Les Paul


by grace on August 11, 2019


of course we celebrated, but i didn’t wish him a happy birthday here.

It feels like this summer has gone by quicker than i ever remember. but then again, my memory is pretty poor at the best of times, so maybe last year also flew by.

Hopefully the ridiculously hot heat has already happened in july, and maybe August will be pleasant.

We finally found the restaurant Motorheads: https://66motorheads.com/

It’s been open for 14 months, the waitress told us, and it’s pretty close to us, but we’d dragged our feet in getting there.

we’re glad we found it – the food is good, there’s some decent outdoor seating, and the huge amount of stuff in the place is a wonder to behold. there are all kinds of cars and car parts and car-related stuff, plus so many old Springfield things.

out back was this awesome sign, a restaurant i remember fondly from so many years ago.

Next door they have a “museum,” filled with even more stuff, and there was a big hand-drawn poster from 1970. i don’t know why i didn’t take a shot of the whole thing, but here’s the part about the lake.

hmm, i see that it says that we have the “nation’s most up-to-date water purification plant.” i wonder if this could be true – just yesterday i was watering the flowers on the dock and had to use a bucket because my watering can had broken. when i pulled the bucket up from the water i could see that the water was a very icky yellow-brown color. yuck.

Inside Motorheads was a menu from Top’s Big Boy, which i have good memories of. There’s also the big Tops sign on the wall, and the Big Boy himself.

we’ve been to the place about six times now in about three weeks, and would have gone again Friday night but the place was too packed.

Meanwhile, back in kitty land…Les and Riley have taken to sleeping on targets. because they’re so comfy.

Sweetie doesn’t spend much time with us in the living room, but i’m sure that’ll change when the weather gets colder and she gets more used to us. right now she spends at least 85% of her time out in the fenced yard, and also a lot of time sleeping on the screened porch. she still hisses and swipes at Riley sometimes, but the other day all three were happily asleep on the porch. soon they’ll be the best of friends.

i went to see “hairspray” at the Legacy Theatre for a second time because it was so fantastic, and on the way home we were stopped by a train. it was hands-down the most interesting train stop i’ve ever seen; here’s one of the giant propellers for a windmill. that’s all that was on the train, just one giant propeller after another.

Here’s a little video of the sight.

On July 25th we took a nighttime boat ride, one of my favorite things.

finally, further proof that Riley continues to find it hard to mellow out.

whew, that’s all for now.

mrs. early to mid august hughes.


Hosta Stick Garden

by grace on July 20, 2019

Last Saturday morning, the 14th, i finished transplanting every single last hosta from all over the yard into the fenced yard. Whew.

As i wrote previously, i first dug them up, piled them in the wagon and pulled the wagon into the bedroom front door and out the back into the fenced yard. because, of course, there’s no way to actually open the back gate because then Lester would immediately find out a new way to escape.

this was a lot of work because the wagon full of hosta sticks was quite heavy.

the next time i tried it, i instead hurled the hostas over the fence. i had been meaning to ask kevin to lower them in a buck over the fence to me, but i decided this other way wasn’t bad. the hostas survived my hurtling, and it way better than the wagon.

but then i decided that the perfect solution was to pile some into a bucket and carry it back to the yard. the ones i’d flung over the fence had left piles of dirt in the yard, which annoyed me.

so last saturday morning i dug up the remaining hostas down at the bottom of the deck and then dug up a giant hosta right in front of the porch; last year the deer hadn’t touched it, but this year, anything goes.

i finally dug up the few remaining hosta sticks in the circle out front – this was the last part of the giant hosta circle that dad had been proud of. i’d transplanted some of the hostas from there to other places before, and there were only six or seven little hosta sticks left. it’s a little sad that the hosta circle is gone, but at least many of those hostas are going to live a happy life in the fenced yard.

kevin had tossed seven bags of mulch over the fence for me, and he’d also helped dig a few holes, and i got it all done and was exhausted but happy.

my Hosta Stick Garden

I took these pictures on saturday after i finished, and they’re already looking better.

this one even bloomed! i’m pretty sure this is one i’d transplanted a few days earlier.

I’ve been watering them and have high hopes.

and then, i have about eight or 10 daylilies that need to be transplanted, plus some big hydrangea, all at the side of the house. every bud has been eaten off the lilies plus the deer are eating the stems, and they’re making their way through the hydrangea.

right now there’s no place to put all these flowers until kevin does more tilling in the fenced yard. so that’ll wait a while. which is fine by me.

plus i want to plant some roses of sharon in most of the empty places where the hostas had been, but that can also wait.

last friday night, amy, mom and i took a lovely boat ride.

the motor was making such a spectacular wake, but there was no way to get a good photo – maybe somebody with a better camera could get one that’s not so blurry.

and one final funny thing – i wasn’t home last saturday afternoon, and kevin decided to take les for a walk. lester walked under the deck and sat there, waiting for unsuspecting birds to appear. soon kevin realized that les was not going coming out; he wouldn’t even look at kevin who was trying to get him to emerge.

kevin texted me, telling me of his quandary and i suggested shaking a treat container at him.

he tried, and later told me that les did finally turn to look at the sound, then he poked his head out a litttle, and then one paw, and finally came out enough for kevin to pick him up. funny kitty!

ok then,

mrs. july hughes.



by grace on June 24, 2019

This was June 6th, Sweetie’s first adventure in the fenced yard! i think her only experience outside had been so go out on her previous owner’s deck. she never got to run around in a yard.

kitty paradise

she loves the yard sooo much.

here’s Riley, still not sure what to make of this foreign kitty who isn’t very friendly, as Sweetie lurks in the background against the fence.

she loves outside!

Because he’s Riley, he quickly mellowed out.

super chill.

Under the plants is a favorite spot for Sweetie, as Les patrols the kitty highway.

I gave everybody some fresh catnip, which is growing and spreading like crazy, and Lester was quite content.

Here’s the base of a very tall tree that fell over due to all the wind and rain. it was leaning against another tree and kevin managed to carefully chainsaw it right down. he’s been doing quite a bit of that so far this summer.

the only thing now is that because of all the rain Kevin fashioned an extra tube feeding out from the sump pump into the fenced yard, and two days ago i took Sweetie out to see it and she completely freaked out because it made a whooshing noise as the water pumped. it wasn’t really much of a noise; Les Paul found it to be a delightful thing to observe, waiting in vain for chipmunks to magically pop out, but Sweetie, not a fan.

She’s been spending more time alone upstairs lately for some reason, but i’m sure she’ll be back down soon with our kitty family.

ok then,

mrs. drizzly monday morning hughes.


sweetie’s first taste of fresh catnip

by grace on May 20, 2019

last tuesday, the 14th, i picked a bunch of catnip and brought some of it upstairs to Sweetie. And boy, she loved it.

I tried to get a photo but she was a constant blur.

meanwhile…one day i was sitting on the couch and there were two woodpeckers at the feeders! i managed to get a shot before they flew off.

les and i took a little walk and he hopped up on the boat cover. but it was sealed up so tight that there was no way for him to climb inside, so i finally lifted him off. i didn’t want him falling in the water, that’d have been traumatic for the little guy.

later, he tried to relax.

we have two poppy plants growing in the fenced yard and i have no idea why. maybe i planted a bulb a year or so ago? they definitely weren’t there last year.

we did have two big bleeding hearts but the kitties vigorously used the mulch as a litter box and scratched one of the plants to death. but this one is doing fine, and i was interested to see the little remains of the hearts.

Riley is almost always out in the yard and loves it when anybody shares the experience with him.

after the poppy bloomed riley sidled past.

and it’s almost the end of may…it has been in the 80s, but today it’s cool and i’m going to go out and rake, etc, taking advantage of the cool and the cloudiness. one of the buffalo gnat bites i got last week has still been itching so i’m going to douse myself in vanilla spray before stepping. but maybe the gnats aren’t active when it’s cooler out? well, i’m not taking any chances.

ok then,

mrs. h.


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