and for a change…more of photogenic lester

by grace on February 22, 2017

but first – the beautiful roses that my sweet husband gt for me!  A+ to you, honey!

so anyway, it’s still wednesday, 9:03 p.m., i’m pretty exhausted by my day.  i think i have most of the stuff done, except i need to water a few more plants.  maybe i’ll wait til the morning, because i don’t have the energy to drag the big watering cans around right now.  plus maybe in the morning there will be less chance of flooding any plants?  we’ll see.

meanwhile, oh, that lester…we walked down to the dock on saturday (yet another fabulously warm february day), and he was very, very interested in whatever was going on in the water.

he kept going around and peering waaay down…

a leaf or something skittered along the dock and les scurried after it, but luckily didn’t actually jump in.  but he sure wanted to.

such a funny and curious cat.

this is my favorite picture.

and then, of course, he had to walk across his lester highway over to the other dock.  that is a very, very precarious piece of foam stuff he’s walking on.  he didn’t care.

when he arrived at the other dock he stopped for yet another photo op.  he’s so cute that i miss him already, even tough i’m not leaving for about 12 hours.  TWELVE HOURS, i need to go to bed soon.

this is actually a couple hours later on saturday; of course i forgot that lucky les got two walks that day.  i had no time to walk with the poor little guy at all today, but kevin did send me a pictre that he took of les on the dock, so at least he got outside for a while.

and then kevin came down and joined us!  it’d be nice, if we could just sit around and admire the view and do some deep breathing, but les never sits still enough for any of that to happen.

here he is yesterday.  it had rained, so it was slightly more tricky for him to scramble down at the edge of the rocks.  he had to contemplate this jump for a while before finally executing it.

and then he kept blinking up at me so cute, i can barely stand it!

he finally did it and safely ambled along to the little bit of beach at our neighbor’s house, where i scooped him up and took him inside.


i know there are things i’m forgetting about going tomorrow, and hopefully i won’t wake up a lot thinking about stuff.  bev says she never sleeps the night before a flight, but i hope that won’t happen to me.

and YAY i do have a little vacation!

ok then,

mrs. rambling hughes.


wednesday morning!

by grace on February 22, 2017

and my time is very limited today – i’m leaving for NYC tomorrow morning!  i’m going to brooklyn with bev, to help her daughter erin move from one third floor walk-up to another, so i’ll for sure get lots and lots of exercise.  we’ll hopefully have time to do a couple of fun things besides all the moving.  i’m helping bev because she’s so nice and never asks for any help, and also because she’s always staying at our house taking fabulous care of our kitties while we’re gone.

so it’s the least i can do.

meanwhile…i woke up early this morning, thinking about the many things i have to accomplish today, in between working.

i’m going to try to post most of my final february photos today, but i think it’d take two entries because there are so many of them.  maybe it won’t happen, but you never know what the day might bring.

moonlight on the lake – hmm, i realize i should try the HDR setting on my new phone, and i think i’ll get better quality.

kevin was sick, keeping himself occupied with his ipad, and les was watching over him.  good kitty!


february 13th, one of the many lovely february days we’ve been having.  les has gone on many, many walks this month.

i saw this adorable stuffed heart at the store and fell in love with it.  i was going to get one for randy, because it was just so cute, and i thought about getting one for kevin but then i told myself WE HAVE ENOUGH STUFF LYING AROUND HERE without some giant stuffed heart.

but when i got to the store, i couldn’t help myself, and it’s sitting in the chair across from me, very cheery.  i might keep it there all year.

kevin bought me too many lovely tings for valentine’s day.  the day before i told him “i don’t really need any roses,” because in the past he’s rushed out and gotten some on the actual day and i didn’t want him to bother.

and then, the next day, this box arrived in the mail – he’d already ordered some very fancy roses, individually wrapped…and i can’t believe i didn’t take a picture!  at least here’s chester, enjoying the perfect fit.

i’ll have to take a picture of the roses, because they’re still looking good, almost a week later.  fancy.

here’s last friday, les posing on a rock.  he could totally be in ads for…well, i’m not sure for what.

jim had texed me a photo just like this when he went running, and when i ran through the woods on saturday i saw the same tree.  kevin says it looks like beaver marks.  crazy beavers.

ok, now i must rush around quite a bit although i sure would just like to sit here for a while longer.

mrs. Very Busy This Morning hughes.



early thursday morning

by grace on February 16, 2017

this morning, when i could have slept in, i woke up at 6:25.  much, much too early, but theoretically i could accomplish many things this morning.  probably won’t happen, but there’s always that slim possibility.  it’s more likely that i’ll sit around for a good long time, trying to wake up.

here’s the red cactus i bought a few years ago.  this is the first time it’s bloomed, and the blooms are fluffier and have lasted longer than the pink christmas cactuses that i have, that i’ve had for a long time.  i bought this red one on impulse when running into wal mart, along with a white one and a yellow one.  the others didn’t survive, except a stem from the white one, which i stuck in with the red one so now i have different-colored blooms, at least a couple of white ones anyway.

this is the very first picture i took with my new huge phone, not very exciting i know.  i’m finally pleased with the phone, after having one million troubles trying to set it up.  i’d backed up my old phone onto my computer and te woman at verizon spent an hour and a half trying to help me get it uploaded to my new phone, and then she was finally satisfied that it was working right, she hung up.

but then i realized that instead of uploading all my contacts and apps and notes i’d written on my old phone, instead, it had uploaded about 2,500 photos from my computer, and that’s all.  this was last thursday evening, and i was so frustrated and annoyed and just wanted to throw the phone out the window.  i couldn’t use my old phone because it had been deactivated, and i tried to call verizon on my new phone, but i could only make an emergency call and the phone didn’t think that calling verizon was an emergency.

i finally decided that maybe apple could help me, so i looked them up on my computer and it claimed that if i gave them a call back number, they’d call within two minutes.  so i borrowed kevin’s phone and a nice guy did actually call me back, really quickly.

he managed to talk me off the ledge, and explained that at some point the phone had been backed up but the backup had been encrypted with a secret code that couldn’t be found or restored or changed or anything.  i’m thinking that since this used to be amy’s phone, after i dropped my old phone in the lake, that maybe she encrypted it, because i tried millions of different passwords that i have.

but luckily, even though i can’t back things up into the cloud, some stuff had been backed up anyway.  my apps and my contacts, anyway.  all the very critical notes i’d written about many different topics, like “summer 2017” were gone.  there were only a few old photos on the phone, but that was ok because they’re on the computer. the video i took of mollie when we went to Site M a couple of months before she died is still on the phone, and that made me happy.

and i can still turn on the old phone and see the notes, and i’ve been talking-to-texting them onto my new phone, and also finding that many of the notes aren’t quite as critical as they seemed.

so, three hours later, everything was hunky dory.


here’s chester on his new huge box.  he loves to sit on top of it and survey his surroundings, but he also likes to curl up inside it.    you see that there’s another box next to this one; maybe i can take that box away now, because i never see him in it anymore.  i’m trying to keep things around here to a one-box limit.

the next day, les and i took another good walk in the yard.  here he is, being very good, not even going down to the water to teeter on the rocks.

maybe the beavers has finished feasting on my bushes.  jill says i can look up online how to prevent this from happening.  maybe that’s how i can be productive this morning.


a couple of the many photos i took of the sunrise, the morning i got up so early.  and again this morning, so early, what’s up with that?


hopefully it’ll be a productive day, although on the other hand maybe a nap will be in order.

ok then,

mrs. thursday hughes.





wednesday again

by grace on February 15, 2017

haha, i started writing this post LAST wednesday, and now, poof, another week has flown by.  i must be more aware, or all the weeks will be used up before i know it…

here’s darling lester, enjoying our new TV stand cabinet.    so this means it’s been assembled for more than a week, and i have yet to actually put any videos or games or anything on the shelves.  oh well.

more photos of the beaver’s handiwork.


chester, always happy to be somewhere nearby when we go out for a walk in the yard.

this photo is for bev – she expressed her deep, deep concern and angst about these photos of crazy lester, always sauntering down as far down at the water’s edge as he can.  at this point i believe he was about to leap onto another rock.


lester’s most daring move this day, balancing on this slender branch in the water.

and that’s almost all the photos from my old phone, because i got a fancy new phone last week, which involved so much frustration and craziness on my part, but now it’s all good and i need to post some photos and we’ll see if they are, hopefully, incredibly sharp and wonderful.

ok then,

mrs. middle of another week hughes.



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February 3, 2017

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