other things at the end of 2017…

by grace on January 25, 2018

well, here’s the great photo of lester and chester, as chester patiently waits for les to finish his meal so he can swoop in and devour the remains.  poor little kitty.

winnie, sleeping on a “mutts” pillow.

here’s mom’s living room facing the lake, with the darling little Hobbs kitty.

here’s a panorama of the entire room.  it’s a lovely place.

i’m not sure why i took a picture of this ornament, but it’s one of my favorites. i got it at Macy’s in NYC when kevin and i went there on our first thanksgiving.  i’ve tried to find more of them, but so far no luck.  it’s not like i need more ornaments anyway, but it’s just so goofy and cheerful.

ta da!  i guess i haven’t taken any pictures of the newly-converted hot tub room?  it’s now chock-full of flowers, many of which are blooming.


kevin bought a truck!  the funny thing is, just today as i was coming home, a guy passed me coming in the other direction, and he waved and i thought, “hmm, i wonder who that cute guy in that truck is?”  and then realized it was kevin!  i’d never encountered him on the road in his new truck before.

of course the dining table was covered with many xmas things, but les found a tiny spot to squeeze onto.

and he continues to love perching on top of the fridge.  last night when he was up there i tried to coerce him down, but he only meowed at me and walked to the very back of the fridge.  ok then!

i like this picture, but i could have sharpened it up a bit more – his paw is resting on last year’s calendar, including a photo of les and chester from last december.

whew.  today i realized that i’m not really all well from being sick and many other people have also been sick and i keep hearing stories about how very long it takes to recover.  it annoys me greatly; it’s a warm and sunny day, great for running, but i just sit here in the couch, no energy at all.

but at least i’m fortunate to be able to just sit around til getting better.

ok then,

mrs. january will soon be over hughes.



cheerful chester…

by grace on January 21, 2018

i haven’t felt like posting, or doing anything at all for about a week now.  i’m recovering from the flu, which is hitting everybody hard this year, it seems.  i got sick last saturday then kevin got sick then he got better then i thought i was better, but i finally broke down and went to the doctor on friday and got drugs but they didn’t make me immediately better, but hopefully very, very soon.  kevin suddenly got sick yet again today, so the whole thing is just ridiculous.

meanwhile…i’ve been looking through photos of chester again, and he was so very very cute…

stretching soooo long, in  jan. 2012.

lester and chester really loved each other. February 2012.

chester also loved to drink water out of the sink.  it’s funny, i’d forgotten he did that…


haha, he loved boxes, and when he was little he’d stuff himself right inside them.  march 2012.






this was april 2012, but it could have been any time because he continue to drape himself over the counter all of his short life.

chester and sweet mollie…

they had a good time.

it’s weird because we have a photo of out kitty Honey in the bathroom and i look at it and think about how young she was when she died – but she was eight, and chester was only about six or so.  whew.

on a happy note, it was up to 58 today and i sat down at the dock for a little bit and watched the geese.  and then a boat roared by, even though there’s still some ice on the lake. i didn’t let lester come out for a walk because the ice is crazy-thin and he didn’t need to go walking out there putting his life at risk.

ok then,

mrs. sunday evening hughes.






ok, it’s really, really time to stop

by grace on December 21, 2017

decorating.  i must stop.  now.  we are all decorated up around here; it was an exhausting weekend, and i still have a few more things i’d like to put up but it’s not necessary.

i even put up a bunch of outside lights and decor on saturday because it was a beautiful, fairly warm and sunny day.

if it was up to kevin, we probably wouldn’t have any decorations.

i asked him if he’d put up anything if i wasn’t here and he said, “probably not.”

and then i asked, “you’re ok with the decorations, right?”

and then he said…

“yeah, it doesn’t make me angry to look at the christmas tree.”

i doubled up laughing, and i really don’t laugh very much.  he’s NOT ANGRY AT THE TREE.

who would ever get angry at a christmas tree?

meanwhile, i’m sitting on the couch now surrounded by my festive lights, happy that this is the shortest day of the year so we can move on toward more lightness.

it’s been so mild, too, thus far, which has been fantastic.  cold weather is coming, but maybe it won’t snow so much this year.  today mom said “maybe it won’t snow at all,” but mom is just about the most optimistic person i know, at least weather-wise.

i’m going to put away the decorations i haven’t put up.  probably.

i’m going to wind down the cookie-baking, too.  this year i’ve made fewer cookies than ever before, because nobody really needs a bunch of delicious cookies.

kevin bought me this adorable Olaf with two baby snowmen at the beginning of the month.  so cute!

ok then,

mrs. getting through the holidays hughes.




by grace on December 14, 2017

christmas.  coming right up.  here’s what i’ve done thus far, christmas-decorating-wise:  i’ve gotten the new artificial tree out of the basement.  yay, me.

oh boy.

it’s not that i don’t want to decorate, it’s just that i’ve been frantically creating calendars, and this year it has taken me much longer than usual because i want them to be really good and i have so many thousands of photos to select and photoshop and blah blah blah.

thank goodness that’s done now and i’m about to gear into full christmas mode.  tree to put up, lights, ornament, and so very many decorations everywhere.  plus cookies!  must start baking cookies!  not so many this year, and most of them will be the healthy kind. *sigh*

also, there’s the issue that there hasn’t been a place to store all the christmas boxes plus furniture that needs to be moved out of the living room for the tree – i wrote in november about the people putting in the new tile for our former hot tub room that is supposed to be a greenhouse.  they came and did it, very quickly, but they did a poor job and the tile lines didn’t match up and if i knew how to put in tile, i could have at least matched up the lines.  so we still have flowers filling every empty space in our entire downstairs, and the guy is coming either today or tomorrow to finally do it right.  then we can move the flowers into the room and the empty boxes into the screened porch.  after the boxes are carried upstairs and stuff is put around.

on tuesday my friend Toun said, “isn’t it too late to put up decorations?”  and i said NO WAY.

anyway…taking Les for a walk on nov. 21st, i spotted this brave little flower.

it’s nice that not only have we had no snow, but because we had a bunch of rain earlier and it hasn’t been so cold, the grass isn’t completely brown yet.

cutest kitty ever.

beautiful clouds later in the day.

the next day les took a different route down on the rocks, and marched right over to the bay in which the water is receding at a rapid pace.  the ground was pretty muddy and i took this picture right before i had to run through the mud to retrieve him, because he thought it’d be a good idea to walk to the other side of the bay and up into the yard way over there.  all i could grab onto was his tail, as he started to scurry up the rocks on the other side.  whew.

darling winnie, sleeping so cute – yesterday i realized that during the day he only nestles up next to or on kevin, because kevin spends more time sitting down than i do.  winnie is 16 years old already, time goes by so very very quickly.

did i mention that les is the funniest kitty ever?  this box of cat treats arrived and he was all over it.

as i was running in the field on the day after thanksgiving i was surprised to see amy, jim, and their merry pack of dogs.  it was a warm and beautiful day.

no more spectacular red leaves on the trees.  that’s the problem with fall; it’s so very quick.

the field, no more corn for the deer.

ok, one hundred million things to do now…



an excursion!

December 1, 2017

we haven’t taken many trips recently, but on nov. 18th we drove up to davenport Iowato see Harry Potter in Concert.  This is a worldwide phenomenon, where a live orchestra plays all the music from the score while the movie is projected.  i can’t remember how i heard about it; i bet it was when i […]

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wrapping up the month of october

November 20, 2017

this is from october 15th, capturing that magic moment when the sun lights up the other shore. hmm, that was taken at 6:12 p.m.  last night i was sitting here looking out at the lake and was pretty dark over there, at 5:02 p.m.  but before you know it the days will start getting longer!  […]

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here on thursday,

November 16, 2017

things are good.  i know it’s thursday cause kevin just told me it is – somehow it feels like friday, i don’t know why. kevin worked hard at removing our very old and broken hot tub.  not only doesn’t it work, but the company is out of business so we couldn’t get parts if we […]

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a chipmunk caper

October 25, 2017

on sunday kevin and i were sitting on the couch and he heard a ruckus, thinking it must be chester picking on winnie.  but that wasn’t it; winnie was with us.  he thought it could be lester and chester fighting, but no – it was les paul, scurrying away with a chipmunk in his mouth.  […]

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wrapping up september, as the end of october is in sight…

October 22, 2017

On sept. 18th kevin and i headed over to the fairgrounds to see this convoy of military vehicles.  they were trekking all the way to california on route 66, and i’m hoping kevin will remember some of the details and tell you about it.  here’s a pretty cool motorcycle with a sidecar that kevin really […]

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Turkey Run State Park

October 17, 2017

Turkey Run State Park in Indiana is fantastic.  We went there when i was a kid and did a little hiking, and maybe we stayed at the lodge.  I know we went back there about 15 or so years ago, stayed at the lodge, did a little hiking but it had rained a lot and the […]

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