Well, an Ant.

by grace on September 30, 2020

On sunday August 2nd I took a little video of an ant carrying around a gigantic bug. He was working so hard…

I thought it was interesting to think of this ant’s struggle and wondering if it was successful in getting to its final destination.

there were actually three deer in the yard on this august early evening but one of them didn’t want to be in the shot.

Kevin had a lovely sail on August 25th. We’ve been out on the sailboat quite a few times since we launched it mid-August.

A hawk surveying the landscape at the soccer fields.

In this fun computer game we all play called “june’s Journey,” we’re in a “coffee group” and we serve coffee to each other and other members every morning at 10. Giving out and getting coffee gets you energy to keep playing the game. But actually maybe he was wearing this shirt because we were about to embark on a group competition. In that, our group competes with groups around the world in a fast-paced competition that usually lasts 45 minutes. and hey, if you’re interested in joining us, we’re always looking for sharp people to join the club.

Riley, ever mellow.

This is an idea of how beautiful the moon was on this late august evening.

The last day of august Riley was so desperate to get outside. Because Kevin takes him on supervised walks, Riley now feels that he definitely needs to get back out all the time.

and that’s the final august photo on this last day of september.

ok then,

mrs. just can’t believe it’s been seven months of changed habits not to mention so many unbelievable amounts of worldwide deaths and suffering because of the coronavirus hughes.


Deer in May

by grace on May 26, 2020

Kevin took Riley for a walk on Sat. May 2nd. I’m not sure if Riley has ever been out in the yard; he has always been content to stay inside the fence. But I think he thoroughly enjoyed strolling around in the wild for a bit.

And actually, yesterday Sweetie rushed for the front door when i came inside yesterday. She’s not getting out! It’s hard to say what she might do out there, but since she hates to be picked up it might be challenging to corral her. She does love being in the fenced yard, spending hours out there, sometimes hiding under a giant hosta.

On Sunday May 3rd I was working out in my bedroom and was surprised to see a bunch of deer congregating right outside my window. I kept stopping my exercises to take photos and videos. At first I counted four.

Here’s a second video, as I spied six deer in total and tried to figure out how far they were from me.

Riley, just chillin’ on the bed while i scurried around, exercising and taking photos and videos.

I walked into the sunroom off the bedroom to get this shot. One deer in the foreground and at least two or three behind him or her.

Luckily the deer were oblivious to me as one of them decided to lie down and rest.

Here’s another video as a second deer decides to take a load off.

A third one follows suit…

of course i also had to video them.

The fourth deer that I could see joined the others.

and one more quick video…

I went back into the sunroom to get photos/video of the other two deer who were lying down but then one saw me and stood up so they all walked away.

It was an entertaining distraction as i did lots of situps and squats and lunges and lifted weights to strengthen many muscles in my arms & shoulders.

The deer show hasn’t returned, but instead there are now six baby groundhogs who are living under my neighbor’s porch. Whenever I’m in there i can always spot at least one of them, and they’re so cute! but impossible to photograph which does make for a more consistent workout.

Meanwhile…where has May gone? it feels like July, with high temps and humidity.

Because we’re all sheltering together, the five of us in the family were able to celebrate my birthday on sunday at amy’s house. she went to way too much trouble preparing a huge Indian meal, plus an incredible surprise of car bomb cupcakes! i’d seen them online a long time ago and made them for Kevin’s birthday back then and have made them a few times since, but they require many steps and fancy delicious buttercream frosting plus chocolate ganache inside.

plus the name of the recipe was changed to irish whiskey & beer cupcakes because, you know, car bomb cupcakes is definitely not politically correct.

In addition to the fabulous cupcakes, my friend Julie dropped off a dozen assorted huge and fancy cupcakes in my mailbox, and then randy dropped off an entire double chocolate chocolate cake.

so yeah, i’m set for chocolatey goodness for quite a while plus julie’s cupcakes give a nice assortment for those in the family who aren’t chocolate-addicted. I guess dad and I were the only ones with a serious chocolate obsession. his birthday was on May 3rd, the day I was taking all the photos of the deer above.

whew, it’s been too long since i’ve posted here. it’s weird how the days seem to go so quickly but then lots of times i can’t remember what i’ve done all day. i try not to start reading the bad news early in the day because it sucks me into the black hole and sometimes i’m there for an hour or two, not very healthy.

things are starting to open up all over the place, but not here in our family compound. jim continues to work from home, and neither amy nor i plan on working anytime soon.

strange days, indeed.

ok then,

grace, with plenty of time to write here every day if only i’d do it. plus time to write a book/keep a journal/play the piano/get rid of piles of stuff all over/clean/pulls weeds.

i’m just saying.


Yeah, pretty lame that i’m just doing this now.

same excuse as before; it’s now 11:30 on this sunny friday morning and at least i’m out of my jammies, but only just. lots of time spent reading reading reading about the coronavirus; the latest news is that it could be here for 18 months to two years. oh boy. my biggest concern is that i get the sense that many americans think it’s almost over or some such nonsense. i’m so sad for the many people who will die because states are leaping ahead like crazy.

but maybe people will have sense to stay at home, no matter what their governor or other elected official might say.

everything seems fraught with an underlying sense of anxiety, at least that’s how i feel. plus what about all those poor people working in meatpacking plants, who are going to be forced to go back to work or lost their unemployment? and they keep saying that they’re going to have to euthanize the animals; i understand that it’s devastating to the farmers, but i feel bad for the animals because they end up dead either way.

but don’t we all?

yes. and on that happy note, here are my final photos of march.

march 19th, so many deer out in the circle.

darling lester, always a cheerful and calming influence.

Sweetie is getting more well-adjusted and happy by the minute. she regularly lies down on my lap or kevin’s and happily purrs while we pet her. she does have interactions with les paul and riley but it’s never more than a little batting, never hissing.

March 28th, so many white pelicans out on the water! i think they’re gone now.

Pelican in the background, daffodils blooming in the front.

Lovey, officially an inside cat! Kevin brought her into the screened porch on March 29th. things went ok for a while but because it’s a sliding door it was too easy for her to slip out when he opened it.

I can’t remember all the shenanigans that ensued, but i know that they included a stare-down with lester in the front hall. Lovey ended up in the upstairs guest room and she’s still happily living up there.

She almost immediately went through a personality change – instead of being constantly on alert, looking around for possible threats, she was so happy to stretch out on the floor and take a nap.

Kevin petter her as she purred and finally went to sleep…here’s a very short video of how lovely Lovey is.

It didn’t take long for somebody to be curious about what was going on in there. Surprisingly, it wasn’t lester, but instead Sweeie.

Since then, we’ve put a little block in the door so it remains open about an inch. Anybody can come up and they can sniff each other, but i that’s only happened once to my knowledge. On that first day Lovey let me pet her, too, but since then she’s become more aloof towards me. But that’s ok, we have nothing but time.

Last night when i visited her after kevin had gone to bed, she did lick some squeezy treat off my finger, so that was good.

Kevin hooked up a small TV up there and she gets to watch lots of bird videos, which she’s usually pretty interested in. It’s just so awesome that she loves and trusts Kevin so much. someday she’ll be integrated into the family, but like i said, it’ll be a while.

meanwhile, last photo of march – as I left mom’s house these two deer wanted to know why i was interrupting their cocktail hour.

And now it’s after noon and i have to get up and go for a run. a slow jog. if i manage to move every day it help stave off the crazy. a little bit, anyway.

i hope you’re staying sane and safe in these unnerving times.

ok then,



safely back at home…

by grace on February 27, 2020

whew. we got home late tuesday night and i feel like i haven’t sat down since then.

i mean, i have, but…busy.

last night i decided to transfer all my florida photos from my phone to my computer and was completely dismayed by the sheer volume. i feel like maybe there are a thousand photos? surely not.

but probably.

i’m going to edit them waaaaaay down and try not to post too many.

i spent too much time last night on that task; my computer was being all glitchy, probably because there were so many damn photos. i kept trying and trying…

but here’s a photo from yesterday morning. so cute!

the little deer looked so fluffy, i guess because the poor thing was wet. last night i saw it out front. i worry that it has lost its mother and siblings.

but we can’t bring it inside, we just can’t. we don’t have a bed big enough.

i’m going to go work out now, and later tonight i’m going to try to sort through the many many photos. hopefully half of them are sunsets, so they’ll be easy to cull.

ok ok ok,

g.h., as february winds down and spring is right around the corner.



February 23, 2020

So…it’s Sunday morning here in sunny Florida and mom and I are going to be headed to the beach in a while. But here are some pictures of the darling kitties who I miss quite a bit! of course I really miss Kevin, but at least we get to talk on the phone every day! […]

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the beginning of February…

February 10, 2020

here’s a photo that jim sent me when he took that splendid video of the sunrise over the lake back on sunday september 2nd. I captured a few imaged from the video, as well. You can see the white pelicans better here. On that same sunday i tried to capture the fantastic sight in the […]

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whoops, the really truly final photos from january…

February 2, 2020

i don’t know how i remembered this morning that i’d forgotten to post these photos. maybe it’s because my brain appears to be sharp and good, i’m sure because the sun is shining and it’s supposed to be in the 50s today. sunshine, good. this is the first picture i took of the birds at […]

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here in january

January 22, 2020

Brrrr…well, it’s not so bad today as yesterday. But still. January. not my favorite month. Lester doesn’t mind. I think i took this when walking from mom’s house to mine. so many deer relaxing. this is one of the lights in front and i was fascinated by the light it cast when walking by it […]

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Friday, Sept. 20th, part one

October 30, 2019

This was our last day on the West side of Glacier. As we drove down our street, there was the white bunny to greet us. We decided to try the Johns Lake Trail. I really wanted to go on the boat ride from McDonald Lodge in the afternoon, and we’d bought online tickets for the […]

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deer having a snack

September 15, 2019

On august 20th, deer were outside the bedroom snacking.

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