Wrapping up July, mostly with kitties…

by grace on September 11, 2020

We went out on the boat yet again on July 16th and went farther into the infamous “hot ditch” next to the power plant than i’d ever been. usually there are plenty of fishing boats because the water is so warm there but since it was a week day, nobody else was around.

a short video of the power plant, and i love this still of mom!

here’s our lone crocosmia, the flower i’ve written about before. we saw many of them in ireland and wales and i bought many, many seeds and a few came up but this is the only one that has bloomed more than once. it’s surrounded by lilacs which i think protect it from the winter wind and cold.

We were back out on the boat again on July 19th and what a beautiful evening…

and again on July 20th! i forgot that we’ve been out on the boat so much this year.

Lovey! she’s getting slightly less freaked out by me as the days progress. in a few years maybe she’ll let me pet her. we’ll see.

Riley, darling in the heated cat house that Kevin put in the living room.

Goldfinch on top of the hummingbird feeder. i think there were actually two of them out that day.

Lester in his basket! i can’t remember how this basket ended up in the living room but it’s one of les’s favorite places now. he’s in it as I type this, as a matter of fact, nodding off because he has such a very busy life/

This doesn’t happen too often. Sweetie generally regards the other cats as her enemies although sometimes i think she likes for them to chase her. but sometimes she’ll start batting at them in an aggressive manner, so it’s nice that she was sharing her spot on the shelf with Riley.

and here she is emerging from the upside down clothes basket special tower we have in the living room.

and now i’m realizing tht our living room is pretty much a kitty haven, with the upside down clothes basket tower and the other basket and the heated kitty house and the steps up to the kitty condo. we’ve talked about constructing some kind of kitty highway around the top of the walls, which would be even more fun.

and that’s it for July. my plan, which will probably change, is to post just a few photos so i can get caught up…

and so it goes.

ok then,

mrs. 9/11 day hughes.


As the summer slips by…

by grace on August 16, 2020

So, July…well, here’s a few photos from the beginning of the month.

First, Riley. in June I posted a photo of Riley in my re-purposed my clothes basket , which was so long ago…Riley still enjoys climbing inside sometimes. Sweetie just likes to stretch on it and scratch it furiously.

Lovey…wow, she was actually lying in the living room! She hasn’t done that really at all when i’m at home, and i’m at home a lot. she’s starting to warm up to me and maybe when the weather gets cold she’ll be more interested, as opposed to completely terrified of me.

Same day, July 2nd, a lovely boat ride.

A day later, Lovey and Les Paul chilling in the front hall. She’s not really afraid of the other cats, just me. Yesterday morning i went up to the front bedroom and Lester was lying on one kitty tower in front of a window and Lovey was lying in the other one. Just hanging out. Of course, because i showed up to close the windows, Lovey anxiously jumped off her tower and scuttled under the bed to safety.

Here’s the heated cat house that kevin bought for Lovey last winter. She appreciated it greatly during the cold weather and Kevin first brought it onto the screened porch when she moved inside but then he moved it next to the couch, because the room wasn’t quite full enough of places for the kitties to relax.

Of course Riley wanted to settle down inside. I think he’ll probably like it even more in the winter when maybe kevin will turn the heat on in there.

And speaking of heat…here’s Kevin, so hard at work on the back half of the old part of the house. This is July 3rd, and man was it hot while he worked, peeling off the old shingles.

I was surprised to see this picture because i don’t remember this mink darting across the boards leading to the dock. crazy that i got a good shot, and crazy that i don’t remember it.

and that’s how things are now, crazy all around. It’s weird to think that it’s been over five months since everything collapsed, and I mostly just stay home. On thursday, Amy, Mom and I went to TJ Maxx and it was really weird to be in a store that wasn’t a grocery store, which is the only place i’ve been except Lowe’s. It was very well-organized and well managed at TJ Maxx, with a person outside the store stand giving out masks and hand sanitizer, if you needed it. And somebody right when you went in with a clean cart that they then cleaned for you again.

Exciting times.

It’s just weird that everything is weird now. Watching something on TV, and people are crowded together at restaurants or whatever and we say, “don’t do that anymore.

Anyway, my hope is to start posting on here before another few months slip by and there’s snow on the ground.

ok then, ok,

grace h.


Happy Mother’s Day!

by grace on May 10, 2020

That’s addressed to you, mom…but suddenly it’s already late afternoon on mother’s day and another day has gone by whoosh….

we bought a 25-lb bag of powdered skimmed milk a few weeks ago. i found it on some site that sells bulk stuff but there were some issues with the shipping because suddenly the site got overwhelmed with orders but a nice woman from the site actually called me on the phone to resolve the issues.

and here it is. i bought the ziploc bags and kevin measured the whole giant bag into these little baggies.

I know many people don’t like powdered milk but i think it’s a treat. it always makes me think of camping.

i’ve been doing a little yard work; on this day in april i was transplanting the final lilies into the fenced yard and after i dug up some of them i hurled the shovel over the fence. it landed like this and Riley found it to be quite interesting.

A relatively new bleeding heart – the biggest one i had got peed on by the cats so much that it died, but i have at least a couple of good–sized ones now. i love bleeding hearts.

These bluebells roamed over to the front of the house…

…from this other part of the front of the house. i don’t remember there being so many of them there before. We should try to think of doing something more with this piece of yard.

all the april rain toppled this lovely cherry tree over to the side in front. it’s sad because it’s one of the trees dad planted. it hadn’t been doing well for a few years and it was leaning precariously but still had quite a few blooms. but then, down.

I transplanted some tulips from the front of the house to the back but only two of them bloomed. i think i planted this one last year, but none of the others next to it bloomed. but this one just kept blooming and blooming, i think it stuck around for a whole month.

ha, all those hostas in back of it are about five times as big now. i’m hoping all the hostas in back will grow and cover up the weeds and grass which needs to be pulled around them.

here’s an historic photo; three cats all together. sweetie is way back there on the chair on the left. she’s getting more and more friendly; when i sat down on the couch to write this she jumped up and wanted to lie on my lap! a nice surprise, although she didn’t linger.

the other day Lester was scrabbling around on the chair and managed to get back behind the cushion and the cover. we could do with some new chairs.

Lovey! doing better and better all the time, even though she loves kevin and sometimes barely tolerates me. Kevin said that he and Les were upstairs with Lovey and that went pretty well. Les has ventured up there a few times and there has been no hissing at all. very promising.

I wish i’d been quick enough to capture this on video; one night sweetie was chasing her tail, around and around, there on the chair. darling!

after i went running one afternoon at the end of april these two geese were hanging out in front of the house, drinking from the puddles.

and this morning i looked out an upstairs window and a goose was standing up on the peak of the three-car garage. very funny.

and that wraps things up for april…

ok then,



at the start of april…

by grace on May 4, 2020

these two ducks were enjoying the bird seed scattered on the ground in back of the house.

Riley had no interest in them at all.

Kevin bought this remote for the upstairs TV. we probably won’t lose it. it’s funny, we’ve only ever had one TV, but he hooked up a small monitor that works as a TV.

Sometimes Kevin will watch something on it when hanging out with Lovey, but mostly it’s tuned to the bird show, which she loves to watch.

Here’s me, about to bravely venture into the grocery store at the beginning of April. I sure haven’t been out of the house much.

Lovey was watching from her window.

Kevin and I have been kayaking a few times already, and on this morning we paddled into Long Bay. This turtle was sunning itself on a rock.

A very very short video of the turtle.

Moon over the water.

the next morning, Wednesday April 8th, we made our first attempt at taking Lovey to the vet to be tested and given shots. We had to drop her off and wait in the car, and they said it’d take about a half hour.

But after only about 10 minutes a vet tech came outside shaking her head. Uh oh. It didn’t go well. Lovely bit the tech through her lead-lined gloves, and they couldn’t get her to cooperate in any way.

They gave us some gabapentin which would hopefully calm her enough for our next try and we made an appointment for the following week.

in the meantime, we had to take Riley in for his annual checkup and shots, and the vet had no problems with him. but when she called to report on Riley she asked “is he a grumpy cat?” I told her that Riley is the most gentle and mellow of cats, but clearly being at the vet without his humans was distressing to the poor fella.

Right now Riley is lying on his kitty tower in front of the window giving himself a bath. all the vet-trauma left his brain a long time ago.

the next week Kevin tried sprinkling a bit of the gabapentin onto Lovey’s food to see if she’d eat it. He was successful, so on Thursday April 16th he managed to get the contents of one and a half pills into her food and she ate it and then he didn’t have a problem getting her into her cage.

we were still apprehensive about her being compliant at the vet, but she did a great job. She doesn’t have any illnesses, she’s about two years old and weighs 9 pounds. We were so relieved at all this news!

She still lives in the upstairs guest bedroom but yesterday morning kevin closed off the other parts of the house where other kitties were and Lovey bravely walked downstairs. she didn’t stay down here for more than a few minutes, but she’s getting more brave. I’m still not her favorite person which means i need to spend more time upstairs with her.

She’s so cute…

Ok then,

Mrs. monday morning, oh no, it’s actually already afternoon, hughes.


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