11:15 and THE LOON IS BACK!

by grace on May 21, 2010

whew, i can sleep easy now.  i heard a noise and clicked onto the screen just as the loon was struggling back up on the nesting platform.  it turned one of the eggs over and snuggled in for the night.

funny, but while i was watching the loon, winnie was sitting here next to me on the couch looking at me, and then he snuggled down to sleep, too.

i think i need a winnie cam.  or a winnie and mollie cam.  much of watching mollie, though, would just be the loud snoring, broken up by loud barking whenever somebody comes to the door or a car pulls up.  the winnie cam would be a lot of winnie sitting out on the front porch, looking up at the nest that a bird has built in a flower arrangement hanging on the side of the house – the bird is sitting on eggs and winnie really, really wants those eggs.  we had to pull the chair away from the house so he couldn’t climb up there.  but he still sure does want them real bad.

sleep sleep sleep right now.


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by grace on May 21, 2010

it’s 11:04 p.m., i should definitely be in bed, but i can’t stop watching the loon cam.  a while ago it was just showing this clump of vegetation, and it didn’t look quite right somehow.  there was no loon in sight.

i was doing other things online with the sound of the loon cam still going, and all of a sudden i heard a BIG SOUND…i assumed it was the loon coming back to the nest.  i clicked over to it, and it wasn’t that at all – it was the CAMERA BEING MOVED.

so larry the loon guy was RIGHT OUT THERE, adjusting the camera.  when he’d changed the angle it was back to the way it’s supposed to be and there were the poor little unprotected eggs.  hopefully the loon will be back soon, but will it come back before i have to go to sleep?


larry also cleaned the camera lens, which was odd to see, from the POV of actually behind the lens.

the thing is, though, WHY DIDN’T HE SAY ANYTHING?  He wouldn’t have disturbed the loon because (1) the loon is off swimming somewhere and (2) he could have whispered.  “hi all you loon fans, this is larry here.  things are quiet and VERY VERY DARK where i am.”  or he could have said just anything at all, and i don’t know why he didn’t.  i’d have sung a very very quiet loon song.  perhaps i’ll compose one later tonight and record it for you.

you know what, you could close your eyes and the loon cam noise sounds like camping.  kevin is camping right now, fast asleep for hours.  maybe we’ll get to go camping together sometime this summer.

still no loon.  i should watch some tv and wait for it, but sleep seems like such an excellent idea right now.

ok then,

thursday night grace.

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sleep, one of my favorite things

by grace on May 20, 2010

do you ever think about sleep, and how weird it is, that you’re just lying there for (hopefully) hours on end, and it’s such a nice thing, but you’re unconscious?

as you can see i’m feeling extremely profound this morning.

at about five, winnie jumped up on the bed and i petted him.  he walked around a little bit and i know he was thinking WHERE THE HELL IS KEVIN WITH MY BREAKFAST?  but he quickly lay down next to me and went to sleep.

if kevin was here winnie would be sitting next to him, peering down in his face, purring loudly.  he might also be tapping his head and then THUMPING it vigorously in order to get kevin to WAKE UP ALREADY.  he could be sitting on kevin’s back, if kevin was lying face-down.

he’d never do any of that with me.  we both went back to sleep because he knows i won’t get up just to feed him at five.  it’s raining YET AGAIN and we may have to build an ark soon.  i guess i should go down in the basement and check to see if water is seeping in, but what would i really do about it anyway?

kevin sent me a photo of their campsite.  there’s the minivan, still looking sparkly clean from when i washed it before christine came to visit.  his tent is in the back, only partially visible – it’s the camoflage one.  he plans to put all his gear and stuff in the tent and sleep on the air mattress in the van, which seems like a very good idea to me.  especially if it rains there.

although it sure looks nice and sunny there, doesn’t it?

have you looked at the loon cam lately?  the loon is just sitting there on the nest per usual, but there are some guys offscreen, i assume fishing.  you can’t see them, so they must not be too close, but every once in a while one of them will GUFFAW.   mostly they’re just talking and sometimes chortling.

ok then,

thursday morning grace.

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by grace on May 15, 2010

ok, on thursday morning i was going to go running.  it was cloudy outside and i looked at weather.com and it said there was a ONE HUNDRED PERCENT CHANCE of rain at nine o’clock.  and then a much less chance at 10.  so i decided to wait til ten.

but as i kept sitting there, IT DIDN’T RAIN.

just how much more of a percentage chance than ONE HUNDRED PERCENT does a person need in order to believe the percentage?  it makes me have no faith in weather predicting whatsoever.  i finally started running a little after nine and we got out into the field where there’s a good view off into the distance, and there were some darker clouds, but it didn’t rain at all when we were out for about 40 minutes.

kevin and i even had a plan – he was going to watch for the rain, and if it started pouring he was going to drive down the road and find me out in the field.

good plan, but not necessary.  it did rain, finally, but not till a couple of hours later.

this weekend, the forecast kept changing but by yesterday, the report was that today it was going to be warm and sunny.


maybe i’m getting old and boring and who cares about the weather anyway – but I CARE.  when i want to go running, i’d like to know if it’s going to rain.  i don’t think that should be a huge big deal, especially when i check the weather JUST AS IT’S SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN.  AND THE WEATHER REPORT IS TOTALLY WRONG.

and what about all the plans people had for the weekend – we were going to go to the art fair, and that would have been good, but of course now we’re not going.  instead, we’re going to see “how to train your dragon,” which i bet will be more entertaining than the art fair anyway.  but i do feel sorry for all the exhibitors, because who wants to see the stuff in the rain?  not to mention, of course, that i’m sure they thought there was NO CHANCE FOR RAIN today.  because the weather report said NO CHANCE FOR RAIN.

there have been boaters out on the lake pretty much all day, but that’s their own fault.  there were a couple of guys standing out in a fishing boat right off the dock, just standing there fishing.  i guess if that makes them happy, good for them.  there was also a pontoon boat a little farther out and i assume they were also fishing or else perhaps just crazy people out for a jaunt in the rain.

it would be very nice to be able to go in the boat when the weather is better (maybe on tuesday, but i’m not counting on it anymore), but the problem with the motor wasn’t the carburator and kevin bought a new fuel pump but how can he fix it in the rain?  he can’t.  and he’s going to a shooting competition in a few days, so he won’t be able to do it then.

someday we’ll have a working boat.  probably.

i wrote to christine that i thought it’d be neat to have a “lake cam” like the LIVE LOON CAM which i love.  she thought that would be a great idea, but she said it would be a nightmare to put it up on the site.  hmm, but what about the nightmare of finding a good camera, one that could withstand all the weather?  i looked them up in a cursory kind of way on amazon, and the good ones are very, very expensive.  plus it’s not like it could be mounted in one place – it seems it’d be better for it to be placed in different places, because there are things going on all over the place.  i keep seeing snakes swimming around, and of course there’s the daily duck and goose show.

randy said it would be good to have a raccoon cam, but that would involve getting a special camera with night vision.

so i guess for now it’s just going to have to be still pictures and occasional videos of the lake.

maybe i’ll put on my raincoat and go take some pictures of the nutty boaters out there.

or i do have to say it’s a perfect afternoon for a nap…

ok then,

lazy saturday hillbilly grace.

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