more photos from that big snow…

by grace on January 27, 2019

whew. these were all taken right after it snowed, the week before winnie died.

Saturday morning, Jan. 12th, Riley was determined to play in the snow even though it was piled mighty high.

intrepid riley

Shortly thereafter i shoveled the back deck off the bedroom and a path to the kitty house. les immediately had to march right into the house.

i tried to get a video of him as he leapt through the big snow, but he was too fast for me.

i woke up on sunday morning to more snow. i looked out the front window and there was a deer.

kevin had been gone since friday night and was supposed to come back saturday, but because the roads were horrible he stayed away another night. jim had done lots of plowing and snow-blowing on saturday but he hadn’t been able to get to mom’s driveway – the tractor had started leaking something and he was worried it’d completely break down, and then the snow blower started smoking.

so on sunday morning he shoveled this channel in mom’s drive.

Mom hadn’t been able to get out for a whole day and of course was anxious to leave the prison of her house. Jim thought we should shovel a wide trench so that when kevin came home he’d be able to easily plow the rest of the driveway.

before i started i took this last picture.

we worked for maybe an hour, and jim pointed out that it was peaceful in the snow. when i walked back home i was dismayed to see the state of kevin’s shelter.


he normally parks his truck under the shelter, and i remember going out to check on it saturday night…but i know i didn’t look thoroughly enough, because if i had, i’d have poked at all the snow on the roof with a broom. damn.

when kevin got home he managed to shovel enough snow off the roof to get the tractor out, added some kind of fluid or other, and made quick work of mom’s driveway.

monday morning, the 14th, riley was happy to go out into the snowy yard.

it was cloudy that morning with the sun just peeking through.

les and riley on monday night.

Tuesday night, the 15th, les was on top of the fridge. i don’t think he’s been lying there like that before.

Izzy looking so cute, snuggled up against the cold.

i took this photo of a deer in amy’s yard, right before i went to mom’s house on friday the 18th. because they have bird feeders in the front the deer are always gathered for a snack.

after that i went to mom’s to watch a movie, and later kevin and i got home, and then all the bad stuff happened with winnie. *sigh*

he was a very, very good kitty.

ok then,

mrs. late sunday afternoon hughes.



by grace on October 13, 2017

on monday afternoon, after I ‘d posted the stuff about falling in the road on saturday, the urgent care place called me to say that my nose was, indeed, fractured.  this is the first time i’ve ever broken anything.  i’m not scheduled to see an ear nose and throat person til next friday, so clearly it’s not something dire.  it’s still kind of swollen, but doesn’t really hurt.

but after they said it was broken i decided to call my doctor and they got me right in to see a nurse practitioner.  she did a blood test and x-rayed my wrist and did an EKG and said i had “post-consussive trauma,” i think.  she said i certainly had a concussion since i fell so hard that i broke my nose.  she consulted with my doctor, and then told me that i also need an echo cardiogram and a CT scan.

they were worried because i just fell, didn’t trip over anything, just went down, boom.

when i called mom that night, monday, and told her about my nose being broken and all the tests i needed, she said, “but grace, you’ve always fallen down!”

and of course she’s right.  ever since i was little, i’m very prone to tripping myself up.  that’s why i’m grace!

my wrist wasn’t broken, just badly sprained and today i finally bought a brace for it.  i wish i’d gotten it sooner, but at least i have it now.  i had the CT scan and it was quick, and they called today to say that i just have soft tissue swelling in my head because of the fall, so i’m OK.  and i’m sure the ech cardiogram will be fine, and my scrapes are healing nicely.

i’ve been so tired all week, and today kevin went to the grocery store with me to lift stuff into the cart.  i’m feeling a little more energetic which is great because i’m tired of just sitting around all the time.

and finally, more photos of september – i went over to water my neighbor’s flowers and started deer who were resting in the wooded area between houses.  first there were two deer…

…and then i realized there were three of them…

…and all of a sudden an entire herd came racing out of the underbrush!  i think there were at least seven.

bev came over for a boat ride and for some reason she brought her purse down to the boat. i pointed out that there wouldn’t be any shopping opportunities out on the lake, and i was sure that it’d be safe up at the house, so kevin took it.  it looks like a man purse here!

amy and jim’s darling italian greyhound Izzy.  kevin and i got to babysit all five dogs for a little bit yesterday, which was fun.

i haven’t taken les outside for a walk all week because i haven’t been felt like walking around, and i couldn’t pick up a cat.  but luckily kevin has taken him sometimes.

one morning les and i were sitting in the fenced yard and suddenly les decided he was terribly lonely so he carried this big sock around!

we went to the Farm in early september and there with this unusual plant.

this is what it’s called, but since i didn’t write it down and i’m not writing it down right now, i guess i’ll never remember it.  oh well, the deer probably like to eat them, anyway.

i love the chickens at the farm.

our 11th anniversary on september 16th!  i continue to be amazed at how quickly time has been rushing forward.  kevin ordered this beautiful multicolored bouquet for me, sweet man.

for our anniversary we decided to go to a small town outside of indianapolis, because herman’s hermits was playing there.

more to follow.

ok then,

mrs. i haven’t hurt myself any more this week hughes.


weekend in new york

by grace on March 4, 2017

after walking all over the place on friday, saturday wasn’t so busy.  we went to brunch, and then it rained, so we stayed inside.  that was nice and relaxing.

on sunday, erin had to go into the city so we rode the subway with her, then went to times square to check out half-price tickets.  on the way we stopped for some glamour shots in front of Ripley’s believe it or not.

the tickets didn’t work out, but luckily we found the magnolia cafe again, home of scrumptious cupcakes.  mmm, chocolate cupcake.

we walked up 5th avenue and i had to take a picture of this outfit, because i kept thinking about how horrible i’d look in it, plus the fact that there would be no way to actually keep it attached to your body.  tape?

in another swanky window was this beautiful collection of emerald and diamond jewelry.  hmm, i’ve never had any emerald jewelry, and it IS my birthstone…and i’m sure this is very reasonably priced.

this picture is for kevin; we went to this astro diner every morning when we were in NYC after our first trip to Europe, in 2007.  we’d been on a bike trip along the danube, and we stayed at a hotel nearby, and i can’t believe i can actually remember this.

oh, and sunday was MOM’S HAPPY BIRTHDAY, and here she is at amy and jim’s, with sweet izzy.

meanwhile, back in NYC, we stopped at the burger joint in the Le Parker Meridian hotel on 57th street, and then went all the way down to the east village for some stand-up comedy.  the first comic was hysterically funny, i thought, and i didn’t understand why he went first, because the rest of them were rather anti-climactic.

but it was another fun and busy night, and lots and lots of walking.

ok then,

mrs. h.


Italian Greyhound Extravaganza!

by grace on September 17, 2016

on wednesday, mom and i joined amy and jim on an overnight to Purina Farms, close to six flags in St. Louis.  it was the 2016 Italian Greyhound show, and when amy told me that their four IGs were going to be in a rescue parade, i said I MUST GO TOO!

here’s a video from the show – the first part is a couple of clips of IGs doing the agility course.  i wish i’d shot more video, but i assumed there would be lots more opportunities, but then there weren’t.  but you’ll get the idea of how it went…then i recorded as much as i could of the next crazy day, with the Rescue Parade and plenty of doggie madness.

when we first arrived at Purina Farms on Wednesday afternoon we saw this cage full of IGs.


and the van they were attached to was also packed to the gills with IGs.  this must have been a breeder.  i wonder if they sold any?  it was a very warm and humid day, but i guess the dogs were OK with being outside.  How loud must it be when they’re driving?  i know that amy and jim’s dogs have a lot to say when in the car, and i can’t imagine how a person could stand that many barking/howling dogs.


Purina Farms is a lovely piece of property in the rolling foothills of the ozarks.  mom and i took my van because amy and jim’s van was filled with dogs and dog beds and blankets and mostly everything in the world. plus ours was a much more quiet trip than theirs.  mom and i didn’t bark at all.


here’s one of the cute topiaries at the entrance to the event center.


we thought it was exclusively an IG show, but there were other dogs competing  as well.  there were a lot of these cute little dogs. i think it’s a brindled american shepherd?  i must have heard somebody say that.


i’m not sure what this darling little dog is, except super cute.


amy and jim got to the center about an hour after we did, and by that time not much was going on anymore, so we headed to the holiday inn.  it was literally right across the street from six flags, which i thought was cool.


mom and i walked over to the giant six flags parking lot, and it was weird because it’s closed during the week now.  so deserted.  i really wanted to jump the fence and walk around, but of course then i’d have been arrested, so i decided not to.  plus mom didn’t want to walk all the way to the gate anyway.


i just read a couple reviews about the hotel on trip advisor and somebody complained that it wasn’t within walking distance of the park.  hmm, since my 80 year-old mom was able to do it, just how unable to walk was that person? it was literally right across the street.


we went back to Purina Farms to see Sarah, the sweet woman who had fostered amy and jim’s dogs laz and sadie.  we met deb, the head of all the missouri/kansas rescue, and then we piled back into amy’s car and headed back to the hotel.  mom and amy got us some carryout chinese food, while i luxuriated in my room, channel-surfing.  we don’t have cable anymore at our house, and as i flipped through the channels i realized that i don’t miss it at all.

we then had a lovely feast in amy and jim’s room which adjoined ours.

the holiday inn has a “fundome,” which is like the “holidome” that the old holiday inn east here in springfield used to have.  it was kinda cool.  do you see the “exercise room” there in the upper right?  it’s a platform with a few machines on it.  there’s a little bar there in the background. on wednesday night there was one lone person sitting at the bar, and one woman in the pool and a couple kids in the kiddie pool.  the place definitely had a “shining” vibe, except not scary, just deserted.


they’d had a fire in the kitchen recently so the restaurant was closed, so no free hot breakfast.  instead, this little continental fare was spread out on a table poolside.  not bad, except they had no tea at all.


amy had decided she’d dress the dogs as “sharks & jets” from west side story, and wrote a bio about them including why she dressed them like that.   the girls sadie and izzy were the sharks, with little fluffy skirts like the puerto rican sharks in the play.  izzy is like a shark because she has hair loss and feels like a shark.  i guess sadie is always sharking around looking for food.  and the boys laz and mincy were the jets, because they fly around all over the place like airplanes.  they looked adorable.  amy had intended to fashion fins to put on the girls’  backs, but that didn’t happen which is probably just as well because they probably would have fallen off.


here they are on thursday morning, excited to be headed back to the dogapalooza.


it was a loud and energetic scene, to put it mildly.  that’s deb there in the green shirt.  and jim wore green and grey, to match the dogs’ t-shirts.


sweet old dog.


dogs in prison!


amy was going to get really dressed up for the parade, but decided to wear a couple of boas, but then she took them off for the parade because they were very hot.  all the dogs were attached to her at this point, and during the morning they were also attached to me for a while, and it was quite an effort to keep them from getting hopelessly tangled.  i walked them around a lot so they wouldn’t get bored and start barking.


so cute!


it was challenging to try to get a still photo of all of them.


we thought the Rescue Parade was going to start at 9:00, so we made a huge effort to get there before then.  but they had to judge all these pedigreed IGs first, and as you can see, there were lots of them.


cleaning up the inevitable accident.


the Rescue Parade was then going to start at 10:45, but that didn’t happen either.  it was interesting to be around all these serious dog show people, because they really did seem like the characters in “best in show.”  i observed some high-strung antics from some of the owners.

finally the parade started at about 11:30!  here’s sarah with a couple of dogs she’s fostering now.


i tried to take pictures with my phone with one hand while holding the video camera in the other, but that didn’t work out.  Deb read amy’s bio as they paraded around, but it was hard to hear. my favorite part of the whole event is how amy was prancing around the ring.  so funny!

whew.  we finally left the show after the parade and headed back home.  mom and i took the scenic route for part of the way, and stopped in the little town of Hamel at this cute little bar called Weezy’s for lunch.


i love this picture!


amy took this of the dogs on the way home in their crash-proof dog cage.  i think they were pretty quiet because they were completely exhausted from their first-ever hotel and dog show experience.


we were all pretty tired.

but a good time was had by all!

ok then,

mrs. past the ides of september hughes.’