Kevin high school Christmas album


by grace on January 10, 2022

Boy. Re: the new year, no postings, lack of sleep, etc etc etc.

When I finally opened my laptop this morning to possibly write a new post, I looked at the latest one and realized that the banner still says “fall 2021.” So, not so great. Must get to work on a new banner right now.

And then, perhaps, a short nap.

I went to bed too late last night and woke up at 6:30 this morning and was so very very wide awake. When this happens I’m always very firm with myself, admonishing myself over and over GET BACK TO SLEEP.

This works frequently, but at eight a.m. I felt I couldn’t bear it anymore.

Like I said, hopefully a nap very soon.

So many things to write about today, but here’s something that I really love – it’s a Christmas album, recorded by Kevin’s high school choir. Sometime in December Kevin found the album somewhere in the mystery that is the far reaches of our basement, and played it on a recently purchased turntable.

Here’s the album cover.

And this is the inside.

And, most importantly a close-up of Kevin.

Kevin attended Sterling High School in his hometown of Sterling, Illinois, and the population back then was about 16,800 people. 1,200 students at the high school, 400 in his senior class. The choir looks quite big to me, and how many high school choirs made albums?

Kevin says that his choir director, Mr. Harvey Johnson, had always dreamed of making an album while he was the music teacher. This particular year, Mr. Johnson’s son was in the choir, so Harvey seized the day and created this. Very cool.

I might look at the photo to count the choir members but I don’t see the album around here right now.

Anyway, Happy New Year.

ok then,

mrs. not so productive 2022 Hughes. Must get to work on that banner…