frozen lake

Pass-A-Grille Beach!

by grace on March 12, 2020

I wanted to see the sun set over an actual beach so we chose the Pass-A-Grille Beach as our final destination on Tues. Feb. 18th. I’d read that it was uncrowded, very important to me, and i also found a site which listed good parking places; my goal was 8th Avenue, the only cross streets that has free parking for two hours, and after 6 p.m. it’s not enforced anymore. We found a place at about 5:30 and headed a block to the beach.

We passed a restaurant called “grace” but somehow not only did we not go inside, we didn’t even take a picture. Oh well.

the beach wasn’t crowded at all and we spread out our big beach towels and i immediately took a walk. this is my favorite bird photo. So far, anyway.

I started picking up shells as I went but i had nothing at all to put them in, so i carefully piled them up in one hand. I was surprised at what a giant stack i managed to balance. in the bathroom i carefully wrapped them with lots of toilet paper so at least they’d be contained.

the sun was going to set at 6:23. Approximately. and of course i took a million photos because that’s what i do.

there was a nice little outdoor eating place and plenty of chairs and benches nearby and we managed to snag one end of a bench.

everybody was doing the same thing as me. because that’s what you do.

i like this picture because of the bird flying by…

…and this one because of the boat.

after the sun set the sky was glorious.

meanwhile, at home the lake was still frozen.

after the sun set plenty of people cleared out and mom and i scored a couple of adirondack chairs with cup holders and enjoyed some cold wine. a perfect ending to the beach day, but of course i’d have been happy to have spent hours there.

back at home les and sweetie were doing a little bit of swatting at each other. it never gets super-aggressive but i wish they’d be friends already. but they’re on cat-time. maybe it’ll happen someday.

we decided to stop for dinner on our way home a at a seafood restant called Leverock’s Great Seafood, near St. Pete Beach. It’s been around since 1948 and the original owner has a colorful past, if you’re interested in reading about it on the link.

i almost wasn’t going to post this photo because it was after i’d devoured quite a bit of my seafood platter but i like looking at it now because it reminds me of how delicious it all was. i even got garlic mashed potatoes which i never get and they were great.

it was a very big meal, and like i said, delicious. a very down-home place, like if Red Lobster wasn’t a huge chain and had better fish.

A good time was had by all.

and at home, Kevin had a rare moment of Sweetie lying on his lap.

yay, we made it to the beach!

ok then,



i don’t know how i remembered this morning that i’d forgotten to post these photos. maybe it’s because my brain appears to be sharp and good, i’m sure because the sun is shining and it’s supposed to be in the 50s today.

sunshine, good.

this is the first picture i took of the birds at the feeder and on the lake, and i like it because there’s such a huge amounts of birds.

after i took so many pictures last sunday i was in such a good mood about being out in the sunshine that i go for a short run down the road. as i turned around to go home this little deer was standing there looking at me.

one final imageof last sunday, i liked this one because the beach house in included.

and now i roar into action and do many outside activities…

ok then,

mrs. the start of february hughes.


all geese all the time

by grace on January 31, 2020

On Sunday Jan. 26th the sun appeared! this was fantastic; i’m not sure how long it had been cloudy but i know that we haven’t seen it again since sunday.

so i went a little bit bonkers taking geese photos on the lake that day.

i mean, pretty crazy. i think i took over 100 pictures. a lot.

somehow i managed to sort through them all and winnowed them down to only 13.

first, these geese were taking off over to the side of the yard. i wish you could see better the goose over to the left up in the air.

then four of them were in flight…

it’s easier to see them here.

down at the water i realized that a lone gull was standing around amidst the gaggle of geese. he’s third from the right in the left group of geese on the lake.

here he’s a little closer, third from the right on the right side.

this is my favorite one, as he marches across the ice right in the middle of the picture.

but then i guess i got too close, or who knows what spooked him, but he started to fly away…

…and then everybody had to start flapping their wings…

and that’s all for right now.

i’m sure it’ll be sunny again. sometime. it’s already friday and there is a big flock of white pelicans down at the water right now, but still it’s cloudy.

ok then,

mrs. end of january hughes.


more geese…

by grace on January 29, 2020

On January 22nd it was still gray but not nearly as cold so i took some more photos of the geese.

You can see that they weren’t too bothered by me since this whole group was sleeping. i love it when they’re asleep with one leg tucked up.

i like this one because there’s so much going on. even though most are milling about, the bird down front is napping, as the one directly in back of him is marching away.

and then some geese flew in, as those four geese way in the background stayed where they were.

they usually kind of slide when they touch down.

we forgot about the bubbler but then kevin put it in and it works great.

yes, lots of geese. when i start taking pictures of them i find them so fascinating because they’re constantly moving, so i take way too many photos.

on the sunday the 26th the sun came out and it was glorious so i took even more picture. i mean a crazy amount, so i guess it’ll take me a bit of time to pick and choose.

meanwhile, it’s gray here yet again.

ok then,

mrs. waiting patiently for spring hughes.