Friday, March 1st in Florida

by grace on April 11, 2019

Friday started out really rainy, and i watched little birds eating popcorn on our balcony.

But the skies cleared and it was yet another beautiful day. We drove west a bit, past Seaside to the town of Santa Rosa Beach. Santa Rosa was the most like Seagrove Beach, and we found a bunch of artist shops in back of a strip mall.

A man and wife were selling tie-dye stuff but i didn’t found anything that to buy, which is good because i don’t need any more stuff. The man did his tye-dye and was also a minister, and lived in Panama City, which was past Panama City Beach, the touristy area where we’d been on thursday. I think they were from Minnesota or some other even colder than Illinois place.

A sweet kitty was rolling around on the deck and i had to stop and play with her.

we walked to the beach (no barricades here for beach-walking) and it was pretty much like our beach, except we decided ours is better. A lifeguard station was set up because i guess there are more people around although it doesn’t really look like that, does it?

I’d found an Irish pub before we’d headed out that morning, and we stopped there for a lovely lunch. It’s called Johnny McTighe’s Irish pub, and it was divey and cool and I had a shot of Jagermeister. whoo hoo, living it up in Florida! The super-friendly waitress took our picture.

When we got back to Seagrove Beach i went for a great run and it started to rain on me a little, which was perfectly fine.

As I ran i noticed some girls on the beach who were pointing toward the east behind me. i turned around and saw a rainbow!

Nice. I got back and sat on the beach again. I could spend an entire winter there in florida doing that. I’m just saying.

ok then,

mrs. almost through with the florida photos grace.


Thurs. Feb. 28th in Florida

by grace on April 7, 2019

We drove way east on Thursday, all the way to Panama City Beach. We drove past many ugly high-rise hotels and arrived at Pier Park, this great big tacky shopping area.

we went into a couple of stores, but there wasn’t so much we were interested in. we did find some cute lake-related thing in one souvenir shop, but that’s it. we walked across the road to the beach, but it wasn’t anything to write home about. here’s the big entrance to the place.

kevin found some of this don francisco coffee at the publix and bought a lot of it, plus other coffees. here’s our beverage display.

i went running on the beach later; i did a whole lot of running there in florida. because how often am i going to be able to run on the beach? not often.

ok then,

mrs. h.


Wednesday in Seagrove Beach

by grace on April 6, 2019

Wednesday, February 27th started out with pouring rain.

it was a mellow day, including yet another trip to the grocery store where we danced in the aisle.

the rain let up and kevin historically got his toes wet!

after that he made dinner, also kind of historical. i recorded some of his efforts.

While the chicken baked we stepped out onto the balcony to watch another beautiful sunset.

And then we ate Kevin’s delicious meal, a perfect ending to the day. he’s blurry here because he was moving so fast getting everything ready.

ok then,

mrs. h.

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getting back to florida…

by grace on March 21, 2019

I’ve decided to end the argument with myself about posting the vertical videos of florida that i took. here’s the first one, shot shortly after the one i did in the center of the town of Seaside.

and here’s another one, just trying to keep going with the postings since it’s already approaching the end of march. this one has a rare sighting of Kevin on camera! soon, maybe, i’ll be posting photos of flowers blooming around here.

and yet another short video as we walked around Seaside, with all the very pricey real estate.

lots of road construction there in Seaside FL…

we finally made it to the store! i kept taking all these videos because i wanted to make it feel like you were there with us. i needed a hair dryer because for some reason i thought there would be one at the condo, but there wasn’t. plus we bought other good stuff.

we started back to Seagrove Beach, this time walking on the road instead of the beach.

whew, it was about a six-mile walk that day. it was great to get back to our lovely condo. This was just the first day we were there, and we decided that we should extend our stay by one more night, because it was just so awesome there.

this is the final video of our first day; i finally made it down to the beach. perfect.

i’m going to vow to myself to keep posting on here every single day til i’ve posted all about florida. it is possible, mrs. hughes.

ok then,



sand castle in florida

March 13, 2019

here are a couple more photos of the elaborate castle complex that somebody had created down on the beach in front of our condo. can you see the feather at the very top of the tower? i tried not to go completely crazy taking photos of birds, but i do like this one. here we […]

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February 3, 2019

at least we’re having a little break from the bitterly cold weather; last week was record-breaking cold temperatures and even though it’s 58 degrees right now, the lake is still mostly frozen. but hey, it’s february, it’s possible to squint into the distance and see spring. i sat out on the swing this afternoon and […]

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January 15, 2019

i don’t have lots of photos from the holiday and i’m so over it now anyway, but i think this photo is very funny because why is kevin’s arm bent like that? he looks just about as uncomfortable as a person could be! funny. Mom, of course, always enjoys herself…and the dogs just want people […]

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More fun in Davenport

December 30, 2018

After breakfast at the lovely Current Iowa hotel, we walked down the block to a shop called Chocolate Manor. we’ve been in the Quad Cities a few times and i’ve always looked up things to do and Chocolate Manor always beckoned me, but there was never time to check it out, or it was closed. […]

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ted’s boatarama!

December 26, 2018

on the first week of december kevin told me he’d had a call from the guy at ted’s boatarama where we bought our new pontoon boat during the summer. he said the guy invited us to a holiday dinner, and i said, well, that’s in the quad cities and he said, well, we could spend […]

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wrapping up November…

December 9, 2018

oh boy.  head about to explode, late on a sunday night.  first – new wordpress update and i can’t really figure it out.  i know that when i did the update there was some kind of choice about doing it the old way, instead, but now of course i can’t find that.  it’s suddenly so […]

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