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by grace on February 23, 2020

So…it’s Sunday morning here in sunny Florida and mom and I are going to be headed to the beach in a while. But here are some pictures of the darling kitties who I miss quite a bit!

of course I really miss Kevin, but at least we get to talk on the phone every day! Plus I’m constantly sending him plenty of pictures

les Paul and Riley, darling ever on February 9.

Lovey, our outside kitty who was peeking in at Kevin on February 13. When I get home, we are going to take her to the vet and get her checked out and then she will become an inside kitty! Hopefully that will go well. So far, she loves Kevin but is not so fond of me. But I’m sure I can get her to come around my side.

Birds plus a deer down to heal. Looking at this picture, it is hard to imagine how cold it still is back in Springfield.

Lovey is inside her heated kitty house. Kevin had leaned that window over it so that the snow would not fall on her, and I don’t know if you can see the plexiglass he has put in front of the house. It was really cold at night and I think she kept warm.

Here she is eating on February 16.

And that’s it it for my kitties right now! we will come home late on Tuesday night. In the meantime, plenty of sun and fun!

ok then,

mrs. h on holiday.


more of sunday feb. 2nd

by grace on February 14, 2020

it was so warm and kevin was feeling ok so he asked me to join him down at the dock. i thought we should include lester because he’s always dying to get out.

this worked ok for a few minutes but les just wanted to get down and wander around, so it wasn’t the relaxing sitting at the dock that we’d envisioned.

instead, we went back up and sat in the fenced yard with the kitties.

riley was mellow as always but poor sweetie was very distressed by this big cat up on the roof with her.

after hissing at him for a bit she hopped down and dashed off.

riley was, of course, nonplussed.

ten minutes later, sweetie couldn’t help herself, she had to hurry back up the ramp, at which point riley decided he’d had enough of this little kitty.

sweetie, king of the hill!

but of course she didn’t stay up there long, and here’s the true king of all her surveys. note riley nestled down amongst the ferns up against the fence.

kitties never like to linger, which is why that we can hang out with them in the fenced yard.

sweetie is so photogenic when she stops long enough to get her picture taken!

riley’s preferred spot is hiding a bit.

les, action kitty, nibbled on the dried catnip plant. it grew and spread a lot last summer but they didn’t seem to care about it so much

darling girl.

and that’s it for the cute kitty photos for this morning.

ok then,

mrs. it’s only 4 degrees but at least it’s sunny on this valentine’s morning hughes.


that’s it for January!

by grace on February 1, 2020

yay, we made it through january! Lester and Riley are chill.

they stopped what they were doing for a moment so i could get a picture…

…and then it was back to cleaning. i don’t think we’ve had two kitties who loved each other so much. Winnie and Honey were pretty happy together until Honey sometimes got a little too rambunctious for Winnie.

so darling.

lots of white pelicans out on the water, but they weren’t quite close enough for me to get a good shot.

bird in flight! they were very busy.

the bird on the far left looks like its head is in a hole in the bird feeder but there’s no hole there. optical illusion.

february has started out gray, for a change. that’s six days in a row now with no blue in the sky at all.

but it’s supposed to be unseasonably warm tomorrow, that’ll be nice.

and before we know it, it’ll be spring.

in the meantime…amy has the flu, kevin has yet another cold, and i’m determined not to catch it this time. hmm, can you will a cold to stay away?


ok then,

mrs. first day of february hughes.


here in january

by grace on January 22, 2020

Brrrr…well, it’s not so bad today as yesterday.

But still. January. not my favorite month.

Lester doesn’t mind.

I think i took this when walking from mom’s house to mine. so many deer relaxing.

this is one of the lights in front and i was fascinated by the light it cast when walking by it at night.

les is very proud of kevin’s hard work in cleaning up his main work area of the basement.

Sweetie continues to get more comfortable; just the other day she was eating and Riley was lying there and their tails touched. very historic.

In hopes of being more like Les Paul, Sweetie has jumped up on the counter a couple of times. it’s funny because then she doesn’t know what she’s supposed to do up there. Or maybe she’s hoping for a treat.

Riley, always mellow.

ok then,

g. hughes



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