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wrapping up september…

by grace on October 18, 2020

Mom, Kevin and I had a lovely weenie roast on Friday Sept. 25th. We’ve been having them every friday night since then, and it’s a fine tradition. Kevin goes down to the dock about an hour early and starts a fabulous fire – fires are one of kevin’s many talents.

each week we don’t deviate much from our menu. it’s mostly just hot dogs and chips, and maybe some carrots that get ignored. But the best part of a weenie roast, IMHO, are the s’mores.

The above photo was taken a little before seven and it was still pretty light out. it gets dark so much earlier now.

poking the fire is a key part of kevin’s success. the light was starting to fade a bit after seven.

the boat, the moon, kevin…and the light pole. see that light pole there on the left? it’s a very nice solar light except the base is fairly lightweight.

that is to say, it used to be lightweight. just a week ago Kevin and i went on a lovely sailboat ride with a picnic on the boat. this is historic because we’ve never had a picnic on the boat plus kevin made the picnic!

it was quite festive although it got a little hot out there and then the wind died down so we finally motored back to the shore. usually the sailing part of the ride is pretty low key unless the wind suddenly picks up, but then the docking can be a little tricky because i have to jump off the boat and secure it so we don’t smash into the rocks.

on this afternoon for some stupid reason i grabbed at the light post even though i know it’s very lightweight and doesn’t hold any weight. i thought i’d lightly grab it and then get a firm grip on the dock, but the grabbing wasn’t light at all but more of a big jerk and i pulled it down and it toppled over on me, hitting me in the face. i fell down on the deck of the boat and kevin hurried to the front so we wouldn’t hit the rocks, picking up the light and tossing it onto the deck so he could get past me.

but the light slowly rolled over to the side of the deck and plopped down into the water. i got up, kind of shaken, and said i’d jump in and get it. kevin said no, don’t do that. my lip felt swollen and painful, but i hurried to help him secure the boat.

after we’d gotten it safely moored, kevin got out the big pole with a hook on it out of the boat and fished around in the water, finally pulling up the light. yay, kevin!

my lip wasn’t so bad, just a little swollen and bruised, and kevin ordered a new, much stronger base for the light and has secured it to the light with a very sturdy wooden pole. He has attached it to the dock and next time i won’t be destroying anything!

well, never say never. there’s always something waiting around to be destroyed when it comes to me.

this is kind of historic, riley and sweetie lying together on the kitty tower. sweetie as a rule doesn’t tolerate any other cats up there with her and does all kinds of hissing and batting at whosoever attempts to join her, but they’re being calm here for a moment, anyway.

since that photo was taken kevin ordered another section of kitty tower and now it’s three across instead of two with many many nooks for cat naps, plus it extends out so actually five cats could lie up there, if we had five cats. i don’t think i’ve seen two of them sitting up there together since he did it, but i’m sure it’ll happen.

Riley, enjoying time on the dock at the end of september.

and my final, favorite photo of the month, contemplative Riley enjoying his day out.

and that’s it for september! Yesterday it was nice out but incredibly windy with gusts up to 50 mph i believe. this morning it’s sunny and in the 50s but the temperature is going to drop so i think i’ll go for a run soon.

i hope you’re keeping safe and not going too bonkers in these ever-trying times,

Ok then,



More from september,

by grace on October 17, 2020

now that it’s the ides of october…

i finished painting the front porch and i realize i didn’t take a photo. i’ll have to do that sometime.

in september i also decided to tackle cleaning the walls of the screened porch. they walls are siding, and i don’t know if they’ve ever been cleaned but i thought it wouldn’t be such a big job, just a little windex to wipe them down.

kevin got out a ladder to make the job easier for me and i swiped at the ceiling, which has been covered in black spots and lines and a few years ago i tried cleaning them but i determined that they couldn’t be cleaned.

i was wrong. it did take some time, but i managed to get every last spot clean. here’s what it looked like on sept 21st.

i think i spent six days cleaning that room. that’s what happens when something has never, ever been cleaned.

i don’t have a photo of the finished room, now that i think about it. there are still a few piles of things in there but who knows when i’ll get to them. at least that’s probably the only time i’ll have to clean that ceiling again. i mean, mom and dad built this part of the house in 1985, so that’s 35 years of not cleaning, so i’m confident we’ll hve moved away before it might need to be done again.

Lester and Riley don’t care if the room is clean or dirty.

i was going to move this mirror because i thought it might be uncomfortable for les, but then i realized that of course he enjoys lying up against something that would seem uncomfortable to anybody else.

Les and riley enjoying a sunbeam…

this ended up in les giving riley a bath…

…which ended up in somebody biting somebody else…

and that’s about it on this very very windy saturday late afternoon in october.

ok then,

mrs. h.


here in october…

by grace on October 6, 2020

…are a few photos from september. I love this picture so much, Lovey sitting in front of my pelican/goose collection.

Shortly after that she sprawled out on the floor so relaxed, at least for a moment.

And then totally content! it didn’t last long, but she frequently spends at least a little time in the living room with us before she has to dash off somewhere more secluded.

Lester on a walk that same day, Sept. 20th.

I recently came across this very very old piece of paper when going through old letters. mom sent this to me maybe 20 years ago? i felt it needed to be put up on the fridge even though i already firmly believe in the words.

it’s a beautiful morning and i’m about to head back out to the front porch to do more painting. mom came over and helped with the priming for a couple of hours yesterday and now it’s time to paint hopefully a final coat of white. I’ll also add some red trim but that won’t be today.

i hope your tuesday is a good one…

ok then,



a rainy saturday…

by grace on October 3, 2020

it’s chilly and rainy today so i’m taking a break from painting the old entrance to the house. i started the project yesterday and spent two hours taping all the glass that needed to be taped and then another couple hours applying primer but i got so tired and it got so late that i didn’t finish priming.

maybe tomorrow. it’s supposed to warm up into the 70s again next week, so maybe tomorrow i’ll do something else fun, like cleaning my house a little.

but not too much. don’t want to overdo it.

here’s us on Kevin’s sailboat on August 13th. i think this is the only time we actually wore our life jackets. what a lovely day.

Kevin bought his sailboat, an18-foot O’Day, in 2010. it came with a main sail and a smaller sail that he thought was the jib, which is the sail in front that gives the boat more power, and a third sail that he thought was a spinnaker. i think. and i believe that a spinnaker goes sideways to give you power against the wind another way.

but then he realized that the jib was a storm jib, a smaller sail for sailing in stormy weather when you didn’t want the wind to overpower you. he used the storm jib but didn’t get so much speed.

then he realized after only ten years of owning the sailboat that the other sail was actually a jib. i think he realized it because we saw another sailboat out when we were out and they were going much faster. suddenly it all clicked for him. at least this is my recollection of events; you’d have to ask him for the real story.

anyway, here’s the great big jib, a very exciting day!

We’ve definitely been out with the mainsail and the jib and did go much faster. i’m hoping we’ll get to go out again this week.

meanwhile…here’s mom’s row of new roses of sharon, which the deer haven’t devoured yet because we’ve been spraying them. plus mom has done such an excellent job of watering them that a couple that looked totally dead suddenly grew a bunch of tiny leaves. nice. that’s not mom’s house in the background, that’s the neighbor’s house between mom and us.

Les Paul and Riley were lying on the floor looking so peaceful but by the time i picked up my phone to take a photo, Riley was leaning in to start gnawing on Lester.

September 16th was our 14th anniversary, and I’ve already written about how kevin said we should ride 16 miles for 16 years and i told him it was only 14 years. We rode on the Sangamon Valley Trail, which is 11.3 miles one way. it was a lovely day, not too hot, not too many people on the trail. It was fun to go on a path that i haven’t been on for most of it. as we rode kevin kept asking me if i was OK, and i was quite ok and we made it all the way to the end. Here we are.

This section was mostly fields but there was plenty of shade along parts. I hope we ride this trail again soon.

and that’s all for right now.

ok then,


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