i haven’t even started trying to find any truly spectacular doors here in springfield, IL, because i fear that there aren’t many.  we certainly don’t have the beautiful old doors posted from around the world on norm’s thursday doors.

but i did think this door inside a thai restaurant it pretty cool.

and now, for the randomness – here’s one more photo from las vegas.  this is near one of the exits at the MGM – all the casinos are complex labyrinths so you are lucky if you’re able to get out.

i bought this lovely hibiscus in may and it just keeps blooming!

my birthday, may 24th, at yet another asian restaurant.

can you see the turtles all lined up on that log?  this was during a run through the woods.

right after i saw the turtles i headed up the hill…and there was this deer.  i couldn’t believe it was so close, and i’m sure it was thinking the same thing.

a beautiful night out on the boat.

we could see the rain in the distance.

i’m trying to improve my panorama photo skills.  this one isn’t too bad; i’ve already done tons of work to the fenced yard this year, including transplanting all the lilies that had been deer fodder all around other parts of the yard.  i also dug up the hostas that i’d already transplanted a couple of times, and planted them over there on the far right.  i still have a little work to do, but it looks so much better than it did..

finally, my very last photo of may, darling lester.  he’s resting up here, ready to stalk more birds and animals.

whew, finally, that’s it for may, as the end of june looms.

the weekend weather is going to be perfect, so i’ll be outside again, trying to finish up many more projects that have been languishing.

ok then,

mrs. late for a thursday doors posting friday morning hughes.

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by grace on June 20, 2017

as the first day of summer approaches, i try to find time to sit down and write.  here’s all i have for the month of may after our trip to las vegas.

a spectacular display of irises in bloom.  i want that many irises.  maybe next year – deer don’t eat them, so i want to plant a lot.

here’s a wide shot of a duck and a goose nesting in flower pots on somebody’s docks.  it’s not so easy to spot them, so i tried to get a close-up of each.

the duck…

…and the goose.  i’d never seen that before.  we actually did have some eggs in a planter on our dock, but they had an unfortunate ending.  but i never saw a duck nesting on the eggs, which was odd.

i like this photo of les because it looks like he’s sitting on top of the water.

the sky was so pretty this night.

i don’t think i’ve ever seen a snake this close in the water.

amy was mowing one day and happened to stop the mower, and looked down to see this tiny little turtle.  very fortuitous that she stopped!  although the mower might have just run right over the top of the little guy. she carried him out of the yard to safety down at the ravine.  i’m sure one of her dogs would have done something with it.  i can’t imagine one of them killing it, but they probably would have crushed him.

after kevin tilled a new garden and put a fence around it, lester found it to be the perfect place to relax.

near the end of may, kevin spotted this ground hog!  never seen one before.


he was making a beeline for the garage, and kevin went outside and pushed the opener to scare him out, and sure enough, he scurried away.

and that’s all the wildlife for may.

much more in june.

ok then,

mrs. tuesday evening hughes.




boat launch! plus more from april…

by grace on May 17, 2017

we launched the pontoon boat on april 15th, which might be the earliest we’ve ever done that, although i can’t possibly remember yesterday much less last year.  even if we might have launched it earlier one year, it always broke down.

kevin did all the hooking up and then unhooking and i was in charge of sitting in the captain’s seat.

he got the boat into the water and it started right up and off i went.  whoo hoo!

we didn’t take it out much for the rest of april because of the huge amount of rain.  but so far the motor continues to run, which is refreshing and i have high hopes for many boat rides this summer.

les just wants to catch stuff outside.

we had a visit from the easter bunny!

when i went to schnuck’s before easter this giant basket was overflowing with these delicious cholate eggs from pease’s.  mmm, i could eat one right now.  luckily i only went to schnuck’s in the morning, when my resistance to chocolate is much higher than right now at eight o’clock at night.

is it a heron, or a heron statue?

a heron, of course.  taken from the boat.

it seems like there are more geese and goslings than ever this year.

this bush looked so spectacular – and then the rains came.  it rained.  and rained.  and rained some more.

i wish i’d taken a picture when the rain loaded down the blossoms and the branches were touching the ground.  i kept going outside and shaking them.  a big branch had snapped so i cut all the blossoms off.

it was a lot of blossoms.

a whole lot of blossoms, and  they stayed fresh for longer than i thought they would.  lovely.

and then there’s chester…one night kevin was sitting in the living room talking on the phone to his friend garrick.  chester appeared at the back window and i let him in and then realized he had something in his mouth.  GET OFF THE PHONE CHESTER HAS SOMETHING!  I said.  kevin quickly hung up and got the flashlight out to look at chester under the dining room table.

it wasn’t a bird, it wasn’t a chipmunk, not a snake.

it was a t-bone steak bone.

poor hungry little kitty.  i’ve never known of a cat eating steak bones.   he’s very, very hungry most of the time, and we hope that taking insulin will get his diabetes under control.  but he still might want steak bones.

here’s randy’s darling kitty pee wee, looking forlornly at the empty cereal bowl.  many cats are very hungry.

and one final thing – we went to a trivia night which verified that i do, indeed, know just about nothing about almost every trivia question that’s ever asked.  but it was at Ace Sign company, and there were wonderful signs all over the walls.

i’d like to have all of them here in the house.  i know i have no wall space at all, but i’d make room somehow.

this light used to be at the bel air motel which was torn down – the light looked so huge, hanging there in the building.  i want it.

and also these great old steak n shake signs.

i remember this one from the steak n shake that used to be on south grand when i was a kid.  i have a feeling that his eyes lit up, which now seems like it’d be a litle creepy, but i loved that sign.

and that’s the end of our exciting april.

soon, vegas baby, vegas.

ok then,

mrs. wednesday night but it feels like it should be friday hughes.




and for a change…more of photogenic lester

by grace on February 22, 2017

but first – the beautiful roses that my sweet husband gt for me!  A+ to you, honey!

so anyway, it’s still wednesday, 9:03 p.m., i’m pretty exhausted by my day.  i think i have most of the stuff done, except i need to water a few more plants.  maybe i’ll wait til the morning, because i don’t have the energy to drag the big watering cans around right now.  plus maybe in the morning there will be less chance of flooding any plants?  we’ll see.

meanwhile, oh, that lester…we walked down to the dock on saturday (yet another fabulously warm february day), and he was very, very interested in whatever was going on in the water.

he kept going around and peering waaay down…

a leaf or something skittered along the dock and les scurried after it, but luckily didn’t actually jump in.  but he sure wanted to.

such a funny and curious cat.

this is my favorite picture.

and then, of course, he had to walk across his lester highway over to the other dock.  that is a very, very precarious piece of foam stuff he’s walking on.  he didn’t care.

when he arrived at the other dock he stopped for yet another photo op.  he’s so cute that i miss him already, even tough i’m not leaving for about 12 hours.  TWELVE HOURS, i need to go to bed soon.

this is actually a couple hours later on saturday; of course i forgot that lucky les got two walks that day.  i had no time to walk with the poor little guy at all today, but kevin did send me a pictre that he took of les on the dock, so at least he got outside for a while.

and then kevin came down and joined us!  it’d be nice, if we could just sit around and admire the view and do some deep breathing, but les never sits still enough for any of that to happen.

here he is yesterday.  it had rained, so it was slightly more tricky for him to scramble down at the edge of the rocks.  he had to contemplate this jump for a while before finally executing it.

and then he kept blinking up at me so cute, i can barely stand it!

he finally did it and safely ambled along to the little bit of beach at our neighbor’s house, where i scooped him up and took him inside.


i know there are things i’m forgetting about going tomorrow, and hopefully i won’t wake up a lot thinking about stuff.  bev says she never sleeps the night before a flight, but i hope that won’t happen to me.

and YAY i do have a little vacation!

ok then,

mrs. rambling hughes.


wednesday morning!

February 22, 2017

and my time is very limited today – i’m leaving for NYC tomorrow morning!  i’m going to brooklyn with bev, to help her daughter erin move from one third floor walk-up to another, so i’ll for sure get lots and lots of exercise.  we’ll hopefully have time to do a couple of fun things besides […]

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early thursday morning

February 16, 2017

this morning, when i could have slept in, i woke up at 6:25.  much, much too early, but theoretically i could accomplish many things this morning.  probably won’t happen, but there’s always that slim possibility.  it’s more likely that i’ll sit around for a good long time, trying to wake up. here’s the red cactus […]

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wednesday again

February 15, 2017

haha, i started writing this post LAST wednesday, and now, poof, another week has flown by.  i must be more aware, or all the weeks will be used up before i know it… here’s darling lester, enjoying our new TV stand cabinet.    so this means it’s been assembled for more than a week, and […]

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les’s continuing water excitement and adventures

February 3, 2017

we’d been down at the water and had a nice stroll, but then les wanted to keep going. he headed over to the neighbor’s dock.  on the left there is the floating dock, the same one that les had walked out to over the very thin ice. at this point i was gently trying to […]

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February 2, 2017

i have thought about myself in all kinds of ways, but i’ve always considered myself to be, at least, healthy. but i’m in the middle of a cold, after having bronchitis a month ago, and now i’m thinking if this is just how it’s going to be, getting sick more and more often.  discouraging. the […]

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ice! will it? won’t it? we’ll just have to see

January 13, 2017

after having one excitingly treacherous ice storm already this winter, we’re all preparing for another one.  it might start early this evening, maybe later tonight, maybe tomorrow, or sunday…or maybe i’ll all just pass us by and dump the freezing rain on some other unfortunate spot. meanwhile…a few random photos from the first week of […]

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