winnie winnie winnie

by grace on January 26, 2019

Winnie looks so regal here on the only new couch i’ve ever bought. This is before we got married and moved into Kevin’s house in Westchester.

April 3, 2005

Winnie and Honey on the swing on the old front porch. where is this swing now? did it rust away? why don’t i remember what happened to it? No wait, it’s down by the water!


I had to take a break from being sad about winnie to be sad about my sweet dad…here he is out on the deck, when he used to live here, with GK lying by his side and Fourlane sleeping below him. the geraniums were so red, the deck gleamed, and everybody looked so content here.

July 2, 2005
November 20th, 2005

There have always been piles of chairs down by the water.

Nov. 2o, 2005

I thought it was funny that Winnie and Honey are sitting on the same chair here as they were in 2004…the same chair that has now made its way to our screened porch. in 2004 it was here in our house when it was mom and dad’s house, and then it travelled over to westchester with kevin and me, and then back here. Winnie and Honey loved the chair no matter where it was.

December 26, 2006

Hmm, Mollie sniffs at Winnie, who is ignoring her. I wonder if Winnie was in Mollie’s bed? possibly. At this point we’d all been living in Westchester for several months.

March 13, 2007

I adore this picture because Winnie is sleeping so peacefully. But i wonder, did we always let the kitties sleep on the kitchen table when we lived in Westchester??? hmm, apparently so.

April 15, 2007

And that’s all for right now.

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by grace on January 24, 2018

sometimes i’d called Chester “chestertarian,” making up a little song, rhyming it with librarian, unitarian, vegetarian, egalitarian, rotarian…

here he is in august 2012.

i love this picture of the three of them, something that could be an album cover.

chester enjoying some non-alcoholic coors…

sept. 2012 – chester and mollie.

chester always loved to go for a walk when i’d take les out on his leash.

chester never needed to a leash (he certainly wouldn’t have tolerated one); even though he was our wildest cat he never strayed far from home.

and a few more photos from 2012 – this is december.

for a while he loved to pull on this fluffy bed, pulling and kneading it over and over.


and he loved to lie in the sink, as well as drink from it.

good kitty.

ok then,

mrs. january hughes.



cheerful chester…

by grace on January 21, 2018

i haven’t felt like posting, or doing anything at all for about a week now.  i’m recovering from the flu, which is hitting everybody hard this year, it seems.  i got sick last saturday then kevin got sick then he got better then i thought i was better, but i finally broke down and went to the doctor on friday and got drugs but they didn’t make me immediately better, but hopefully very, very soon.  kevin suddenly got sick yet again today, so the whole thing is just ridiculous.

meanwhile…i’ve been looking through photos of chester again, and he was so very very cute…

stretching soooo long, in  jan. 2012.

lester and chester really loved each other. February 2012.

chester also loved to drink water out of the sink.  it’s funny, i’d forgotten he did that…


haha, he loved boxes, and when he was little he’d stuff himself right inside them.  march 2012.






this was april 2012, but it could have been any time because he continue to drape himself over the counter all of his short life.

chester and sweet mollie…

they had a good time.

it’s weird because we have a photo of out kitty Honey in the bathroom and i look at it and think about how young she was when she died – but she was eight, and chester was only about six or so.  whew.

on a happy note, it was up to 58 today and i sat down at the dock for a little bit and watched the geese.  and then a boat roared by, even though there’s still some ice on the lake. i didn’t let lester come out for a walk because the ice is crazy-thin and he didn’t need to go walking out there putting his life at risk.

ok then,

mrs. sunday evening hughes.






later on thursday…

by grace on February 26, 2015

i always think i need to change my banner up there at the top, but i just can’t bring myself to do it.  i was putting up a new banner every month, but that one has been there since mollie died, and i hope i do change it someday.

or not.

kevin just brought up a big stack of photos, from when mollie was a puppie, and she was unbelievably cute and tiny and darling, with her short cute little legs…

so cute, and so unbearably sad.

and sooooo cute…

now i don’t think i’ll ever be want to change the banner.

i wish i’d known her when she was so young and darling, but i’m lucky i got to be with her for so much of her life.

oh boy.  sweet doggie.

ok then,



we had a dog named mollie…

June 9, 2014

last night we had some people over for dinner, and it was a lovely time, but people were telling pet stories, and kevin started a story with “we had a dog named mollie.” it was a funny story, about the fact that mollie always barked when anybody came anywhere near the house, and now chester […]

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wednesday, already,

November 6, 2013

and it’s gray and has been raining and will rain more and it’s gonna get cold tonight.  cold. and that’s my weather update for today. i’m going to go running in a minute, because i feel that when the temperature starts to plunge more, i’m going to wimp out and not run outside.  instead, i […]

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October 30, 2013

that’s right, it’s just ONE DAY LATER than yesterday, and i’m already posting again! as i’m uploading these pictures, lester and chester and sparring on the living room rug in front of me, doing a great job of diverting my attention so i won’t be so sad, because i have to yell at them periodically […]

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thursday morning

October 24, 2013

and it’s chilly and i have lots to do today, but have spent time researching a new printer on amazon and it’s a little daunting because there are many, many choices and i get really bored with thinking about it, but now our printer/copier doesn’t work at all so i MUST GET A NEW ONE. […]

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boat boat boat

October 11, 2013

this is the september day when we launched the sailboat. and “we” is used very loosely, because you’ll see that really, kevin did all the work. here he is, seeing how far down the water is. now, backing the boat into the water. well, this is my job – holding onto the rope so the […]

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wednesday…no, make that thursday…

September 26, 2013

ok, i started writing this yesterday and was sure i’d have time to get back to it, but now it’s thursday already… whew.  well, for one thing, our router quit working, and then our modem quit working after we got a new router. so that’s one excuse for not writing. another excuse…uh…ok, I’VE BEEN OBSESSIVELY […]

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