groundhog staredown!

by grace on May 13, 2019

Last wednesday, may 8th, i was hanging out at mom’s house and suddenly her cat Hobbs was on high alert. for Hobbs that means she was staring intently at something outside.

a groundhog! i couldn’t think of the name for it; i’d seen three dead ones on the lake road in the days prior to this. kevin said their homes are all getting flooded.

this poor little guy didn’t quite know what to do.

groundhog-Hobbs faceoff!

he did his best to look very very scary…


but finally he gave up, waddling off to the neighbor’s house in between our and mom’s houses. our neighbor has quite a collection of stuff all over his property, so i bet the groundhog was able to find a nice home to relocate to.

maybe the rain has stopped, finally? today it’s a bit warmer, and the sky is blue, and if i was a less lazy person i’d be outside planting some iris bulbs; i bought a package of 16 a few weeks ago and i need to get to that. plus there’s an endless amount of raking and weeding to be done, of course.

ok then, i hope your monday is a good one,




by grace on June 20, 2017

as the first day of summer approaches, i try to find time to sit down and write.  here’s all i have for the month of may after our trip to las vegas.

a spectacular display of irises in bloom.  i want that many irises.  maybe next year – deer don’t eat them, so i want to plant a lot.

here’s a wide shot of a duck and a goose nesting in flower pots on somebody’s docks.  it’s not so easy to spot them, so i tried to get a close-up of each.

the duck…

…and the goose.  i’d never seen that before.  we actually did have some eggs in a planter on our dock, but they had an unfortunate ending.  but i never saw a duck nesting on the eggs, which was odd.

i like this photo of les because it looks like he’s sitting on top of the water.

the sky was so pretty this night.

i don’t think i’ve ever seen a snake this close in the water.

amy was mowing one day and happened to stop the mower, and looked down to see this tiny little turtle.  very fortuitous that she stopped!  although the mower might have just run right over the top of the little guy. she carried him out of the yard to safety down at the ravine.  i’m sure one of her dogs would have done something with it.  i can’t imagine one of them killing it, but they probably would have crushed him.

after kevin tilled a new garden and put a fence around it, lester found it to be the perfect place to relax.

near the end of may, kevin spotted this ground hog!  never seen one before.


he was making a beeline for the garage, and kevin went outside and pushed the opener to scare him out, and sure enough, he scurried away.

and that’s all the wildlife for may.

much more in june.

ok then,

mrs. tuesday evening hughes.