by grace on June 8, 2018

although it’s early june, it feels like august.  91 degrees right now, feels like 96.  might as well be time for the fair.

meanwhile, the end of may….this tiny fawn was curled up outside amy’s porch.  since then we’ve spotted it and its mom quite a few times – the tiny thing is smaller than the smallest of amy’s dogs.  we’ve seen then trotting through the yard, I saw them crossing the road the other evening, and when I was taking a short cut to walk to mom’s house, there was the baby sleeping under the camper.

and speaking of cute…riley is the most outside cat we’ve had.  he adores the back yard and we’re fortunate that he has no interest in trying to escape.  he does spend a lot of time peering out the fence at all the activity out there, but he’s very content.  he especially loves this hollow log.

the last successful boat ride on memorial day night, when most of the other boats had left.

amy brought her tiniest dog, Laz, on the boat, and he was a little bit scared at first, but then had a grand time.

kevin chillaxin’ in the fenced yard with riley.  that long stick next to riley is his special stick; whenever he come inside, if he can get my attention he hurries out to the back so we can play chase the stick.

les has a hard life.

I don’t have any photos of Winnie, but he continues to do all right, hanging in there, mostly hanging out on the hot front porch, or the even hotter driveway.  he only hates me twice a day, when I have to give him his anti-seizure medicine, but aside from that he seems content.

ok, this was our last successful boat ride, on may 30th.  there seem to be more ducklings around than ever before.

riley, stretched out happily with his very long legs.

herons don’t usually stand on the dock like this.

and that’s it for may.  whew. and it’s only the beginning of june!

although feels like august.

ok then,




august already…

by grace on August 6, 2017

i can’t believe it’s August 8th, as the summer sprints along.

here are a few outside photos from july.

oh, that moon.

can you spot the heron in there on the right?

another evening of beautiful clouds.

we had a big storm, and just as i was opening the screen door, this big branch fell in front of me.  i guess it wouldn’t have done too much damage, but i’m still glad it didn’t fall on me.

as i was running through a field at UIS, i saw these new things.  i wonder what they could be?

this new pole seemed to go with them.  are they some kind of solar things?  that doesn’t quite make sense to me.

ok then,

mrs. quiet sunday afternoon hughes.



when we arrived at our holiday inn in orange beach on tuesday, march 7th i had to make a beeline for the beach. kevin came with me.

but since it’s thursday i must jump ahead to our lovely walk on the beach the next day.  we’d seen this giant place on our first walk on the beach but kevin didn’t have a camera to take a picture and he wanted to get a shot the next day.  all i wanted to do was find a bathroom, so i headed up towards the many condos lining the beach.

i got a little desperate because the first condo i entered was nothing but locked doors.  i contemplated crossing the road in search of a strip mall, but it was a long walk up to the condos and getting across the road would take even longer.  luckily, workers were painting the the lavish condo next door, and i asked if i could use their porta potty.  one of the guys said there was a bathroom inside, so i happily found one in a fancy pool/spa/gym area with only one old guy splashing around.

when i got outside i realized that i could get a good shot of the front of the house that kevin wanted to photograph.

the door isn’t so unique, but the whole place is something, there amidst the towering condos and hotels.  who has the money to have a place like that, right there on the beach?  i wish i knew them.

when i walked back around the condo i’d entered, there was this lazy river in back.  i’ve never seen a place on the beach with such a grand waterway, but of course it was under construction.  i think there was so much fixing up and painting going on all over the place because of the impending spring break, which we thankfully missed.

here’s the view from our own balcony.  also pretty darn nice, even though there was no lazy river.

our hotel from the beach – i think that red flag means DON’T GO IN THE WATER!  or something to that effect.  it was very rough that day.

these little sand pipers continue to be my favorite birds.  later in the trip i got some video of them scurrying along, as they do.

the birds were very used to humans invading their beach, and i was surprised that this heron let me get so close.  at first i thought it was a statue because he wasn’t moving at all.

the gulls are all about the handouts of course, which is why i practically could have picked up this one.

this little bird was so excited because he’d found a piece of fish.  real food!

right in the middle out there, you can just see the outline of a heron standing as a storm rolled in.  i think it was the same still heron i’d seen earlier.

there was a storm that night, and it was neat to watch the rain from the balcony.  over there on the left, you can see they still had the water spray coming out of the pool.

i love the beach.

ok then,

mrs. thursday morning hughes.


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by grace on June 14, 2012

i did title this entry “wednesday, again,” but then it dawned on me that it’s thursday, not wednesday.  yesterday i spent the day putting mulch all around the outside of the duplex…21 bags in all.  today, total exhaustion.  what do people do who have to do hard physical labor each and every day?  for some reason i keep thinking of the poor people in north korea, the ones who they throw into prison camps and force to do hard labor til they die, plus they don’t give them enough food to eat.

do you ever think about the fact that we’re so very, very lucky to be born who and where we are?

deep thoughts on thursday. not wednesday.

the other day amy and her niece samantha planted lots of flowers.  it looks like sam was having a mighty fine time.

jungle kitty.

the other jungle kitty, looking like he’s posing.

numie and noodle, who look like i feel at this very moment.

ditto chester, who is lying in almost that very same position right this very moment.

the goslings are getting big.

kevin noticed that there was a heron on top of the boat, as well as one on the dock.

and then one of them changed position.  they don’t move so much, the herons.

but then the one on the dock scrunched down – maybe he was taking a nap.  hard to say.

and by the way, my aunt sandy is auditioning for a MEL BROOKS MOVIE.  it’s not a comedy, unfortunately, cause she’s a very funny person, but it’s a mel brooks-produced horror movie.  even if she doesn’t get the part, and who knows how many people will be competing with her, i think it’s awesome that mel brooks will see her audition tape!  so keep your fingers crossed for her.

that’s all for this thursday.

ok then,

mrs. h.

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