by grace on February 3, 2019

at least we’re having a little break from the bitterly cold weather; last week was record-breaking cold temperatures and even though it’s 58 degrees right now, the lake is still mostly frozen.

but hey, it’s february, it’s possible to squint into the distance and see spring. i sat out on the swing this afternoon and tried to imagine what kind of planting i’d like to do for spring, but i couldn’t manage it. i’d like to have some big swaths of beautiful flowers, but i’ll have to again consult my “deer resistant perennials” printout. i planted so very many Crocosmia flowers because i’d seen them in Wales and Ireland, but only a couple of them even came up, and they didn’t last. it’s just too cold here.

but surely i’ll figure out something else.

we picked up Winnie’s ashes from the emergency vet yesterday which of course was a sad thing. we stopped by after taking a short walk in washington park, where we saw many very happy dogs.

A few more photos of winnie, these from 2010.

March 23, 2010

in this picture he reminds me of the cheshire cat.

shortly therafter that day
Ausust 9th, 2010

Kevin, Mollie and Winnie enjoyed some time on our old pontoon boat. this is a pretty terrible picture i took, though – was there a nuclear bomb exploding in the background, or what? maybe i had a not-so-great camera phone back then.

September 7th, 2010

i love this one. for some reason the time stamp on this photo is 6:03 a.m., but i can’t imagine that’s right. what would i have been doing up at 6:03 a.m.?

September 25, 2010

sweet kitty, taking a drink from the lake.

Sept. 25th, 2010
October 25, 2010

winnie looks supremely content here with kevin, who looks a little bit shaggy.

December 17th, 2010

at the beginning of the weekend i said i was going to spend my time standing down at the dock watching the ice melt off the lake, but it doesn’t seem to have started yet.

maybe i’ll go down there now and check it out.

ok then,

mrs. late sunday afternoon hughes.


First photo of Winnie

by grace on January 24, 2019

on tuesday i was scrounging around in a cabinet, looking for frames to put some of winnie’s photos in, and i found yet another big stack of pictures.

here’s the very first picture i took of winnie! i was ridiculously happy that i found it.

he’s perched up on a portable bed, so tiny…

so darling!

Here are two more photos from that first time i took him down to the lake.

down by the lake, early fall 2002

and more photos of him and Honey back in 2003, right after we’d gotten Honey.

Even though i couldn’t manage to get the colors right from this scanned photo, i like it because it’s honey and winnie…and then, in back of them, sweet little shortie. and waaay back there, i just realized, is GK.

Honey, Winnie, Shortie, GK 2003

One final photo for today – here’s Honey, i assume on her first walk down to the water? it’s funny; Honey was much more adventurous than Winnie, and i remember once that i was driving home and saw her coming from the woods across the road. i think that’s when we decided we would’t let her out anymore? ironic, that she lived such a short life, not from getting hit by a car or eaten by a wild animal, but instead she had a massive tumor. sweet little kitty.

Honey as a kitten

All this is making me sad again, so now i think i’ll go to mom’s house and hang out with her two sweet kitties.

ok then,

mrs. h, deep in winter


wrapping up November…

by grace on December 9, 2018

oh boy.  head about to explode, late on a sunday night.  first – new wordpress update and i can’t really figure it out.  i know that when i did the update there was some kind of choice about doing it the old way, instead, but now of course i can’t find that.  it’s suddenly so complicated, and i just want to post a few photos and go to bed…

also, something happened to my internet.  where did it go?  i don’t know.  i just don’t know.  the internet is missing, does anybody see it anywhere?

did i have edge?  did i have explorer?  neither works anymore, so i got mad and decided to go back to firefox, and somehow managed to get that up and running.  yaaay the internet is back…

too many computer-related things right now.

so many birds at the feeder!

ok maybe i can figure this out, but i really really wish i wasn’t starting at 9:30 on sunday night.  it’s all about “blocks” now and maybe it will make things easy once i’ve wrapped my head around it but right now i don’t want to do this.  so why am i?  because i’m crazy.

anyway, that photo up there, i wasn’t there, i love it, kevin took a photo of crazy lester who looked like he was clinging onto the crossbeam of the boat lift.  kevin said no, he was just sauntering across it like he does.

and then he quickly walked right onto the dock…

and here les was sitting for a portrait, the cutest kitty anywhere…

a couple of days later kevin was demonstrating how les was walking across the boatlift.  DON’T DO THAT i said, but he didn’t listen.

he had to pretend like he was teetering but of course he wasn’t…

a couple of days later, so many penguins out on the water.  they were so close but of course they smoothly glide away when i walk down to the water.  i think they’re all gone for now, finally. 

november 22nd, a rare photo of riley near winnie.  as you can see winnie doesn’t like it one bit, and he only stays there for the briefest of moments before getting up and indignantly walking away.  poor fella, he’s not in such a good mood these days.

and one final photo – kevin will be sitting somewhere and les jumps up on his lap and then nuzzles him and then starts to work his paw around kevin’s back and suddenly les is in the back and kevin is forced to sit way up, and then admits defeat and gives up the chair to lester.  because every chair is lester’s!

speaking of, les is lying on back of the couch behind me, patiently waiting for me to go to bed so he can sleep on top of me.  whew i’m tired – kevin and i took an hour-long walk today and maybe that’s why i’m so weary.

no, i’m sure it’s all the computer stuff. 

maybe this new version of wordpress won’t be bad, but surely there’s a way to insert a bunch of photos at once?  stop thinking now, please, mrs. hughes.

ok then,

good night,



all kinds of stuff in november

by grace on December 6, 2018

first, happy belated birthday, bev!  here she is with a group of friends vigorously celebrating her special day.  one of her friends bought bev the Barbie seen there in front of the pig, and they carried the Barbie around with them all day, photographing it in all kinds of settings.

rilcy always loves a new box.  that box is still sitting in the exact spot, but now it has the added benefit of a big wad of brown paper, which riley sometimes like to jump in, sometimes likes to hid in, and Winnie even occasionally ventures in for plenty of kitty fun.

speaking of Winnie – here he is on the new foam steps we bought him so he can climb up on the couch.  I put them down and he immediately climbed right up.  he continues to be OK, but it seems like he’s slowing down more and more every day.  at least he spent some quality time lying on my lap purring this morning.

riley and les playing in the wad of brown paper, before it ends up in the box.   I plan to start getting out xmas décor today so I feel maybe the box will have to go, at least for the rest of December.  this’ll be Riley’s first xmas, I wonder what he’ll think of the tree?  he’ll probably love it, because he loves most things.

i’m pretty sure kevin took this lovely shot of contemplative les lakeside at the beginning of November.

the boys love their twin towers.

I took  a picture of this gigantic vehicle driving down east lake drive – I’ve never seen something with triangle-shaped tires before.  but I feel that they’re not technically tires, because the treads go around on the base of whatever it is.  maybe they are tires, I don’t know.

yeah, I guess I should limit taking pictures while driving.  but i’m confident I was at a light?  beautiful sunset as I drove into chatham.

finally, amy’s well-dressed puppies as they’re about to embark on another exciting adventure.

whew, there sure were a lot of pictures in November, and this is only halfway through the month.

ok then,

mrs. g. hughes.


november rainbow

December 5, 2018

down at the dock on sunday, November 4th – I was looking at the pelicans, and suddenly  there was a rainbow. the sun lit up a spot across the lake. I turned around to see the sun setting.  don’t see a sunset very often from the house. the pelicans were so very close to the […]

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one last boat out of the water in october…

November 16, 2018

after glenn helped us get out sailboat out of the water, we helped him get his out. this was Tuesday, October 30th – we all drove over to the yacht club in kevin’s big truck and attached glenn’s trailer.  glenn climbed aboard, and I was excited to get to go out one last time for […]

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more from october

November 10, 2018

and the thing is it seems like deep winter all of a sudden.  fall passed in the blink of an eye – it got deeply cold yesterday and snowed. ugh.  to early.  let’s go back to mid-October when we had that little flash of autumn. Winnie enjoyed lying in a new box.  he’s hanging in […]

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boat ride!

October 18, 2018

this is the latest we’ve ever had the boat out…actually, every year since we had our old boat, it broke down sometime mid-summer. this year the water has been really high, plus new boat… it was a beautiful day for it, and I wanted to see if the white pelicans were in the same spot […]

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happy anniversary…

September 17, 2018

to us!  yesterday was kevin and my 12th anniversary.  it’s astounding to realize that twelve years have flown by. kevin bought me these gorgeous roses… …and we took a nice boat ride early in the day, before it got too hot.  lots of gulls followed us. I jumped in the lake way over on the […]

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i itch, therefore i am.

September 7, 2018

first, a couple of darling kitty photos. this was sunday, august 26th.  les had to rest his weary head on top of a sock, on top of a cushion, on top of a rug…and yet his usual favored sleeping position is resting against some cold piece of metal.  Winnie is pretty calm these days, and […]

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