last week in july!

by grace on July 27, 2015

and it’s going to be a crazy-busy one.  again.  i’m enjoying a few minutes of sitting down right now, but soon i will be a little too busy fora monday.

meanwhile…here’s the rest of june, which was also kinda crazy.

amy and jim adopted a darling, sweet italian greyhound – my friend jill told them about this little fellow who had been dropped off at the animal shelter.  he had strangely crooked teeth, and a pendulous thing dangling from his throat.  poor little guy.

amy and i picked him up, and he was so anzious, sitting on my lap, trying to get out and jump down, so amy got a big warm blanket from the back and covered my legs so they wouldn’t get shredded.  it was an incredibly hot day, so a blanket with a squirmy dog on top was just the thing.  their other dogs were in the back seat, because we immediately took them all for a walk as way of introduction.  it went well, except amy kept wanting to run, and i’d already been running a lot that day, plus did i mention it was very very hot?  but noodle, who basically can’t stand other dogs, was a very very good boy.

here is their new puppy, pre-surgery, in the big crate with numie. he’s not actually a puppy; they think he might be eight years old, but he’s very tiny – a miniature numie.

they bonded quickly, which was wonderful.  numie always wanted to play, but noodle wasn’t so interested.  now numie has somebody who is all about the playing!

here’s Sweet Pea (isn’t that a great name?), before he had all but two of his rotten teeth pulled.  no wonder he was digging around on his mouth when we picked him up from the shelter!

numie and sweet pea, trying to relax on the couch.

the surgery went well, and the dangling thing wasn’t cancerous, whew…but then the big incision in his neck started to swell, and they had many issues with that.  at one point, on a sunday, they had to drive him to the U of I in Champaign, where we’d taken mollie so many times, because the incision kept leaking.  they did all kinds of tests and it was a very long day, but they determined that his blood wasn’t clotting; it’s something that was bred into greyhounds so that everything would be fast fast fast for the racing…but his blood clotted, but was immediately broken down.

they gave him drugs, and said it was critical that he not move around much.

this is almost impossible with an italian greyhound.  amy and jim gave him sedatives, but he was still totally full of energy, so it was like a doggie hospital over there – they had to try to keep everybody calm so that Sweet Pea wouldn’t get excited and run around like crazy.  Plus, Noodle had some kind of oozy thing going on on his belly, and they had to wrap him in bandages, and then numie was picking all the fur off the end of this tail, and they found out this was because he was stressed.

doggie hospital.


meanwhile…i power-washed the back deck off the bedroom because it was hazardous, covered with all kinds of whatever slime grows on wood if you don’t clean it.  kevin stained it, and it looks great (why have i no photos???), and then i decided i needed to transplant a giant hosta and fill in this place that had been a mass of noxious weeds which i’d always try to pull and would promptly grow back.

it looks good back there now, except, of course, i have to keep pulling the weeds, but at least they’ not so prevalent.  for now, anyway.

as i was furiously digging, i ran into some bricks – clearly, dad put these in, for a walkway…but i’m not exactly sure why.  they ended at the edge of the house; maybe it was a way to get over to the faucet without having to tromp through the weeds and mud.  i planned to power wash the bricks, but it rained so much that they got all clean without my help.

lester, who loves to lie out on his own private patio.  i’m sure he thoroughly appreciates how clean it is.

one of the many storms we’ve had this summer.  we’ll remember it as the summer with all that rain.

this was a fine day for Les; a giant catfish floated down by the dock, and lester was fascinated.

one of our rare boat rides, we saw this group of duck decoys in front of some actual ducks.

and then it hailed! even though the weatherman is always threatening hail, it rarely, rarely happens.  this was pretty big hail, and when we stood in the hot tub room the noise was so deafening that we couldn’t even hear each other talking.

my friend erica has now moved to tennessee, but before she left she took this great selfie with he sweet cat heidi.  i love this picture.

we celebrated randy’s birthday at the end of may, but before the celebration i wanted to get a photo with randy in the b’day hat.  i was looking pretty awful, had been working in the yard, and wanted to document that, but amy insisted that i look good – she combed my hair and made me put a decent shirt over the ratty one i was wearing!  so it doesn’t even matter that i have no “after”photo, when i got dressed up to go out.

and there it is, JUNE!  and there’s still an entire week left of july!  well, five more days, anyway.

ok then,

mrs. busy for now hughes.


lester paul!

by grace on August 20, 2011

do your remember that brave little willow tree that jim planted, that a very hungry beaver chewed right down?  then it came back and dragged off the huge top of the tree.  well, now it’s sprouting new branches like crazy.

i saw it when i was taking les for a walk.  yep, the kitty has a harness and a leash now, and he doesn’t hate it…we don’t actually walk very much.  he lies down for quite a bit of time and then he springs at something.  here, he’s very interested in attacking things underneath all the leaves.

kevin took this early one morning when he took les for a walk, sans leash.

lester loves to go duck-hunting.

this is one of his favorite spots, nestled down in the back of the couch so he can reach out and swipe at people or dogs as they walk by.

because he’s a cat, he has to sleep a lot, of course.  he’s just SO CUTE.  right now he’s sleeping on that very same chair right in front of me.  SOOOO CUTE…

soon i have photos of the fair, hopefully before the fair is actually over.  we went, but not enough.  i do love the fair, even though sometimes i think, ho hum, same old fair…but there’s just something so…fair-like about it.  i’d love to travel around the country and visit all the state fairs.  i’m not sure i could convince kevin to go with me, though.  he has no fair-mania like i do.

ok then,

mrs. g. hughes.

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sailing part two, plus more

by grace on June 14, 2011

last thursday we went back out to watch more of the sailing regatta.  first, though, we sailed around a little.

this house is on our side of the lake, and it’s one of my favorites – i love the yard filled with hostas.  the interior designer jim wilson owns it.  i guess it’s not so easy to see the fabulous hostas; next time i’ll have to get closer.

such funny little goslings, flapping their wings and waddling up the hill.

there are so many herons on the lake, and they always look so cool and elegant.  their SQUAWK is another thing entirely.

both kevin and mollie posed nicely.

this is a great big house on the other side of the lake, with a wonderful weeping willow.

here are some race officials, with those big orange race things in their boat.

yet another heron.

mary and jim patton live across the lake from us, and we saw them also watching the race.  their lovely new pontoon goes really fast.

when we got back home, winnie came trotting down to greet us.

since the boat was docked and the motor off, winnie decided to climb aboard for a few brief minutes.  he likes the idea of the boat, but not when the motor is running.

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mom’s birthday was yesterday, and i didn’t wish her happy birthday here, but i know she was much too busy receiving birthday calls to even think about looking at her computer, much less checking out this site.

i don’t know whose hand this is, keeping noodle from leaping over and taking a big bite out of the birthday cake.

our small bathroom off the kitchen that is most heavily used has had BLACK wallpaper on it for a really long time.  i have been wanting to paint it, but was dreading the prospect of removing the wallpaper.  i finally read all about it, though, and decided i was going to start on thursday.  i bought some paint after my workout class, came home…and kevin had already taken most of it off!

here’s the black paper.

a close-up.  people keep saying they think it’s dark dark blue not black, but who the hell cares?  it’s gone now!  it was too dark for such a tiny little room.

there were only a few little pieces of paper left, and i read that by mixing a small amount of fabric softener with water and spraying it on, it would come off easily.  it did.

there was a very friendly guy at the store who helped me with a color.  i wanted pale yellow, and brought in my color sample, but he convinced me to go with a different shade.

i painted one coat yesterday (it only took an hour and a half!) and took the color swatch into the other bathroom, which is painted bright yellow and blue.  THE YELLOWS ARE ALMOST IDENTICAL.

damn.  it’s too dark for this room; when it was just the dirty white under the paper, the room was really bright.  too dark.  amy suggested getting some kind of white glaze or something.  i will do that, but meanwhile, i don’t have to do any painting things today.  of course, what will i do with the HUGE amount of yellow i have left over?  maybe the glazing thing will look so good that i’ll want to paint a couple other bathrooms yellow and glazed.  except that would involve taking down wallpaper that will be much worse to do….it’s some kind of fancy linen paper that dad put up, but i’ve never liked it.

when we woke up on friday, this is how it looked out the front door.

at least the sun was out for a little bit; the sparkling snow and the blue sky were lovely but ENOUGH WITH THE SNOW ALREADY.  since we had a couple of 60-degree days, we all think the snow has no right to be here.

i do love this picture, though, with the cool shadow.  yes, the snow is pretty to look at…but ONLY IN A PICTURE.

by yesterday morning most of the snow was gone.  i looked out, and two ducks were standing on the dock.  they don’t usually do this.  i’m pretty sure they were wondering where the lovely daily supply of popcorn went.


last night kevin was falling asleep at nine, so the birthday party broke up.  i was pretty tired myself, because we’d been to a wine-tasting before dinner and i had lots of wine, and then lots of dinner, and i just wanted to go to sleep.  instead, i played “bejeweled 3” on my computer til 11.  i finally said ENOUGH IS ENOUGH and closed it up.

the thing is, though, kevin was ALMOST ASLEEP…but felt that he had to go into the office and work at the “bejeweled 3” he installed on it, trying to get to the next level or whatever.  I HAD TO PRACTICALLY DRAG HIM OUTTA THERE.  he’s at a cowboy shoot this morning, so it’s not like he could have slept in even if he wanted to.

addict.  addicts.

christine used to spend entire weekends playing some kind of video game with her ex-husband.  i don’t know what the games were, but i remember thinking it was crazy to spend an entire weekend doing that.  i wonder if she plays any games now; she never mentions it.  but maybe it’s just something that everybody does but they don’t talk about; last night erica said she loved “bejeweled,” versions one and two, and would like to play #3.  david said “i love plants vs zombies,” which is the free game that kevin played for ONE ENTIRE DAY, until the computer refused to let him play anymore unless he bought it.

I BOUGHT HIM THE GAME.  IT IS ALL MY FAULT.  that one hasn’t arrived yet but when it does i assume that’s what kevin will be doing.

it’s not like he does NOTHING else – on friday when it snowed he plowed our and amy and jim’s driveway, and besides playing the game yesterday he also put up birthday banners and did a LOT of house cleaning plus dishwashing.

and really, is playing games any worse than watching tv?  isn’t it not as bad, really, because at least you’re using SOME part of your brain, as opposed to mindlessly watching stuff.  but we’ve never watched lots of tv anyway.

soon spring will really be here and maybe the games will be (mostly) put away.

and in the meantime…i’m giving myself 50 MINUTES to play this morning.  THAT’S IT…i promise, just 50 minutes…


ok then,

mrs. addict hughes.

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