley, enjoying the middle level of their kitty condo.

ok then, stay warm,

mrs. Tuesday bitterly cold November hughes.


summertime, summertime…

by grace on August 6, 2018

when we were out on the boat on july 23rd, we saw this tree that had crashed onto this boathouse.  ouch.  at least it didn’t crash through and destroy the fancy boat moored there.

amy and jim’s dogs love to sunbathe.  I believe they’re on a pad and then a fluffy comforter on top of it, to protect their delicate delicateness.  I love it that Zuri is lying his head on Sadie.  although it could be mincy…

here’s all five of them.  amy said that usually Izzy, the blind one, wanders around in the yard when the others are laying out because she makes them nervous.  but there’s izzy in front, and the others mostly seems relaxed.

mom and I took a great boat ride on july 27th; the weather was so cool that we put on our jackets, and the moon was glorious.  of course I tried to capture its beauty by taking a million photos, and a couple look OK.

I like this one because it’s the moon, the beach house, a boat, the bridge, and mom, all at once.

mom did an excellent job of steering us home.

ok then,

mrs. summer still whooshing by and the fair is about to start hughes.





moving right along through june…

July 9, 2018

moving right along through june…yet another darling les photo. it’s always impossible to take just one… a couple of weekend ago, amy, mom and I got invited by our friend missy to a fundraiser.  it was for an organization called Gen H Kids, and its mission is “To create a generation of healthy kids through […]

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boat part 2

June 17, 2018

on Wednesday, morning, june 13th, we unveiled the boat and got ready to launch her.  a very exciting morning! yes, we’re very proud of the boat. there are four levels of emissions, and we’re second from the top, at ultra-low.  I think the top one is ultra super stupendously low or something like tha. here’s […]

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June 8, 2018

although it’s early june, it feels like august.  91 degrees right now, feels like 96.  might as well be time for the fair. meanwhile, the end of may….this tiny fawn was curled up outside amy’s porch.  since then we’ve spotted it and its mom quite a few times – the tiny thing is smaller than […]

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wrapping up november…

December 15, 2017

Mom got an iphone!  a big one, and she’s very please with it, and is doing a great job of figuring out how to make it work. lester scaling a stump on a november walk. another beautiful lake view. a bunny lives in the diminishing log pile, and les is always determined to chase him […]

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October 9, 2017

that was the sound of my forehead hitting the asphalt on the road on saturday morning. not the best way to start the weekend.  we’d been planning to visit kevin’s siblings in northern IL but kevin wasn’t feeling well, so when i set out for my run i started to formulate plans.  it was a […]

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the eclipse!

August 22, 2017

did you see it?  yesterday, at 1:18 p.m.?  that’s when it happened here, anyway… i wasn’t that enthusiastic about the eclipse, really, but yesterday morning as i was driving home from work, my friend jill told me that she had eclipse glasses.  i listened to the radio and somebody was saying that seeing a total […]

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