final images of july…

by grace on August 12, 2019

On Saturday, July 27th, we went over to the Yacht Club for a fundraiser. It was a beautiful night and awesome to sit out and watch the boats going by on the lake. i know i’m lucky enough to sit outside and watch boats go by all the time, but this was great because i didn’t have to prepare anything or cook anything or anything, except have fun. and drink cocktails.

Me, Toun, mom, Amy V, Amy, Julie

Meanwhile, back here at home…the raccoons continue to be very determined and focused.

This was July 29th, as the raccoon tried her best to get at the food. kevin had just modified the pole in hopes that she wouldn’t be able to reach it.

Here she is the next day…

Even though she didn’t get it that day, she was able to later make it up the pole.

the final day of July i was finally tackling the weeds at the shore line. i looked up and realized a mink was walking towards me! it was just as surprised as i was. this isn’t a great picture, but it was a miracle that i was able to capture it at all because once it realized that i was a HORRIBLE INTRUDER, it took off.

i shot a video, and you can really see it better there as it boinks across the grass.

and later that day…jeez, no wonder i haven’t had much time to sit around typing; on july 31st i spent the morning weeding, and the afternoon helping glenn launch his sailboat.

ok, really, i didn’t do much of anything. mostly i just enjoyed hanging out a the Lindsay Boat Launch in the shade while Glenn and Kevin toiled away.

my job, as “winch wench,” which kevin loves to say, was to pull on a rope wrapped around the winch as they pulled up the big mast. then they had to do more stuff while i loitered again..

ok, the only thing is, i’ve been kevin’s winch wench on several occasions; all i had to do was pull on the rope and crank the crank and the mast went right up. i didn’t wrap the rope all around the winch.

but for some reason, that day, i forgot. yeah, i forget lots of things with more and more regularity, but you’d think i’d have remembered how to do this one job.

but no, instead i wrapped the rope around and around the winch, which made the whole thing way more difficult. i thought it was harder to turn the crank because the mast on glenn’s boat is so big, but no, it was because i was doing it wrong.

but at least we got it done. and i’ll never forget how to do that again.


Glenn and i were on board the boat as kevin prepared to set the boat free…

I started to take a video…

When the filming stopped, we were suddenly going around in circles because somehow a rope had gotten tangled up in the motor.

But he finally got it untangled, and off we went!

And that’s it for July…i don’t usually have a video, and i can’t remember the last time i had three, but there you go…

ok then,

mrs. august, really, are you kidding me? hughes.


countdown to turkey day…

by grace on November 19, 2017

…i mean, i suppose it’s a countdown.  it’s also a countdown to christmas, really, but the other day mom said I’VE SEEN PEOPLE WITH THEIR CHRISTMAS LIGHTS OUT ALREADY, and i pointed out that xmas isn’t so far off.

meanwhile, i’m just trying to remember the photos i took in october.  in the middle of the month i got to babysit amy and jim’s dogs for a while, always a delight.



later that afternoon i was down at the dock, heard a noise – and there was the mink!  i don’t know how i managed to get a photo of him because he’s very quick and doesn’t like to have his picture taken.

poor sad lester!  he came out into the yard when i was sitting there and was particularly lonely and sad, with his giant sock.

his was also taken mid-october, when the corn was ready to come down.  this was a week after i’d fallen, so i was walking, not running.  i started pulling down the corn cobs, shucking them, and throwing them on the ground for the deer.  when i did this on this day, it was challenging because my right hand was still weak and in pain.  it got easier every time i did it, though.

and now it’s november, and like i said, things are approaching, as they do…

ok then,



new year’s eve day

by grace on January 10, 2017

why can’t i remember new year’s eve day?  because i can hardly remember anything these days, that’s why.

but i know it was warm-ish, because i have the pictures to prove it, taking lester for a walk down by the water.

here he is, trying another death-defying maneuver, since there was no cracking ice to walk on.  his tummy doesn’t really stick down that far; he was just crouching to slither under the rope.  that piece of foam stuff isn’t the most secure thing to walk on, although it is sturdier than very thin ice.

then he had to check out the hole.

nope, nothing exciting there, time to move on.

he found another hole, crawled down into it, and i think this is the one the mink lives in. i just read about mink, and they don’t hibernate, but in the winter they might stay down in their holes for a couple of days.  i was hoping that les wouldn’t encounter our mink.

les popped back up shortly thereafter.  whew,  mink-free.



of course he had to climb around on the rocks jutting out into the water.  i think this is pretty new behavior; he’s becoming more of a risk-taker, climbing as far out on the water as he can.  hmm, maybe he’ll be willing to take a sailboat ride next summer?

and at least it was water that he was up to, not ice.  this gives you a good idea of how far out les walked on the very very thin ice a few days before this – he got all the way out to that floating dock. crazy kat.

good grief.  it’s too cold for the kitties to be out at all now, and they are definitely stir crazy, as am i.

ok then,

mrs. 2017 hughes.

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good monday morning to you…

by grace on April 25, 2016

it’s that time of year again – it’s a little warmer than usual, we had six big scoops of mulch delivered to our driveway, there’s so much to do outside…that’s how i spent most of my weekend, starting on friday morning.  i’m a little sore this morning and when i woke up i thought, “i WILL NOT do anything outside today.”  but it’s another sunny, lovely day, and i’ll have a few free hours this afternoon, and i’m already planning my outside activities.  i’ve spread so much mulch, but i feel there’s only a small dent in the pile.  yesterday was all about pulling weeds, digging up more roses of sharon bushes, planting stuff…because i’m starting so early this year, maybe things will calm down earlier in the summer.

but that’s probably not realistic.

will i ever finish my postings of our lovely wales trip?  someday.

meanwhile…sometimes the other side of the lake glows as the sun gets lower in the sky.  it’s not possible for me to capture how beautiful it is.




randy and i went to the opening of the Staley Museum in Decatur, which my friend Julie is in charge of.  it’s a lovely place, and a fun time.  randy sat at the big desk that looked very presidential.


randy’s cute little kitty, pee wee.




i actually went to hear a lecture, this one was at the library, about a guy’s very very long bike ride on the santa fe trail.  whew, it sounded kind of hot, and a little dangerous, riding sometimes on highways with trucks roaring past.  the guy never wears a helmet!  he stopped at the philmont scout ranch, and that rang a bell somewhere deep in my mind, so i took a picture of the slide to show kevin.  yes, kevin used to go there as a boy scout!  he would have enjoyed the talk immensely.


a perfect kitty resting spot.




one of the rare times that chester lies on anybody’s lap – he was so funny, all sprawled out like this.  he stayed that way for about 20 minutes, a record for him.


numie, sadie, mincy, all so tired.  amy and jim were thinking about getting two more dogs, but i think they’ve decided against that idea for now.  i think this is wise – these three are so cute when they’re sleeping, but when they’re awake they need constant attention.  maybe they could get a couple more dogs if they also got a full-time live-in dog nanny.


the other morning i walked down to the water, looked over at the old dock and saw some kind of animal stretched out.  it rolled around, having a nice time basking in the sun.  what was this thing?  he didn’t see me at all.


i crept closer and managed to get this photo before he dove under the dock.  it’s a mink!  doesn’t he have a cute face?  there was a mink right at our feet a couple summers ago when kevin, jim and i were standing down at the dock.  that time, he’d looked up at us in surprise and then scurried off.  i’m lucky that i was able to get this photo, and i’m pretty sure he must live under the dock.  our new pet.


last summer our tall grasses got totally out of control, and my friend beth wanted to get some of them.  she came over to dig them up, and brought me these beautiful flowers.


amy tok some of the dried grasses and made this nice arrangement.  digging up the grasses was insanely difficult; it had rained quite a bit, but those roots were so dense and thick that beth had to dig, and i dug, and then finally kevin dug, and it was a huge, huge effort.  i’d like to dig out a little more of them because they get so huge – it’s supposed to rain a lot in the upcoming week, so maybe i can try that again.


there’s always something to do around here.

but now i have to shower and look presentable for a while, before getting grubby and covered in mulch.

ok then,

mrs. monday morning hughes.