Sunday Kitty Fun

by grace on April 6, 2020

I have things to post from march, but right now i’m posting this because it’s so funny and cute.

first – Lovey the outside cat is transitioning to inside, and kevin was upstairs where she’s quarantined for now. I was going to join them, but sweet Sweetie was lying in the massage room so i sat with her for a little bit.

It didn’t last long. she’s good for maybe 10 minutes at a time and then she needs her space again.

It was sunny and relatively warm yesterday and i noticed this volunteer daffodil had bloomed amidst the dried hosta stalks.

The forsythia bushes didn’t bloom as much as they have before but they’re still lovely and cheerful. That’s all i’m asking for, a little bit of lovely and cheerful.

Kevin dragged the gas mower through the house to get it into the fenced yard. i was out walking when he did it, and i’m sorry i missed that. the fenced yard grass is lush and was so long that the little push mower wouldn’t have been effective.

Kevin was very busy yesterday; he moved one of the bird feeders from the deck down to this tree so we wouldn’t have birds hanging around so close to the fenced yard and the predator kitties. the geese were appreciative.

And now, the Big Fun for the day – kevin also chain-sawed a long hollow branch and leaned it up on the kitty house. Riley was so excited about the addition that he kept hopping around the yard like a bunny rabbit. he then sat looking at the branch, jerking his head all around so much that i was alarmed but kevin assured me that he was merely overjoyed.

Les was the first one to venture up the log.

Watch what happens at the end as Riley explores…

This picture is the most funny to me because of the way Lester’s head is tilted back.

Finally, here’s the inevitable kitty showdown…

…which of course didn’t last long and soon Riley languorously settled down on top of the house while Lester kept watch.

This was such a wonderful respite from thinking about the ongoing crisis. The kitties don’t know that anything is wrong and they continue to keep us entertained.

ok then,



…and it was a very full day, indeed. i’ve broken it up into two parts so you won’t be burdened with trying to read/watch all of it at once.

the day started out with a pretty good run.

because i’d gotten to sleep pretty late the night before i didn’t start my jog until about 10:00, so it was pretty warm. i wasn’t sure where to go, so i ran on the sidewalk along a pretty big street. not much shade. but still, it was great to run outside in shorts.

kevin sent me this picture that morning.

mom and i finally made it out the door and the five-minute drive to gulfport beach. there was plenty of parking on the street running along the beach.

Here’s the video of the beach.

Some seniors were doing karaoke at a beach shelter. A woman was singing a Pasty Cline song and she was fantastic, but i didn’t start recording in time. here she is singing another song.

A guy started singing a really sad song, and i managed to capture a bit of it.

we strolled up the main street, Beach Blvd, where there were many shops and restaurants. We had a fantastic lunch outside on the patio at a cute coffee place called GulfPerk coffee bar. I had a fancy avocado toast and i think mom had chicken salad.

i don’t usually take a picture of a bathroom wall but just look at these fun old photos. i guess this was wallpaper? so cool, all the vintage florida scenes.

here’s anothe angle – you can see the women skiiers holding up “Cypress Gardens” banners. we saw that show when i was maybe eight or ten years old.

we walked out onto the pier and it was odd to see these two boats which had partially capsized.

i also shot a little video of them.

such a lovely first afternoon.

as we strolled back along the beach we decided to stop in for a couple of happy hour margaritas.

and that’s it for the first part of our day.

on this trip, as always, i gave myself a stern lecture about not taking so many photos. and as always i failed miserably. but i’m going to do my best to winnow them down this time. so we’ll see how that goes.

ok then,

mrs. h.


I know i’ve just started posting about our latest journey to Florida, but i want to pause a moment to show you what Kevin has been up to.

I went to Florida with mom because Kevin was busy rehearsing ballet! He did the sword fighting choreography and was in “Romeo & Juliet” for the Springfield Ballet Company.

We attended opening night and Mom and I went back on Saturday night. Amy took a few pictures/videos on Friday night and I took some more on Saturday.

here he is, in red because he’s a Capulet, and he had the shortest tunic of everybody in his clan.

he’s basically flipping off the Montague guys.

I love this picture as he strides angrily back to his part of the stage.

he and Danny Guttas are up on the stairs when some of the ballerinas dance on in.

and then they start the sword fighting, and i captured most of this fight.

the Duke came in and put a stop to the fighting so the guys grudgingly laid down their swords.

here is he about to do a dance.

it’s called “dance of the nights” and i captured a lot of it.

i stopped taping for a moment to take a picture, and here’s the end of the dance.

i love this picture, as his partner strides around him. the crazy thing is that she was his partner on saturday night but then came down with the flu, so the ballet mistress, gina, had to step in for her. we worried that kevin would catch the flu, but instead he has yet another cold.

the Capulet men looking aghast as something bad is going down.

this picture didn’t turn out so great because it was very dark here – this is the dark moment as the guys carry in the supposedly-dead body of juliet.

besides enjoying watching kevin onstage, i thoroughly enjoyed the ballet. romeo and juliet in particular were amazing to watch. a good time was had by all.

and hopefully kevin will soon recover from what i hope is his last cold of the year. spring is right around the corner!

ok then,

mrs. h.



by grace on February 23, 2020

So…it’s Sunday morning here in sunny Florida and mom and I are going to be headed to the beach in a while. But here are some pictures of the darling kitties who I miss quite a bit!

of course I really miss Kevin, but at least we get to talk on the phone every day! Plus I’m constantly sending him plenty of pictures

les Paul and Riley, darling ever on February 9.

Lovey, our outside kitty who was peeking in at Kevin on February 13. When I get home, we are going to take her to the vet and get her checked out and then she will become an inside kitty! Hopefully that will go well. So far, she loves Kevin but is not so fond of me. But I’m sure I can get her to come around my side.

Birds plus a deer down to heal. Looking at this picture, it is hard to imagine how cold it still is back in Springfield.

Lovey is inside her heated kitty house. Kevin had leaned that window over it so that the snow would not fall on her, and I don’t know if you can see the plexiglass he has put in front of the house. It was really cold at night and I think she kept warm.

Here she is eating on February 16.

And that’s it it for my kitties right now! we will come home late on Tuesday night. In the meantime, plenty of sun and fun!

ok then,

mrs. h on holiday.


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