Les Paul

On sept. 18th kevin and i headed over to the fairgrounds to see this convoy of military vehicles.  they were trekking all the way to california on route 66, and i’m hoping kevin will remember some of the details and tell you about it.  here’s a pretty cool motorcycle with a sidecar that kevin really liked.

the next morning there a bunch of fogg had rolled over the lake, and i got these pictures of  birds skimming over the surface.



later in the afternoon lester hid in the vinca vines.  shhhh, you can’t see him…

that evening a heron perched on a buoy.  last night we had a neighborhood bonfire, and one of the neighbors told me that when they moved here 20 years ago it was pretty rare to see a heron.  that’s funny; since my grandmother lived here, i’ve been coming out here most of my life, and it felt like the herons had always been around.  but i guess not.

amy, jim, mom, randy and i went to a W.I.L.D. fundraiser which my friend Jill hosted, and amy and jim brought two of their darling doggies.  it was an incredibly hot day.

september 25th, taking the boat out of the water for the winter.  i kind of feel this is the latest we’ve taken it out, but then again i didn’t remember that the herons haven’t always been around in great abundance, so you never know.  the water was ridiculously low and the grass was brown.  since then it’s rained so much that new grass is growing, i have lilies coming up, it looks kind of spring-like.

this is our property, although you can’t see the houses.  our dock is over there on the left.

i think his is the first time it occurred to me to sit in the back of the boat.  all the many other times i always sat in the captain’s seat, as though somehow i needed to steer.  it takes me a very long time to think differently.

and there it is, the end of september.  i’m pretty sure there weren’t as many photo ops in october so there’s a chance i’ll be done with them before the end of the month.

but on the other hand i haven’t been able to give massages for the past two weeks and yet i haven’t managed to find very much free time.

right now there’s a threat of snow in the forecast for saturday.  good god.  it’s still about 70 today, but the temperature is supposed to start dropping.  i have to somehow dig up all my gerber daisies in the front and put them in pots for over-wintering, as well as getting plants from the deck into pots, but i don’t know how that’s gonna work with only having the use of one hand.  hmm, somehow i’ll have to get kevin to help me.

it’s always something.

ok then,

mrs. i hope there really isn’t any snow coming soon hughes.





by grace on October 13, 2017

on monday afternoon, after I ‘d posted the stuff about falling in the road on saturday, the urgent care place called me to say that my nose was, indeed, fractured.  this is the first time i’ve ever broken anything.  i’m not scheduled to see an ear nose and throat person til next friday, so clearly it’s not something dire.  it’s still kind of swollen, but doesn’t really hurt.

but after they said it was broken i decided to call my doctor and they got me right in to see a nurse practitioner.  she did a blood test and x-rayed my wrist and did an EKG and said i had “post-consussive trauma,” i think.  she said i certainly had a concussion since i fell so hard that i broke my nose.  she consulted with my doctor, and then told me that i also need an echo cardiogram and a CT scan.

they were worried because i just fell, didn’t trip over anything, just went down, boom.

when i called mom that night, monday, and told her about my nose being broken and all the tests i needed, she said, “but grace, you’ve always fallen down!”

and of course she’s right.  ever since i was little, i’m very prone to tripping myself up.  that’s why i’m grace!

my wrist wasn’t broken, just badly sprained and today i finally bought a brace for it.  i wish i’d gotten it sooner, but at least i have it now.  i had the CT scan and it was quick, and they called today to say that i just have soft tissue swelling in my head because of the fall, so i’m OK.  and i’m sure the ech cardiogram will be fine, and my scrapes are healing nicely.

i’ve been so tired all week, and today kevin went to the grocery store with me to lift stuff into the cart.  i’m feeling a little more energetic which is great because i’m tired of just sitting around all the time.

and finally, more photos of september – i went over to water my neighbor’s flowers and started deer who were resting in the wooded area between houses.  first there were two deer…

…and then i realized there were three of them…

…and all of a sudden an entire herd came racing out of the underbrush!  i think there were at least seven.

bev came over for a boat ride and for some reason she brought her purse down to the boat. i pointed out that there wouldn’t be any shopping opportunities out on the lake, and i was sure that it’d be safe up at the house, so kevin took it.  it looks like a man purse here!

amy and jim’s darling italian greyhound Izzy.  kevin and i got to babysit all five dogs for a little bit yesterday, which was fun.

i haven’t taken les outside for a walk all week because i haven’t been felt like walking around, and i couldn’t pick up a cat.  but luckily kevin has taken him sometimes.

one morning les and i were sitting in the fenced yard and suddenly les decided he was terribly lonely so he carried this big sock around!

we went to the Farm in early september and there with this unusual plant.

this is what it’s called, but since i didn’t write it down and i’m not writing it down right now, i guess i’ll never remember it.  oh well, the deer probably like to eat them, anyway.

i love the chickens at the farm.

our 11th anniversary on september 16th!  i continue to be amazed at how quickly time has been rushing forward.  kevin ordered this beautiful multicolored bouquet for me, sweet man.

for our anniversary we decided to go to a small town outside of indianapolis, because herman’s hermits was playing there.

more to follow.

ok then,

mrs. i haven’t hurt myself any more this week hughes.



by grace on October 9, 2017

that was the sound of my forehead hitting the asphalt on the road on saturday morning.

not the best way to start the weekend.  we’d been planning to visit kevin’s siblings in northern IL but kevin wasn’t feeling well, so when i set out for my run i started to formulate plans.  it was a little  hot and very humid, and my pace wasn’t very fast – well, it’s never fast, but usually not so slow.

i was feeling good, though, and headed over the vachel lindsay bridge.  after the halfway point i spotted the first wooly worm of the fall.  i don’t know how it got all the way out there, but it was up on the sidewalk, out of harm’s way for the moment, but i figured it didn’t really have anywhere safe to go.  i scooped it up in my baseball hat and covered it with one hand, running down to the beach house and across to the grass where i set it free.

i decided to run five miles, because i’d like to do a 10k in early november.  i got to 2 1/2 miles and headed back.

my mind was whirring, thinking about an upcoming trip i’m going to take to NYC, but then i thought about how i should to be in the present, enjoy the day, the breeze, the good run.

my fitbit said i’d reached four miles, and i was glad there was only one more mile because i was hot and tired.

and suddenly, down i went.  CRAck, my forehead hit the blacktop.  i literally tripped on nothing at all.  i frequently stumble on things, but this happened so fast.  i sat in the road, crying, my glasses had flown off, and blood was pouring out of my nose and all over my leg.  there weren’t any cars around, and i quickly called amy and asked her to come and pick me up.  a UPS truck pulled up down the road and the driver got out and asked if i was ok.  “No,” i sobbed, “i think i broke my nose.”  he helped me up and i told him that someone was coming to get me and he apologized that he had to keep going on his route.  i said i was fine and hobbled over to a safe spot across the road.

when amy roared up, i’m sure it must have been alarming because i was crying and very bloody.  when we got home she and kevin debated about whether i needed to to to the ER because they couldn’t tell if my nose was broken, so amy took a picture and sent it to jim.  jim was at home, on crutches because he has tiny fractures in his femur and has to be off his leg for a month.  yes, we’re all kind of falling apart around here.

jim said i should go to the ER, so mom and amy took me after amy had fixed me a snack.  jim warned amy that the urgent care people would probably grill me about domestic violence, and i said that’s a good thing.  but nobody at the doctor mentioned it, probably because i was there with mom and amy and was clearly being taken good care of.

i guess my nose isn’t broken because it’s not horribly bent (no more than usual), and they were supposed to call with the results but haven’t yet.  i’m just scraped up and my right hand doesn’t have much strength in it, but i’m lucky i didn’t break my leg or my wrists or anything.

it makes me think of poor dad, who slipped on the ice and broke both his wrists.  that must have been so difficult, and i wish i’d helped him more.

now that i can’t do much of anything, i should have plenty of time to sit here and write.  typing isn’t too painful if i do it gingerly.

here we go, the start of september…i love this photo of mom getting her ears re-pierced.  because she always wore super flashy, long and heavy earrings, she finally ripped holes in them, two in each ear.  amy and jim bought her ear-mending surgery for her birthday, and mom has been gnashing her teeth, frantic to get earrings back inher ears.

the guy at the tattoo/piercing parlor wouldn’t pierce mom’s ears the first time we went there in august; he said she needed to heal longer.  but finally, sept. 2nd, the deed was done.

on a walk les found this deep hole in the ground.

chester always hangs out in the funniest way!

such a sweet and cuddly kitty.  when he’s not staking chipmunks.

the corn at the start of september – it was getting closer to picking time.  i wonder if they’ve harvested it by now?

a bee was very excited about the flowers growing in the front.

this is the kind of thing that would make bev shriek in terror, but i thought this was a cool spider there in the middle of her giant web.

and there you have it, as we’re faced with the last part of the year and the stores are filling up with christmas stuff…

ok then,

mrs. always falling hughes.



wrapping up august, as fall is upon us…

by grace on September 25, 2017

i took this on august 15th, when we were taking the boat out of the water yet again for repairs.  there’s kevin, walking up to the house to get in the van and drive over the bridge to pull the boat out.  it’s funny, because today we took the boat out for the season.

also funny because it feels like the middle of august, not the end of september.  it’s a little odd, as the leaves start to change color and fall off the trees, and yet right at this very moment it’s 94 degrees but feels like 96!  which is why i’m sitting in the air conditioning.

gull on a buoy.  sometimes herons perch there, and i’m always amazed at their balance.

kevin did all the work as i sat there in the captain’s chair.

i love the re-blooming lilacs.  they did really well this year despite getting eaten to the ground by the crazy hungry beavers over the winter.  maybe they’ve moved on this year?  maybe they’ve lost their taste for lilac?  time will tell.

the boat was not working much more than working this year.  here it is still at our repair guy josh’s, with a brand new (used) motor.  i was very excited about this, except then we still had issues but josh kept making house calls to repair it.  then it got really hot, so not enough time was spent on the boat by me.  must change that next year!

so many half-finished projects…here’s mom’s patio, with so many weeds growing through the cracks between the bricks.  it seems like bad design to me.  i used amy and jim’s blowtorch to get rid of them, but i think i wore myself out on this day.  i was hoping there would be a lot of rain and i could pull them, but that hasn’t happened yet.

meanwhile…she has a whole different patio around the back and the grass was so tall that you could barely see the bricks!  the thing about this patio is that nobody would probably ever sit there anyway.

i looked after randy’s kitties while he took a short trip.  they’re cute, of course, and here they seem to actually like each other.  the giant Pee Wee, in grey, does always want to play with miss kitty, but she hates him a lot.

so cute!

pee wee had a nice box in the dining room but randy didn’t want a box cluttering up his fabulous space, so he put it in the garage.  i got it back out for the poor little deprived kitty.  he just wants a box, that’s all!  not too much to ask!

miss kitty preferred the comfy bed.

one morning i went with jill to take her dogs for a walk and came across a tree full of these interesting berries.  i looked them up online and finally found that they’re the fruit of something called a Kousa Dogwood.  the fruit is supposed to be delicious.  i didn’t try it.

here’s what the tree looks like.  i saw this tree the day after i’d seen the first one, and i wish i’d have picked some of those berries.

one more darling photo of pee wee…

…and sweet lester, ready for bed…

and BOOM, end of august already!

september, plenty has happened in september, including going to see yet another performance of herman’s hermits!

soon, soon…

ok then,

mrs. sitting around on a monday afternoon hughes.




September 23, 2017

trying to remember my excuse for being so lax in posting much in august, i looked at photos.  i was pretty busy doing stuff outside. i power-washed the little dock, and wow, what a difference. lester approved. while i did that, kevin installed a portable toilet on the boat.  he also bought a privacy curtain! […]

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Les Paul finds a hole

August 25, 2017

On our walk yesterday afternoon, lester was really excited about a hole in the ground that he found.  he never did find out what was down inside it, but he did enjoy himself thoroughly.  when it was over he was content to find cicadas emerging from the ground, chomping them up.  who knew that cicadas […]

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wrapping up july with kitties, as the state fair is about to start…

August 6, 2017

how is that possible, anyway?  why does time speed by so much more quickly as i get older?  how is it that the fair is starting on thursday? it’s a strange day today; it’s usually hot and humid at the start of august but instead it’s cloudy and cool and i should be out running […]

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a giant new window.

July 25, 2017

instead of taking a long trip this year, we installed new windows in the living room. this is what the big window used to look like…there’s a beautiful view of the lake, except for the big panel in the middle where there was a mirror.  plus the seal on the far left window was broken […]

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July 24, 2017

here are three photos from the very beginning of july, such a very long time ago, it feels like. les, always stalking something down by the water. this is a beautiful new tiny tree i bought on impulse.  it’s called a Duranta, and i just read on wikipedia that although it is cultivated in some […]

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the really real last photos of june…

July 22, 2017

whoops, i forgot about these photos.  here’s a snapchat photo, which i took the morning of the 20th anniversary of harry potter.  how is it that 20 years have passed since the first novel was written? i had to take this photo of the fridge because it’s probably the cleanest and emptiest it’ll be…it was […]

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