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final photos from june…

by grace on July 22, 2020

June 19th, and this happened…Amy was rollerblading at Southwind Park and she purposefully swerved into the grass so she wouldn’t encounter a person coming towards her. But it wasn’t grass, as much as bumpy hard ground and rocks and so she fell.

She had to go to the ER, and her elbow was dislocated. She sent me a horrible picture where it looked like the bottom part of her arm was just hanging there.

The good news is that she continues t get better and she doesn’t wear this bionic-looking brace anymore. We’re hopeful that it will heal enough that there’s not a torn ligament or something which would require surgery.

These two photos were taken on June 22nd, the night i took the banner photo. A storm was really rumbling in.

Funny, we just had another big storm last night, July 21st, with over two inches of rain and a tornado warning. kevin hurried around trying to close doors and prepare for somehow getting all four cats into the basement.

luckily the storm passed without having to try to accomplish that feat.

Here are a couple of the pretty geraniums i bought to liven up the front yard and the beautiful yellow canna lilly that amy gave me. The deer ate the flowers off the cannas on either side of the walk and also ate quite a few of the geranium flowers even though it says everywhere that deer do not like geraniums. at all.

Here’s tiny Lester, as I was getting ready o do some yoga on the screened porch. This was one of the two or three days a year when the weather was perfect for doing that. He was very helpful with the yoga, and it was Down Cat instead of Down Dog.

So you don’t get the idea that kevin is doing absolutely everything outside this year, here are most of the ferns that i transplanted from beneath our bay window over to this less-sunny place under another window. They’re doing pretty well so far and i just notice a couple other little shoots that sprang up in the spot where i’d dug them all up, so i need to transplant those, too.

These aren’t the little ones, these are a couple more of the big ones that i transplanted the next day.

It rained so much yesterday that it would be easy to dig the little ones up now…except it’s 82 outside and feels like 90 because of the 83% humidity. Maybe i’ll get to it tomorrow.

And here’s Kevin on the last day of June, with the pile of shingles that were delivered.

He was very busy up on the roof in July and it’s halfway done but he’s on hiatus til the heat cools down a little.

and that’s all for now,

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(mostly) outside in june

by grace on July 22, 2020

Les and Riley, always happy to hang out in the fenced yard.

Lilies! All transplanted last year from different place in the yard. Now i kind of wish i’d planted them someplace where we could see them more often, but I think this is where they’ll stay.

Can you see Sweetie there on the swing behind the hydrangea? It’s funny, the bright white flowers have already changed into a deep pink.

My other hydrangea bush at the side of the house continues to get chomped by deer so i’m going to transplant that into the fenced yard next spring. wow, such far-away plans!

On this boating day i jumped into the lake. because it has been so hot here the lake is now at about bathwater temperature. you can see here the fabulous new boat top that kevin bought for me, which took such a long time to install. here it is tilted back to shield us from the sun.

The handles on my wicker clothes basket so kevin turned it into yet another kitty house. Riley loves it and Les tried to squeeze himself inside but we didn’t think he’d make it, but he somehow managed it. I wish i’d gotten a photo of when he was halfway in.

Because he doesn’t have enough boats, Kevin has been hard at work helping Glenn clean up and repair this sailboat of Glenn’s. This is Glenn’s smaller sailboat that was stored for many years at a guy’s repair lot. the guy was going to repair the boat but never did it. Then the guy died, and it seemed like it might be tricky to get the boat back, but about a month ago the new owner of the lot tracked Glenn down and called him, saying he wanted the boat off the lot, so that guy delivered it to our driveway. Kevin and Glenn have enjoyed working on it, and you can see Kevin’s sailboat in back of him, and maybe somebody will actually get a sailboat out on the water this summer?

And because Kevin did so much work on Glenn’s boat, he bought us dinner at the Yacht Club! Carryout, that is. Kevin, Mom and I enjoyed it on our deck.

baby deer! there’s always some kind of wildlife in the yard between our house and mom’s.

And here’s a baby groundhog in that yard. This one’s in the back.

Here’s a short video of some of the babies.

and now i am getting so close to wrapping up photos from june…

ok then,

mrs. july hughes.


driveway resurfacing in june

by grace on July 19, 2020

at the beginning of june, in between throwing barge-fulls of giant rocks up onto the shore, kevin resurfaced the driveway, coating it with a new coat of black sealant. it was pretty hot then, but not as hot as when he was putting shingles on the roof later in the month.

I love this picture because it captures him mid-step, looking very graceful like a ballerina as he spreads the stuff.

And yay he finished it!

and on a non-kevin-working-so-hard note, a few more images of june.

Lester, always trying to relax.

and in case you’re getting the idea that i’ve just been lolling around while kevin does all the hard work…well, baking this loaf of bread wasn’t hard work, but i was pleased to find the recipe for Pan Oregano, a delicious, herby pull-apart bread. I’d wanted to make it at Christmas and went crazy trying to find the recipe card, finally deciding I must have put it in the recycle. Amy researched the recipe and found a loaf that was good, but it just wasn’t the same.

So on June 6th as i was looking in a cookbook for another recipe, the book fell open to the inside cover, and there was my little recipe card. yay! Nowadays, in the midst of the neverending horrible coronavirus news, it’s nice to find anything that feels good.

it tasted good, too. Many, many years ago, when i regularly went to the library i found a wonderful little bread cookbook that was called something like “breads of the world.” i copied quite a few of the recipes onto recipe cards and made this recipe quite a bit, to the point where i got tired of it. I started making it again maybe a year ago, until i misplaced it.

A few years ago i tried to find the book online but it probably went out of print a long time ago. I did buy one that looked similar but I have yet to make any of the recipes from it. I bought that book at least 10 years ago…i think it’s time to get rid of a few of the many cookbooks I posssess.

Probably not today, though.

I also managed to get a pretty good picture of the moon over the lake.

When Kevin tied up the barge after a day of throwing rocks I noticed that he’d neatly coiled the big rope. ever a boy scout!

More photos of June to come, before the end of July sneaks up on me…

ok then,

mrs. in the very hot heat of summer hughes.


wrapping up may, finally

by grace on July 1, 2020

a bunch of random images at the end of may…first, Riley and Les Paul trying to relax on the screened porch on May 24th.

May 25th, Memorial Day, Kevin relaxed down at the water for a brief time after doing some herculean effort, i’m sure.

There was quite a parade of goslings and geese that day.

a short video of them.

hmm, not sure where mom and i were walkingh on this day. it looks like there’s a crowd of cars back there, so maybe it wasn’t over at the university. plus since we had masks on it must have been a place where there were other people.

beautiful peonies from the yard…i don’t like to cut them because they don’t last long but on the other hand when they’re out in the yard they’re not getting seen as much.

power-washing the deck on may 28th. it seemed extra dirty this year for some reason.

An Historic occation on Friday May 29th – amy and jim canoeing! I had to run down to the dock to capture it.

They’re quite excellent at the canoeing!

I jogged down the road on saturday the 30th and then cut through the field by the university. this is supposed to be a path across a pond but it was kind of treacherous for me. luckily i did not fall. I’ve been back there since then and it’s still not fixed. I hope they get on that soon.

A great photo to end up the month – mom, kevin and i had a bonfire down at the water. mom ate dinner and kevin smoked a cigar and a good time was had by all.

so then…plenty of stuff happened in june and i’m going to get all caught up, i just know it. it’s supposed to be really hot in the next few days so maybe i’ll spend time sitting around working on that.

ok then,

mrs. july first hughes.


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