Louis Armstrong

an ad…

by grace on August 24, 2019

i don’t know what brought me to this ad for the BBC, but it’s so amazing that i have to put it here. so beautiful…


the rest of monday in NoLa

by grace on May 6, 2017

after a great tour at the beauregard keyes house we headed out to the Fauborg Marigny section of town for some lunch.

what a great sign!

we asked two separate people about a place for lunch and they both said “coop’s place,” so that’s where we ended up.  in case you can’t read the bar rules, they say “rule #1 – bartender is always right. #1a Don’t confuse the hillbilly.  #2 if bartender is wrong, see rule #1.  #3 no buffett.”

i don’t know why i didn’t take a photo of our delicious food, but i do know i had a bloody mary and some awesome beans & rice.  i loved this sign on the door to the women’s room.

yeah, it would be insane to drive a car in new orleans.  how much fun can you have sitting in that huge line of traffic?

i like that there were so many old signs everywhere.

i loved this hotel, the Cornstalk Hotel, on Royal Street.  i wish i’d gotten a better shot of the cornstalk fence.  it was raining a bit at this point, so i didn’t feel like taking a lot of pictures.

we stopped in at a little coffee shop where i actually drank a coffee – it was a cafe au lait and i added plenty of sweetener and thought it delicious.

the rain tapered off and we walked and walk, all the way to the louis armstrong park.  i bet it’s a great place on a warm summer night with bands playing and food stalls, but it was pretty deserted on this chilly afternoon.

i loved this front door and would love to get one for our house.

we eventually made our way back to royal street and discovered so many antique shops full of beautiful things.  here’s a fantastic assortment of oyster plates.

and, wow!

we looked in at a few antique shops but most were closed on monday. after a very very active day we took the ferry back to algiers point and i got this sunset photo of a louis armstrong statue.

he was born on the same day as kevin!

this panorama turned out pretty well.  i think i’m getting the hang of the panorama a little bit better now.

we had another delicious dinner at the dry dock cafe, ending with a spectacular piece of carrot cake.  our waitress said the owner’s wife bakes them!  mmmm good.

we resolved that we wouldn’t do so much walking on tuesday, our last day in new orleans.

you can guess how that went.

ok then,

mrs. catching up hughes.


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