lake springfield

boat launch!

by grace on May 11, 2020

here’s one final thing to share, our boat launch on April 24th.

first, here’s the fancy new cover that kevin installed. Because the top pole of the roof snapped in two when we pulled the boat under our big pine tree out front, we had to get a whole new roof. The replacement piece, plus an absurd amount of shipping costs, would have cost almost as much as the fancy new cover.

it took kevin about a week to install the new one because there was all kinds of wiring and many issues with doing it. but it’s totally cool, automatically lifting and lowering with a switch that kevin mounted on the console, plus there’s an additional little remote to raise and lower it.

here’s the video of how it works.

Shortly after that we drove the boat over to the boat launch.

kevin started backing into the water and i shot this video, but notice the object right in the middle of the water.

Uh oh! Luckily i saw this giant rock in the water…

Kevin pulled the truck forward and then managed to back up again really close to the dock and avoiding the giant rock. He thinks somebody must have put the giant rock in the water but how would they have lifted it? was somebody attempting sabotage? hopefully not, and hopefully it is gone now.

Mom and i were happy to be out on the lake.


When we got back to the dock, Kevin joined us for a nice ride on the lake. a good time was had by all!

ok then,



A stormy April evening

by grace on April 13, 2020

Last Wednesday, April 8th, there were thunderstorm warnings and big hail coming down not too far north of town. So of course I ran down to the water to take a look. This is the sky a little before 5:00 p.m.

That’s kevin over there on the left, talking to his friend Glenn about the big whitecaps on the lake.

This is 5:30, about a half-hour later. I think those are white pelicans out there on the water and I think that’s rain coming down by the power plant.

Here’s a short video of the weather excitement.

It had been a lovely warm day and all the other boats had left the lake but then i saw this pontoon boat zooming along.

Well, we ended up with no hail here, some wind and rain but not that much. an hour later a double rainbow appeared.

When i was taking picture of the rainbow a huge flock of white pelicans started flying towards me…

…and then they were right overhead!

And then blue skies started to peek out from behind the clouds.

The white pelicans, the rainbow, and the lack of hail made me feel overjoyed. When anything that’s the least bit good happens nowadays it feels like it’s even better, in the midst of the flood of bad news around the world. It’s nice to have glimmers of happiness.

On a coronavirus-related note – there was a story with photos about a nurse going to work in a high-risk hospital and how first her family cheered and clapped for her as she left, and then the neighbors joined in, and pretty soon it was the whole block. i wanted to share this with people but felt like i couldn’t even start the story without choking up. So there it is.


g. on a monday morning in april.


a beautiful sunrise…

by grace on February 2, 2020

you know i rarely get a sunrise but jim sent me this beautiful video he captured. i can’t recall ever seeing the lake looking purple like this. plus i watched it first thing when i woke up this morning and only now do i see that there are a bunch of white pelicans swimming around.

i also took a bunch of photos of the kitties out in the yard today; it reached 60 degrees so everything seems pretty rosy to me right now, except for the fact that kevin and amy continue to be sick.

ok then,

mrs. h.


Geese on the Frozen Lake

by grace on January 24, 2020

On Tuesday January 21st there were lots of geese in the yard and down on the recently-frozen lake so I decided to walk down and take some photos.

And of course because i was creeping down to the water they got nervous and flew out of the yard and onto the lake. i love a picture of birds in flight.

luckily they didn’t fly away but were landing on the water right in front of me.

even though i was being slow and quiet they all turned their backs on me and began slowly walking away.

it didn’t take long for them to calm down, though, and pretty soon they started marching along towards our neighbor’s open water.

i took a video of their march, hoping to capture the fist one bobbing down into the water.

but of course they were slow and i stopped shooting. when they finally started to swim i got this picture…

…and here’s a very short video of them very happy to be in the water.

it was so freezing out that day and the thought of plunging into the lake seemed horrible to me. but i’m sure the geese were content.

it was so cold that when i took off my gloves to press the button on my phone my fingers were so freezing.

it’s not quite as bad today. but still january.

ok then, happy friday,

mrs. h.


boat part 2

June 17, 2018

on Wednesday, morning, june 13th, we unveiled the boat and got ready to launch her.  a very exciting morning! yes, we’re very proud of the boat. there are four levels of emissions, and we’re second from the top, at ultra-low.  I think the top one is ultra super stupendously low or something like tha. here’s […]

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