more photos from that big snow…

by grace on January 27, 2019

whew. these were all taken right after it snowed, the week before winnie died.

Saturday morning, Jan. 12th, Riley was determined to play in the snow even though it was piled mighty high.

intrepid riley

Shortly thereafter i shoveled the back deck off the bedroom and a path to the kitty house. les immediately had to march right into the house.

i tried to get a video of him as he leapt through the big snow, but he was too fast for me.

i woke up on sunday morning to more snow. i looked out the front window and there was a deer.

kevin had been gone since friday night and was supposed to come back saturday, but because the roads were horrible he stayed away another night. jim had done lots of plowing and snow-blowing on saturday but he hadn’t been able to get to mom’s driveway – the tractor had started leaking something and he was worried it’d completely break down, and then the snow blower started smoking.

so on sunday morning he shoveled this channel in mom’s drive.

Mom hadn’t been able to get out for a whole day and of course was anxious to leave the prison of her house. Jim thought we should shovel a wide trench so that when kevin came home he’d be able to easily plow the rest of the driveway.

before i started i took this last picture.

we worked for maybe an hour, and jim pointed out that it was peaceful in the snow. when i walked back home i was dismayed to see the state of kevin’s shelter.


he normally parks his truck under the shelter, and i remember going out to check on it saturday night…but i know i didn’t look thoroughly enough, because if i had, i’d have poked at all the snow on the roof with a broom. damn.

when kevin got home he managed to shovel enough snow off the roof to get the tractor out, added some kind of fluid or other, and made quick work of mom’s driveway.

monday morning, the 14th, riley was happy to go out into the snowy yard.

it was cloudy that morning with the sun just peeking through.

les and riley on monday night.

Tuesday night, the 15th, les was on top of the fridge. i don’t think he’s been lying there like that before.

Izzy looking so cute, snuggled up against the cold.

i took this photo of a deer in amy’s yard, right before i went to mom’s house on friday the 18th. because they have bird feeders in the front the deer are always gathered for a snack.

after that i went to mom’s to watch a movie, and later kevin and i got home, and then all the bad stuff happened with winnie. *sigh*

he was a very, very good kitty.

ok then,

mrs. late sunday afternoon hughes.


are you kidding me, august already??!!

by grace on August 5, 2018

the summer roars by, nothing to stop it…we had a lovely reprieve from the hot heat, but it’s back to feeling like august again, but at least it’s happening now in the correct month, not like the sweltering time we had in june…

so many boats continue to be out on the water, even though it seems it’d be awfully hot out there, especially because so few of them have any kind of canopy to block the sun.  sun-worshippers, I guess.

meanwhile…the other day I saw riley kneading and pulling on this pillow, the exact same thing that chester used to do.  how very funny.  riley is a unique and funny little cat anyway.  he just came over and meowed at me, maybe because he knew I was writing about him.  he doesn’t usually say much.

kevin, mom and I were out on the lake on july 18th, and I wanted to go past the marina an up towards chatham.  but after we passed the marina we encountered this group of people on paddleboards.  we were surprised to see so many of them, and we settled back in a cove to watch.

they paddled past us and then they all stopped and started doing yoga moves!  mysterious.  we figured it must be some kind of organization or class or something?  I thought it looked awesome and we saw them getting out of the water when we headed back past the marina.  kevin suggested that I ask them what it was about, but I didn’t.

but when get got home we looked it up online, and it’s a class by Aaaah yoga.  you learn to paddle board for a bit, and then you do yoga!  how awesome is that?  there’s a class starting in a week or so, and i’d better remember to sign up if i’m really going to do it.  it’s only four weeks, and looks like something so different and fun.

the front garden looks colorful in part because of these bright flowers that migrated over from amy’s house.  the purple ones in the rear – I can’t remember planting them, but I probably did?

I went for a run on july 21st and for some reason decided to stop to take pictures of all the deer I saw that day.  I almost always see at least one.

this tiny guy was hiding in the soybeans.

I think there were even more deer here than these four.

as I headed towards home I spotted this antlered deer, a much more rare sighting.

kevin bought two more giant chickens!  well, one more giant one and a cute smaller one, now they’re a family.  I love the chickens.

plus, the fair starts Thursday, more fun and excitement ahead…

ok then,

I do hope it cools down a little soon hughes.




more june

by grace on July 6, 2018

it’s been a windy summer so far.  hot, humid, windy.  this poor smoke tree cracked in the wind.

and this tree out in the circle also came down.  windy.

our friends glenn & Julie bought me this captain’s hat, and I like that it has bows on top.  I can’t actually wear it on the boat because it’d get blown into the water, but i’d like to wear it quite a bit.  maybe to parties!

we’ve already been over to the other side of the lake a few times; the lake is really big.  this is on the other side of the I-55 bridges, and the clouds were lovely.

I haven’t seen any cool floaty things like this on our side of the lake.

we went past the marina, and there were three skiiers!  isn’t that something?  it’s like a water show!  I wanted to keep going past the marina to see how far south it went but there were also some people on stand-up paddle boards and others kayaking and I didn’t want to bother them.

the other day kevin left the closet open and up lester climbed.

he was so comfortable up there that he took a little nap.  looks comfortable, doesn’t it?

this morning I wish i’d had my camera, because when I was sitting with riley in the fenced yard a deer came walking by, eating leaves as it went.  riley ran to the fence to watch it, and the deer came around to the side of fence.  it was only maybe ten fee away.  the deer finally looked over and saw me…and then she saw riley.  riley was going a little crazy, not making any noise that I could discern, but he was agitated.  the deer walked right over to him, just on the other side of the fence, and she kept stomping her foot, I guess to scare him.  then there was a noise, and I realized it was coming from the deer, kind of a snort like a horse would make.  she did that a few times, more stomping, and riley kept acting like he’d like to get at her.

finally she got scared and ran off.  riley walked up to the deck and laid down on the floor next to me, content that he’d saved me from the wild deer.

ok then,

mrs. july 5th hughes.




june june and more june…

by grace on July 3, 2018

i’m having a free moment right now.  it’s perfectly quiet here in the house, lester is sleeping on the back of the couch nearby, everybody is asleep.

I’ve been photoshopping my june photos, realizing I was very busy taking lots and lots of them…

here’s our neighbor frank using our new boat to tow the old boat over to the dock.

it looks so serene, doesn’t it?  the last ride on the old boat, it’s fitting that it was while being towed with the new one.  getting it into the lift was not so serene, involving kevin dashing about, leaping and jumping from dock to boat to trailer, pushing and pulling and getting into the water in his big boots, and whew, it was harrowing.  but somehow he managed to make it all happen, and now it’s all about the new boat going forward.

in the fenced yard at night, with riley up on his kitty house.

les, studying the hostas.

I feel this is the same bird that I see whenever I go sit by the dock, but probably it’s not.

our first boat ride with other, as toun appreciated the new boat.


I was in mom’s yard watering some roses of Sharon i’d transplanted and suddenly there was this momma and baby deer.  why does it seem that there are so many more of them this year?  the other day kevin says he saw five fawns playing together!

june june june.

ok then,




the rest of june…

July 1, 2018

roared past, and I can’t believe it’s july.  the weather has made it seem like it’s august, however. meanwhile, a few june photos that weren’t boat-related. les finally sat on the floor to ceiling kitty tower we put up, but since then we’ve taken it away because nobody was really interested. riley at the fence […]

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November 26, 2017

last night before bed i read a thoughtful article in the wall street journal about how thanksgiving is good because it’s one of the rare times when a family sits down and shares a meal together, and about how rituals are so important to people, and we have so few rituals now… but this morning […]

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October 13, 2017

on monday afternoon, after I ‘d posted the stuff about falling in the road on saturday, the urgent care place called me to say that my nose was, indeed, fractured.  this is the first time i’ve ever broken anything.  i’m not scheduled to see an ear nose and throat person til next friday, so clearly […]

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September 23, 2017

trying to remember my excuse for being so lax in posting much in august, i looked at photos.  i was pretty busy doing stuff outside. i power-washed the little dock, and wow, what a difference. lester approved. while i did that, kevin installed a portable toilet on the boat.  he also bought a privacy curtain! […]

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deer in june

July 17, 2017

a fawn appeared at the side of the fenced yard one day. can you see it, there in the middle? it saw me, and hid down in the weeds. it hung out at our house for a while, but amy and jim also saw it next door.  here it is, nestled outside their fence as […]

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one door on thursday, plus an incredibly random set of May pictures.

June 23, 2017

i haven’t even started trying to find any truly spectacular doors here in springfield, IL, because i fear that there aren’t many.  we certainly don’t have the beautiful old doors posted from around the world on norm’s thursday doors. but i did think this door inside a thai restaurant it pretty cool. and now, for […]

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