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moving right along through june…

by grace on July 9, 2018

moving right along through june…yet another darling les photo.

it’s always impossible to take just one…

a couple of weekend ago, amy, mom and I got invited by our friend missy to a fundraiser.  it was for an organization called Gen H Kids, and its mission is

To create a generation of healthy kids through education, empowerment, improved nourishment and increased physical activity.”

an awesome thing to do, don’t you think? a good time was had by all.

I took a million pictures on the evening of june 26th, when the sky was beautiful.  I’ve tried to whittle them down to just a few here.

for some reason I had more luck than usual with creating panoramas.

it’s always mesmerizing the way the sky quickly changes color as the sun sets.  it’ll be nice to get some photos of that from the middle of the lake.

this is one of my favorites because the smoke is all blowing in a line like that.

amy took this picture of one of the few lilies still outside the fence.  the deer didn’t touch them this year…yet.  maybe they’ll be scared off by fierce little riley.

things are already ripening in kevin and amy’s vegetable garden.  kevin took this photo of either a zucchini or a cucumber.  we have a garden cucumber in the fridge right now, so maybe that’s what this is.

and that’s all for now,




more june

by grace on July 6, 2018

it’s been a windy summer so far.  hot, humid, windy.  this poor smoke tree cracked in the wind.

and this tree out in the circle also came down.  windy.

our friends glenn & Julie bought me this captain’s hat, and I like that it has bows on top.  I can’t actually wear it on the boat because it’d get blown into the water, but i’d like to wear it quite a bit.  maybe to parties!

we’ve already been over to the other side of the lake a few times; the lake is really big.  this is on the other side of the I-55 bridges, and the clouds were lovely.

I haven’t seen any cool floaty things like this on our side of the lake.

we went past the marina, and there were three skiiers!  isn’t that something?  it’s like a water show!  I wanted to keep going past the marina to see how far south it went but there were also some people on stand-up paddle boards and others kayaking and I didn’t want to bother them.

the other day kevin left the closet open and up lester climbed.

he was so comfortable up there that he took a little nap.  looks comfortable, doesn’t it?

this morning I wish i’d had my camera, because when I was sitting with riley in the fenced yard a deer came walking by, eating leaves as it went.  riley ran to the fence to watch it, and the deer came around to the side of fence.  it was only maybe ten fee away.  the deer finally looked over and saw me…and then she saw riley.  riley was going a little crazy, not making any noise that I could discern, but he was agitated.  the deer walked right over to him, just on the other side of the fence, and she kept stomping her foot, I guess to scare him.  then there was a noise, and I realized it was coming from the deer, kind of a snort like a horse would make.  she did that a few times, more stomping, and riley kept acting like he’d like to get at her.

finally she got scared and ran off.  riley walked up to the deck and laid down on the floor next to me, content that he’d saved me from the wild deer.

ok then,

mrs. july 5th hughes.




june june and more june…

by grace on July 3, 2018

i’m having a free moment right now.  it’s perfectly quiet here in the house, lester is sleeping on the back of the couch nearby, everybody is asleep.

I’ve been photoshopping my june photos, realizing I was very busy taking lots and lots of them…

here’s our neighbor frank using our new boat to tow the old boat over to the dock.

it looks so serene, doesn’t it?  the last ride on the old boat, it’s fitting that it was while being towed with the new one.  getting it into the lift was not so serene, involving kevin dashing about, leaping and jumping from dock to boat to trailer, pushing and pulling and getting into the water in his big boots, and whew, it was harrowing.  but somehow he managed to make it all happen, and now it’s all about the new boat going forward.

in the fenced yard at night, with riley up on his kitty house.

les, studying the hostas.

I feel this is the same bird that I see whenever I go sit by the dock, but probably it’s not.

our first boat ride with other, as toun appreciated the new boat.


I was in mom’s yard watering some roses of Sharon i’d transplanted and suddenly there was this momma and baby deer.  why does it seem that there are so many more of them this year?  the other day kevin says he saw five fawns playing together!

june june june.

ok then,




the rest of june…

by grace on July 1, 2018

roared past, and I can’t believe it’s july.  the weather has made it seem like it’s august, however.

meanwhile, a few june photos that weren’t boat-related.

les finally sat on the floor to ceiling kitty tower we put up, but since then we’ve taken it away because nobody was really interested.

riley at the fence – he loves it in the fenced yard and hasn’t ever even thought about trying to escape.

the deer are darling but so destructive.  they ate so much of my hostas in front of the house.  this used to be a big circle of huge hostas that dad planted, but i’d transplanted some of them.  but now they remaining ones are struggling to survive.

lester lurking in the vinca patch.  ironically, this is the scene of a horrible poison ivy incident!  since this photo, tall grasses have grown up, and amy spent a lot of time pulling them, and then got terrible poison ivy..  I said we should just pave over the whole vinca circle.

riley in front of the mutts pillow…

this was shortly after this deer gave birth – kevin thought she was looking inside, thinking it had come in.  it hadn’t.

riley, who is chillin’ a lot.

do you see the baby deer?  one lying down on either side of the compost bin.

the water was crazy murky after we had a huge rain.  over five inches in a very short period of time…

and this poor tree continues to tip more and more perilously into the water.

the blooming yuccas were so pretty, more than we’ve ever had.

and that’s all for now…there are lots more of june, but not at the moment.

ok then,

mrs. july hughes.






June 8, 2018

although it’s early june, it feels like august.  91 degrees right now, feels like 96.  might as well be time for the fair. meanwhile, the end of may….this tiny fawn was curled up outside amy’s porch.  since then we’ve spotted it and its mom quite a few times – the tiny thing is smaller than […]

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May 30, 2018

it’s like I jinxed things by writing that Winnie was OK as of yesterday – last night I stayed up much too late for no good reason at all, and this morning I was awakened by a sound that I couldn’t quite make out, but I suddenly knew that Winnie was having another seizure.  he […]

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post-memorial day activity

May 29, 2018

it’s a very busy day for me here on the day after memorial.  I have a bit of free time in between working, though. the not great news is that Winnie had another seizure after I posted that post on the 18th.  he had one that night, and the next night, too.  but then we […]

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Winnie, plus happier times…

May 16, 2018

Winnie isn’t doing well.  he had a seizure the night before last just after we’d gone to bed.  it was horrible, as he writhed and convulsed, for what seemed like forever.  I called the emergency vet but we decided we didn’t want to take him there; if this was it, we didn’t want his last […]

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april…cats, mostly.

April 23, 2018

yeah, a mighty chilly april.  I’ve either been busy working or sitting around waiting for spring to actually arrive. riley is doing his best to adjust to life-at-breakneck-speed that we have around here.  I love how his paw is dangling down like that; he hasn’t done that since. Winnie has had his ups and downs, […]

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finally spring, maybe? hopefully? hopefully.

April 19, 2018

yes.  spring.  it seemed that we’ve had now had a ritual of snow every sunday.  snow on easter, snow the sunday after that, and the sunday we just had…well, no snow really til Monday, and then it was a very brief blizzardy thing early Monday morning.  but it’s been chilly and blustery and i’m itching […]

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